Because There's No Menu To Read At The Mamak, Mom

Both Zaini and I took a day off on Wednesday to spend time with Raimie during his school holiday at home. Since I was rather lazy these past few days, we head out for breakfast. (To tell you the truth, Zaini had to take over the cooking duties for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two weekends in a row because I was pre-occupied with "my prince").

My initial thought was to hit the Mamak place we always frequent but Raimie wanted to go elsewhere.

His request?
Going to Pappa Rich.

His reason?
Because he likes having the opportunity to pore over the big menu and decide what he wants to eat. There's no need for a menu at the Mamak!

So off we went to the recently opened Pappa Rich outlet at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.
Raimie poring over the menu. Decisions, decisions...
Raimie's choice for breakfast: Steamed bread with kaya. I had toasted bread with butter and kaya and two half-boiled eggs
Zaini had some noodles

So for the privilege of letting Raimie read a menu, I gotta pay RM26.90 for breakfast instead of just about RM10.00 at the Mamak! Raimie told me he wanted to go there again for breakfast and I retorted "Are we rich?". I guess it's my fault raising a "high-class" child.
We then went to a nearby Carrefour to kill time and look what I saw. A police patrol car parked at the disabled parking lot. Hmmm... I didn't know that there are disabled cops out on patrol. Anyone from the management dare to clamp the patrol car?


  1. hahaha what to do.... both my kids pun tak suka pergi mamak. masa kecik dulu siap nangis-nangis tak nak duduk.
    kalau mkn gerai lagilah.. siap kaki letak atas krusi. katanya dirty. but now malas nak layan. selamba i mkn kat gerai. suka ke tak lain story.
    i never tried papa rich....

  2. Big boy already so Raimie loves looking at the menu & decide for himself! Yeah those eat at PapaRich often are Rich as I always say, hehehe...

    Re the police, they can do whatever they want to. Disappointed!

  3. @Yatie,
    Raimie dulu pun selalu buat perangai tapi kitaorg buat dek aje. Heh heh. Mak Pak dia kengkadang memang suka lepak kat Mamak. :D

  4. @Dora,
    Hahaha... wanna eat everyday at Pappa Rich, one indeed have to rich! :D

    I'm disappointed at the police too. :(

  5. the police need to realize they’re not above the law. i think it's fair enough if the patrol car gets a wheel clamp.

  6. @Life Ramblings,
    I also think that is the fair thing to do but I don't think the staff there would dare to do it. :(

  7. Well, with the state of our Police personnel, I'd say they're all disabled in the head!

    Somebody should really clamp their tires.

  8. He looks as though he is loving that food, I don't blame him, it makes me hungry just looking at it.

  9. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    He likes the food there but they are a tad expensive.

  10. kids will b kids.. i thin benghui would prefer pappa rich too :)

  11. mak aiii sodap nya sarapan. seb baik anis adam tak reti pappa rich itu :D

    sedih nya tgk gambo kete polis tu, depa nih otak letak mana tak tau..

  12. LOL at "Are we rich?" Can't blame Raimie la - every year go Japan!!! Haha!

  13. I like PappaRich's bread with butter and kaya! And their soya drink with cincau and gula melaka. Also their coffee! But I think their noodles suck though : )

  14. a law enforcer who doesn't follow at all! hmmm... lina caught you!

    Lina, I agree with foong... no need to say more! lol

  15. @bengbeng,
    So will you take Benghui there? :)

  16. @Dot,
    Kalau tak diajar, Raimie pun tak reti gak. Huhuhu...
    Dia tau pasal Pappa Rich tu pun sebab tengok Mama dia ambik gambar breakfast dgn org ofis kat Pappa Rich. Tu yg dia nak pegi tu. Pagi ni pun nak pegi lagi tu. Tp Zaini x layan. ^-^!

  17. @foong,
    You know, that's what exactly Raimie said when I gave him the third degree for keep losing his stationeris at school and giving money to schoolmates!

    He said we are rich because we get to got to Japan! Alamak! :D

    I like their coffee. Haven't try their noodles yet because I always go for eggs and toasted bread anyway.

  18. @Ayie,
    How does one expect the rest of the population of abide to law if the law enforcement also blatantly ignore them, right? :(

    I wish we are.... Then can go to Japan four times a year, each for a different season. Now, when that happens, we are indeed rich! LOL

  19. tsk tsk at the patrol car. Maybe there was an emergency? No?

    The mee goreng looks good. Breakfast at McD's is also not cheap. That's a nice shot of Raimie.

  20. @HappySurfer,
    If there was an emergency, the police might as well parked right in front of the store's entrance, don't you think?

    Hahaha... true, breakfast at McD not cheap. Unless can get free coupons from the Sun. We only eat breakfast at McD when there is such a coupon given out. :D


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