On The ETS Again - To Sungai Petani

After my trip to Jitra Kedah in June, I was traveling back North again and this time to Sungai Petani for SP Half Marathon which was held o Saturday, September 2018.

Just like the trip to Jitra, I took the ETS to Sungai Petani. The trip was about 4 hours and very smooth.

I took a morning train so by lunch time, I head off to the train cafe to check out their lunch selection.
Earlier, one of the cafe staff had distributed flyers with coupons for a 10% discount for meals which I found attractive but I ended up buying the a la carte Nasi Dagang instead. It was highly recommended by the cafe staff. It was RM9 and tasted quite good. 

I didn't see this during my previous ride on ETS but there was a food trolley making its rounds in all the coaches this time. So nice!


  1. Your ETS journey sounds so good until I am now thinking of taking ETS to Penang!

    1. It's really been great so far. And punctual too!

  2. Great pick, Lina! Looks delicious! xoxo


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