Anniversary Dinner At Benji's

It's our 19th wedding anniversary celebration today and we decided to have dinner at Benji's. Just a simple celebration, unlike last year. We went to Osaka for our 18th anniversary which was lucky because the weather in Osaka was good the same date today last year and typhoon only hit the area at later dates.

Unfortunately for this year, the typhoon that hit Kansai area this week is reported to be the strongest in 25 years! Stay safe people!
Anyway, Son had just finished his extra classes so after picking him up, we went to Bangsar Village and had dinner at Benji's.

Both Hubby and Son ordered their Signature Cheeseburger.
I ordered my favourite menu item there, Johor Laksa.
Give one close up of the Signature Cheeseburger.
And my Johor Laksa.

Hubby had actually wanted to have breakfast with me in the morning but he said I looked like I needed more sleep so he decided to let me sleep longer. 

After 4 consecutive days of training; a 5K run on Friday, stairs workout (4 sets x 11 Floors) on Saturday, a 21K long run on Sunday and another stairs workout (8 sets x 11 floors), it's good to relax and wind down with the family.

As I had my rest today, maybe we can have a nice breakfast tomorrow before we head to work. 


  1. Yes. Stay safe to those affected.

    Lovely celebration. Happy anniversary to you and your other half. To many more wonderful and blissful years.

  2. Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary to you both! Johor Laksa looks good with so many herbs and vegetables.

  3. lina, I used to be running 4 times a week, now I run two times a week only, as I have incorporated strength training in my routine.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and your lahling....! So fast 19 years and time flies so fast.

    My colleague and family of 10 visited Osaka regions for the first time using my specially prepared itinerary guide! Goodness the mess caused by typhoon that really upset my plans for them. So many places were closed like Universal Studios, Nijo Castle, Imperial Palace and even the Kansai Airport on their departure date. LOL


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