Friday, 21 November 2014

Japanese Food, At My Home

I used to cook Japanese fare at home. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too grand. I am no gourmand and certainly not a great cook.
When I said Japanese food, I don't mean sushi and sashimi though.
Japanese food is that, and more.
Anyways, I'm not a Japanese culinary expert so what I cook are usually simple and quick fares.
And most times, it's a fusion of Japanese ingredients and local ingredients too. Whatever works and the tummy agree. Hahaha
Ika bata-yaki served with hot rice. It's simply squid grilled with butter (the word "bata" is butter) and soy sauce.
It's yummy and simple to make.
Making onigiri which is rice ball.
Either with fillings or sometimes I just use pre-packaged some ready-made dry seasoning or furikake.
My simple and favourite onigiri happens to be with sardine fillings. Sautée onions, put sardine in. Add mayo and salt to taste then put some in the middle of the rice ball. Slap a nori.

To make my life simpler, I always use an onigiri mold. Not an expert to shape a rice ball yet.
I don't have the oden vat to cook them so I just use what I have. A pot. LOL
I'd describe it as Japanese version of yong tau foo. Hehehe 
My takenoko gohan.
Bamboo shoot rice with salmon served with stir fried asparagus and miso soup.
The servings style wasn't typical Japanese. I used the free bowls I got from buying washing powder only... 
Grilled sanma fish. And this one, served with local soy sauce with sliced shallots and vinegar. Melayu style. Hahaha
This one funnily enough, was sanma fish that I cooked assam style. Fusion like that. Bwahaha.
There are some curry rice, gyudon and oyakodon photos stashed somewhere. If I found them, I'll put it here. :P

Just thought of a little bit of Japanese inspired post since we'll be going to Nagoya on Monday after a break from our last visit in 2011.

Not travelling too far this time.

Anyway, we've already visited all four main islands of Japan and been travelling there every year since 2002 to 2011 so am not really looking to cram our itinerary with places to visit.

We'll go there, meet friends, hike a mountain (or two), shop a bit and then I run a marathon also. Simple itinerary this time around. No tour-groups recommended sites to visit either, because that's like soooooo first time touristy activity! *evil laugh*

Anyway, happy weekend everybody!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Teppanyaki, For Two

Another makan post!!!

I posted beforehand that I usually order pan mee when we eat at Oasis Food Court, which is located on the 2nd floor in Mid Valley Megamall.

One evening, me & son decided to try something different (I wanted to eat some lightly cooked veges truthfully) but didn't want to spend a lot of money so we decided to try and headed to the teppanyai stall there.
 Beef teppanyaki for Mommy.

The beef cut was nice and tender. The crunchy garlic slices eaten with the beef was a joy.

Nice portion of the bean sprouts, which was what I wanted. Vege!
 Son had chicken teppanyaki.
Though I must say, the RM1.30 for a small bowl of miso soup that didn't really taste like miso soup was a bit of letdown.

All in all, a passable meal. Nicea and for RM18.00 for the two teppanyaki plus a miso soup; OK lah...

Monday, 17 November 2014

More On Plan B - Enjoying Family Moments

You know I have a soft spot for Plan b. especially for brunch and in particular, their outlet in Bangsar Village. ^^

I don't really like to post about the same place over and over but this time OK la... I don't do Plan b. posts all that much, right? Hihihi

They're not too expensive and the portion is good. Of course, can't afford to visit it every weekend (you think I'm rich kah? Hahaha) but we'd go there when/if Mommy wants to give a treat for her boys.

Just like when hubby and son spent their Saturday night accompanying me during MAKNA Night Run and then another run the morning after, at SJMC Run.

 A hearty brunch with the family, spending the morning together.
 What Mommy and Daddy usually order.  Nothing different this time. ^^
I always like to order their Big Breakfast as it comes not only with that scrumptious plate filled with two eggs cooked according to my favourite style, there are toasted ciabatta, turkey bacon, turkey ham, bratwurst, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and avocado but also with a glass of fresh orange juice and coffee.  Mocha is my favourite choice though I sometimes would order cappuccino too. 
Son wanted smoked salmon and salsa which is smoked salmon with ranch dressing served on toasted ciabatta served corn salsa and topped with poached egg. Looks so yummy and healthy, right?

Mommy would've ordered this too, but this dish doesn't come with any drinks and Mommy like value-for-money so that's why she stuck with the Big Breakfast instead. Hahaha

The other day, we went there for dinner instead because Mommy was craving for some raw veges. This, despite having salad (with a quarter black pepper chicken with it, I might add) for lunch for days! Hohoho

What Mommy and Son ordered.
Plan b. salad which has mesclun, cucumber, green apple, pear, onions; tossed in Japanese dressing and topped with nori and seven type of seeds.
And as always, when we were there for lunch or dinner; wild mushroon soup.

No garlic bread on the side, this time. ^^
 Nachos with cheese sauce for son.

Mommy and Daddy couldn't resist stealing a few bites. Delish!
And daddy had chargrilled burger. He later "donated" his salad to Mommy as he knows Mommy wants it. ^^

The dinner was also a treat for the boys as Mommy just earned a bit of money for some work that she did. Always good to share, right? :-)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

4 Hours Around Putrajaya, On Foot

I needed to do a long run. I wanted to run for four hours and had thought of doing it around my apartment but lucky me, hubby wanted to do some walking too so on Sunday, both of us went to Putrajaya.

It's been a loooong time since I last trained in Putrajaya.  Truth be told, I kinda miss running there by myself too. Yeah, for me, Putrajaya is one of those places where female runners can actually run alone without too much fear about safety. There are routes along housing area and parks where we can run without much worry. Well, at least for me lah.

Hubby and I didn't run together. I needed to do a final long run before my marathon which will be held on Nov 30th. Hubby on the other hand, has no races until next year. So, we decided to split up.
8.40am start time on a sunny Sunday. Normal. ^^
I started my run from Taman Seri Empangan at Presint 5 in Putrajaya, at the foot of the hill of where PICC is located. From here I ran along the lakeside towards Pullman Hotel and the Maritime Centre in Putrajaya.

Plenty of families having picnic or just having fun outdoors here. Plenty of cyclists along the lakeside route too.
After running 2km, did a pit stop at the toilet/changing room nearby the Maritime Centre. This gotta be the nicest public toilet in whole of Putrajaya!

The ones at Taman Seri Empangan is the complete opposite of this!

From Pullman I turned back and go up the hill towards PICC.
Saw a number of cars parked along the road here, with their car boots filled with flower bouquets for sale.

Graduation/convocation season, I suppose. ;-)
From PICC, I turned right at the junction and ran downhill and straight towards the road leading to Taman Cabaran and Presint 20 and enter Taman Selatan.

What to see in Taman Selatan?

Cemeteries. Hahaha 

A very green and tranquil place, I might add. When I passed this area, only a family was seen at the cemetery and no new burials. Just a few hundred metres past the cemetery area, at the open green field, there were groups of model aircraft hobbyist or something flying their planes and the noise the aircrafts broke the quietness of the area.
Up an incline and ready to exit Presint 20 to return to Presint 5.

An ERL just passed as I was running/walking/huffing up the incline. Pity. Would've been nice if I got a photo of an ERL zooming past but I wasn't keen on waiting for another one to come by.

Did another toilet pit stop at Taman Seri Empangan toilet to cool-off and pour water on my head before making my way up the Jambatan Seri Gemilang and run on the core island of Putrajaya next.

By this time, I had done 9km.
Stopped by Dataran Gemilang to snap photos of families enjoying wet fun at the pool there. It's free access for all. ^^

Then, I just ran in a straight route towards Palace of Justice.

The road toward the Palace of Justice, from the Jambatan Seri Gemilang all the way to Ministry of Finance building was busy with cars. There's this Mega Auto Show Carnival and largest car club and gathering. Busy busy road and noisy noisy road today. 
There was a hive of activity and construction work seen too. I suppose this is for the 2014 FIA Formula E Putrajaya ePrix?

It's next week, folks!
13km in the pocket, I later headed towards Putrajaya Holding and ran past another public kiddie pool. This one is located just beside the Putrajaya Holdings and nearby the Jambatan Seri Wawasan.
I continued on, and had this view later. This, a few hundred metres away from the pool. I intentionally chose this route as I wanted to run along the Sisiran Putrajaya which is a lakeside pavement on Core Island of Putrajaya. Sisiran Putrajaya covers Presint 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10 and 13. Lovely lakeview, I might add.

Then it's time to do some hill training, after huffing up to PICC earlier.
Halfway up the hill at Taman Wawasan. From the foot of the hill, I could run all the way to Wisma Putra. One access road to the top of the hill is now closed off. 
After 2km done around Taman Wawasan, I continued on running alongside the lake area and arrived to Presint 18. 

Lovely, lovely house here. 
A little bit further down and I saw this skyline.

This mean I'm nearing my "finish" line and was running back towards Taman Seri Empangan.
And back to Jambatan Seri Gemilang.

Stairs? Yes.

The stairs on the opposite side of the lake will be the one where I, along with other runners participating in Watergate 16-hour will go up and down those stairs for dunno how many times while we do our 5K loops in 16 hours! Wahahaha...
Almost finish already. Up this bridge and then down...
And saw Hubby waiting patiently for me at Taman Seri Empangan.

I did this very very slowly so didn't manage to cover more areas. Anyways, I also stuck to a more familiar and what I deem safe route this time.

Maybe if I have more time or when I am much fitter, I can meander to Presint 11 or 8 or run towards Alamanda (did that before, by the way).

While I did this solo run, a number of friends are in Penang and ran in the Penang Bridge International Marathon.

Congrats to all of you!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

A Hearty Breakfast At Uncle Lim's Cafe

Weekend is the perfect time to have a hearty breakfast. More time to enjoy it leisurely too, right?

And particularly nice sometimes to enjoy a normal Malaysian hawker fare in an upgraded kopitiam setting, like at Uncle Lim's Cafe. Hahaha
 Breakfast for two.

Son was at school or something.

Nasi lemak rendang ayam for me.
Koay teow soup for hubby.

Their chicken chop looked kinda tempting too.

Silly me, I didn't order the chicken chop as I didn't think it'd be served during breakfast! I should've asked instead of just assuming...
White coffee and then we had some hot leng chee kang.

This sure beats the mamak but of course, gotta pay extra for the privilege la. Hahaha.

Happy tummy afterwards. :-)


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