1,700 Steps At Taman Gelora, Kuantan Jogging Track

As I mentioned is my previous post, I went to join Kuantan Santai Sihat Lestari 2018 when the family was in Kuantan on 19.08.2018.
My original plan was to do some loops around Taman Gelora jogging track for my training mileage but we saved Taman Gelora until after my morning run in the town. There were two tracks where runners could run or jog or walk at Taman Gelora, it seems. One was a smaller loop on pavement located on the outer part of the park.
And the other is this dirt track in the inner area of the park. And because it is not on pavement (or tarmac), the surface is much friendlier to our legs. The dirt track is shady and with some breeze, it was nice to run around even at noon.
The family and I walked around the track after our breakfast to burn some calories. So a whole loop is 1,700 steps.
My Polar reading was a distance of 1.6km for the loop. A complete mile. After our walk, we were feeling thirsty so we headed of to a drinks stall nearby to buy a coconut drink and cendol…

Kuantan's Car Free Morning At Kuantan Santai Sihat Lestari 2018

We were in Kuantan for the weekend and by chance, I saw a poster of a free event at Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan on Sunday morning. I had been looking for options of places to run while we were in Kuantan and had initially planned to do some loops at the jogging track in Taman Gelora but the Kuantan Santai Sihat Lestari 2018 sounded interesting. It's essentially a car free morning as the route was supposed to be fully closed to traffic between 7.00am to 10.30am. I mentioned "supposedly", because there were still vehicles plying the route before 7.30am and after 8.30am but thankfully, not that many. I had actually started my arm up from the hotel that we stayed in, which was around 2.6km away from Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan where the event was held.  Participants were already flagged off when I arrived so I just continued my run and joined them. I managed to catch up with the crowd pretty soon as most were just enjoying their Sunday morning walk with friends and families. …

Lion Parkson Run 2018

Don't forget that Lion Parkson Run 2018 new event date is on 30th September 2018!

Apart from the 10K, 3K and Family Run category, there is a 1K Run for Cancer at Lion Parkson Run 2018.

1KM Run for Cancer

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) which provides education, care and support services for people affected by cancer, is one of the beneficiaries of the Run with the registration fee waived for all cancer patients and survivors registered with the Society. All the registration fees collected from the public joining in the special 1km Run for Cancer will be donated to the Society.

Established in 1966, NCSM provides holistic cancer support to patients and caregivers and has branches in six states, i.e. Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Perak, Penang and Sarawak. For Cancer Information and Support, please call 1-800-88-100​0​ or contact them through their website:

Lion Parkson Run 2018

The Run is targeting to attract 5,000 participants. The co-organiser is …

Our Hotel Stay In Phuket

We stayed in two hotels while on vacation in Phuket.
We stayed at Quip Bed & Breakfast while we were in Phuket Town and at Thantip Beach Resort while we were at Patong Beach. Quip Bed & Breakfast was located just a few hundred metre from Phuket Bus Terminal and also where we later  took the blue bus (song taews) to Patong Beach.
It was recommended to us by a fellow runner and indeed it was a bargain at less than RM100 per room per night.
It has pretty eclectic decor too, perfect for some OOTD shoots.  We were even served welcome drinks. So nice. The room has an industrial vibe to it but the bed was pretty comfy and the aircon was cold. Pretty minimalist but it was fine.
The bathroom was nice too. It had a kinda faux wooden floor and was very roomy.
Shower was nice and powerful, just right for me although it didn't get too hot for an early morning shower. Later, we switched hotel when we were in Patong Beach. The hotel was located at the end of Patong Beach which felt much…

HotWheels 50th Anniversary Run 2018

After Milo Breakfast Day Run 2018 on Saturday, we were back running on Sunday and this time, we were off to Padang Merbok to join another fun run.
It was the HotWheels 50th Anniversary Run held on 12.08.2018 and it was a 5K fun run.
It's a novelty run for not only individuals but for families who are HotWheels fans and after our run, each registered participants not only received their medal but also a limited edition HotWheels car. Cool, right? To make it more fun, distance markers along the 5K route had HotWheels theme.

Photo session stops lah, apa lagi!
HotWheels fans sure syiok one.
Almost there!
More photos of Hubby and Son but this time, at the finish line.

About 1,000 participants came for the HotWheels 50th Anniversary Run and it was super cool to see parents with their kids running together.

After the run, we had fun at the race village with free printing of photos, free flow of ice cream and a lot more.

HotWheels fans also queued up to purchase some cool HotWheels merch…

Milo Breakfast Day Run Putrajaya 2018

Milo Breakfast Day Run is pretty much an event that is anticipated by many, and it was back with a bang this year with plenty to offer.
Milo Breakfast Day Run started with Kuching edition on 1st July, followed by Kota Kinabalu on 8 July, Kuantan on 15 July, Pulau Pinang on 22 July, Johor Bahru on 28 July, Kota Bahru on 4 Aug and finally a two-day event in Putrajaya on 11 & 12 Aug. We registered for family category (our family plus his siblings & their kids) and ran 3K on Saturday, 11 Aug, 2018.
Both Putrajaya Milo Breakfast Day saw number of 16K runners (for each run) and 20K in total for both runners and non-runners who registered at the non-runner booth on event day (and again it was 20K for each day!).
This run is so popular, registration gets filled up within days!
Despite the HUGE numbers, the crowd was orderly and superbly managed by the team.
There were 5K and 3K categories and each category was flagged-off in waves.
The Start Line and Finish Line were located away fro…

Makan In Phuket

It's fairly easy to find Halal or Muslim friendly food in Thailand and in Phuket so during our visit last week, we didn't have any problem finding good places to makan.
And there bound to be Halal/Muslim shops near mosques too. We had a budget of 1,000 Baht for two per day for makan and it was certainly more than enough for us. Plus snacks, daily purchase of milk (which is so sedap) and coffee. Can't beat 30 Baht coffee bought at Family Mart! Our first dinner was at Pad Thai Phuket in Phuket Town, a few hundred metres from our hotel, Quip Bed & Breakfast.
We had wanted to venture further out but our walk was cut short because of impending rain so we dashed to the first nice looking Halal restaurant that we saw, located at a junction where song taews (blue buses) stopped to alight and wait for customers.
Our Fried Beef with Basil with Rice, Curry Seafood (photo) with Rice and two Soda drinks cost us about 230 Baht.
We later went to a nearby mall and bought some taro-fi…