Monday, 1 September 2014

A Packed Long Weekend

So how's your weekend?

Great, I hope. :-)

Our weekend started on Saturday with a hike/run on a trail with a group of friends. It took us 9hours plus (with 2 rest stops to eat and a dip) and we got about 33-36K that day. We were lucky that it only rained (it really poured) at the last 2K of our return journey. Ain't easy to run in trail with wet, slippery trails.

The faster runners were spared the rain. I didn't but I do actually enjoy running in the rain and it was such a joy to run even after already putting 30K on my feet. ^^
We actually stopped to have a laksa before finishing our run since the rain was too heavy. Hahaha

Ate laksa then go running again until we reached our car and then lepak at another stall to enjoy some nice hot drinks and maggi goreng. 

Thank goodness we had a family dinner gathering after that so I didn't need to think about preparing anything for dinner. Only needed to show up to my FIL's house and MAKAN!
I just attacked the beef satay and beef rendang that night and ate only 1 piece of nasi impit. Burp. 

While I only managed to sleep for 4 hours before the Saturday run, I enjoyed a blissful 7 hours of sleep before going out for our Sunday excursion.
A trip to Gunung Nuang with another couple. Double date. We didn't plan it but check out the interesting colour combo. Hahaha

The trail was packed with runners/hikers and campers which made it quite "festive". Ditched the plan to hike up to the peak since we got there late, at 10.30am and only got up to Kem Lolo. If we were to do it and hike up to the peak, with its height of 1,493m; we'll probably only finish at night. Not an option, especially after already clocking up 35K of mileage the day before.

G5N was held on both Saturday and Sunday that weekend at Gunung Nuang, and an event of hardcore ultra runners running to summit Gunung Nuang 5 times (that's a total of 105km with total elevation gain of 8200m) so we got to meet and bumped into familiar faces; either running, pacing or helping at the support station. Congrats to the 5 finishers of G5N! And also those who toed the line to attempt this! You are HARDCORE!
What bliss to finish a hike on a hot sunny day and enjoy an ice cream!
and for dinner, a whole chicken for each of us. Ayam golek which we bought from a roadside stall along the road in Ulu Langat. Yummz.

Third day, after a good 6 hours sleep and it's Monday! A public holiday! Yeay!
Had breakfast at the mamak - roti canai for the boys and mommy had roti sardin, with teh tarik. So UNHEALTHY! LOL
We went for a walk, a bit late at around 10.40am but the breeze was nice albeit we were walking under a blazing sun.
Sun play!

Wear sunblock ya! LOL

Ended our walk at around 12.00pm, and the great thing about ending a walk/run at lunch time was that we could just enjoy a good lunch immediately after that.
Sinful lunch!!!

Hubby had fish roe curry while I had sambal prawn. Son in the meantime opted for a fried rice.

Three days of fun - enjoying the outdoors, with family and makan too!
Time to take care of the neglected house! ^^

Saturday, 30 August 2014

It's A Long Merdeka Weekend!

Yeay! Gonna enjoy this 3-day weekend a whole lot and I bet you do too! ^^
Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-57 to us all Malaysians! 

Guess what I'll be doing this weekend? Hahaha

What are your plans?

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Getting On The Uber Ride

Isn't it ironic that just as SPAD annouces that the UBER, the mobile app that lets us request, ride and pay for our ride (with private vehicles other than cabs) via our mobile phone was announced to be illegal that I finally found the need to use their service.
Source : The Sun
I needed a ride home on Thursday and was contemplating of just taking the Komuter and then walk home because it's a pain in the arse to get a cab to send me all the way to my apartment. Plus, cabs at KTM Komuter Serdang which is barely 3km away from my apartment charges an exorbitant flat rate AND occasionally they take in more than one passenger. Untung lah... Yeah, I actually find the idea of spending about two hours - waiting for komuter, boarding komuter and finally walking more attractive than getting a cab. Says a lot about our taxi service, right?

Anyways, saw on Facebook a friend mentioning about using her Uber code to get a free ride up to RM30.00 so I thought I might as well try the service. 

Since I'm very blur about getting apps downloaded to my phone, had a few tries and I think I got something jumbled up but I did open an account with Uber. (It's actually easy lah but I'm a blur sotong).

I made a request at 6.30pm and less than a minute, my designated driver called me to confirm. Had to wait a few minutes for him to arrive because well, Mid Valley was jammed a bit (what's new?).

Instead of a luxury car, I chose Uber X so a Myvi came. 

Very courteous and careful driver, who told me he came from Ipoh and became an Uber driver after finding it hard to find jobs in Kuala Lumpur. He continued to tell me that working under Uber beats working shifts in factories and is better than working as cab drivers (cab drivers, he confided to me; hates Uber drivers so they had to be careful when picking up passengers in case taxi drivers picks fight with them).

Anyways, I had a smooth trip home. It was the usual jam trip, and it took me almost an hour. An hour trip of about 20km cost me RM23.16 which is pretty reasonable.

I was supposed to get the first trip free using the promo code but I wasn't able to key-in the code, but I'm looking into it and already sent a fare review request to Uber. I've gotten feedback from other users that they had no problem redeeming their first free ride.

Soo... anyways, if you want to try Uber ride (luxury cars aplenty... choose Uber Black, I was told), do click this link :
The promo code is ubercikarnab
You should arrive to this page when you click the above link. 
Try them out lah. At least once. Even with the glitch on the first ride which was suppose to be free, I like this service. A LOT. I do hope to get a reply from Uber people soon to clarify the matter so maybe I can use them again and not depend so much on the hubby to send me to events (yeah, like so popular one. Hahaha)

p.s. I am not paid for this post. I really use them in need and not as a reviewer tau. But if you use the service with my promo code, you get a free ride worth up to RM30.00 and I get a free ride too. 
So, thank you in advance! ^^

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A New Adventure For A New Year

I've signed up for a multi-day 100km ultra trail marathon in the remote part of Sabah next year. Hubby too.
Photo credit : SAC FB page
2015 will be the 16th year the race is held and it is South East Asia's oldest established multi-day adventure race. Interesting, right?

I'm not exactly sure why but the race, named Sabah Adventure Challenge (SAC) kinda intrigue me since the first time I learnt about it, from Tri Stupe's blog (link here). He did it three times, in 2011, 2013 and 2014. Cool factor is that he did a couple of it with his wife. ^^

I further read on SAC's experience from Kam's blog (link here) and the clincher for me to finally start thinking about doing it was Jason's experience which he blogged about here. I actually PMed him after he finished his three-parter race report to ask him about the viability of me doing it. Trust a guy who encouraged me to join Craze Ultra (which unfortunately I won't) to encourage me to do this too. Hahaha

I broached the subject of entering this to hubby earlier, back in April after the 2014 chapter ended, but not really  confident that he'll agree to my madcap suggestion. I shelved the idea for a while...

Truth be told, 100km may be a bit too much for me to handle now, with my current training. There were just a smattering of 12-16 hours races that I joined, no full marathons yet in 2014 (I've three lined up for September, October and November though), half-marathons here and there plus a bit of hiking up some trails, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes just hubby and friends, sometimes I tagged along.

It's not going to be a walk in the park for sure. The challenge is held over a three-day period, but imagine spending a bulk of the day running (trails and under the hot sun), return to the campsite, sleep then wake up the next day and spend the day running again - for three days.

Anyways, it was earlier this month that hubby (probably egged by his friends) but most definitely because he found it interesting and doable too, finally opens up to my idea to go and do this.

We've got 7 months to prepare for this as we've committed ourselves in doing it. Paid our registration fees already! 7 months but for me training probably will only start in earnest after my November marathon.  I want to train for two major marathons this year and one of them is the Standard Chartered KL Marathon which is happening on October 12th, 2014.

I'm skipping the Putrajaya 100 which will be held from Nov 22nd - 23rd (it's a 30-hour race) with regret despite really wanting to do it because I've got another 42K run scheduled on Nov 30th. As much as I would love to do Putrajaya 100, I don't think my legs are strong enough to run a full marathon the week after it! Booohoooo!!!

Trails will feature greatly in my training soon. As does running on fatigued legs, just like what I did in the first week of August - doing a 6-hour trail in the morning then finishing a 15K race at Energizer Night Race later that night. That was actually when I gauge my ability and decide on whether to sign up for SAC 2015. ^^

I know it's not gonna be easy but I certainly am not looking for an easy experience. I am looking for a different experience. Something that makes me dig within and search my soul.

I have to say, I am not doing this because it's the IN thing. I am not doing this to impress anyone either. Not even gonna do it to impress myself. Seriously, what for?

Rather I am doing it because I can. I will. I'll try. But no, I will not want to die trying.

Yeah, yeah... so I can be rather full of it, I know.

Plus, maybe quality time with hubby who will (hopefully) do this alongside me when we are there. Go dating. Maybe quarrel and pull a sour face a few times during the event but still, quality time. Hihihi
Random couple photo
If you guys and gals wanna try, either doing a 100km ultra trail marathon or the Adventure Race (3-day duo multi-sports event), hop over to SAC facebook page. The organiser has extended the early bird rate until August 31st, 2014.

Good luck US!

p.s. this post is dedicated to my fellow crazy friends who also signed-up to do SAC. See you there come April!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Something Local, Something Fusion

Lunch with colleagues at Pasta Zanmai.
Current craving - anything salady (heh) and I chose salmon salad with goma dressing. Sinful, I might add.
 August special - prawn, squid & rocket salad tomato sauce pizza.
Teriyaki chicken and onsen tamago pizza. I like the small size pizza. I ordered a regular this time and it went soggy really fast. HUrmmm...

Service was fast despite  our big crowd so thumbs up to Pasta Zanmai staff. ^^

Dinner with family at Putrajaya, Presint 17 Taman Warisan Pertanian foodcourt
 Hot leng chee kang for mommy as she is still coughing and cold one for the boy. ^^
 Roti John for the two boys.

Me, I've never been a fan. Must be because of the chilli sauce. I really don't like chilli sauce unless it's mixed with tomato sauce.
and the highlight, Haji Samuri Sate Kajang!



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