Friday, 21 October 2016

Favourite Steamed Fish

There's a place near our home that served a pretty darn good asam boi steamed fish and occasionally we like to eat there. Usually when I have a fish craving and lazy to cook them myself lah! Hahaha
Another favourite for us, Kailan Ikan Masin.
Perfect with this Steamed Siakap.


Is it time for lunch yet?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

RBC Race For The Kids 2016

Last Sunday, the family went down to Lake Garden (or now known as Taman Botani Perdana) to join the first edition of RBC Race for the Kids in Malaysia.
The 5K charity run saw almost 1,500 participants joining and the race managed to raise RM200,000.00 for Ronal McDonald House Charities (RMCH ) and exceeding their initial target of RM90,000.00
The day's event started at 7.00am but the run itself was flagged off at 8.00am.

Thank goodness for an overcast, after-rain morning so we were able to do our run in a nice, cooling weather.

Flag-off of 1,500 participants.
Always nice to see families with their young children actively joining activities like this. :)
We needed to do 2 loops around the lake.

After finishing the first loop, the kids were treated with balloons to encourage them to do another loop.

After finishing the second loop, they received their medal. Yeay!
For us, it was a nice Sunday morning family outing.
RBC mascot was a hit.
There were plenty of activities but we targeted the food area lah.

Apart from Nestle cereal and Milo, we got ourselves some popcorn.
And cotton candy too.

We later enjoyed some performances held on the stage before making our way home at around 11.00am.

It was sure a fun morning!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Dinner At Empire Subang Pasta Zanmai

Daddy worked really late one day so Mommy and Son decided to hop on the LRT and waited for him nearby his office for dinner together.
It was our first time taking the new extended LRT line which has now go all the way to Putra Heights. We took the LRT to Subang Jaya station and walked a few hundred metres to Empire Subang Mall.
The journey took about 30 minutes from Bangsar Station.
Dinner was at Pasta Zanmai and we decided to share.
We chose two sets and one was the curry rice & pasta and the kimchi & garlic fried rice combo to be shared among the three of us.
 The boys do like their Japanese curry rice.
 So only both of them ate this.
 But all three of us shared the garlic fried rice.
But only Mommy enjoyed the kimchi pasta because she was craving for some oysters! Got two teeny weeny oysters in that bowl. Hahaha

Food is of course normal and standard lah, but what makes Pasta Zanmai Empire Subang a nicer experience for us was the really helpful and friendly staff who waited our table.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Press Release: RM 200,000 raised at the first ever RBC Race for the Kids in Kuala Lumpur

Over 1,500 people walked and ran in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, 16 October 2016 – More than 1,500 people walked or jogged through the beautiful Perdana Botanical Garden today in the first ever Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Race for the Kids in Kuala Lumpur in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Malaysia.

The 5km charity run raised RM 200,000 for RMHC Malaysia to build a Ronald McDonald Sensory Room at two centres in the Klang Valley. The centres nurture the well-being and education of young people with special needs and learning disabilities. The Kuala Lumpur race exceeded its initial fundraising target of RM 90,000, paving the way for RBC and RMHC to double their target and fund an additional room.
“We are thrilled with the response to RBC’s first Race for the Kids in Kuala Lumpur and proud that RBC employees, friends, family and the local community came together to support such an important cause,” said Doug Moore, CEO, RBC Capital Markets Asia and Head of RBC Investor & Treasury Services Asia-Pacific. “RBC has a strong presence in Malaysia and we are delighted to establish RBC Race for the Kids in Kuala Lumpur as part of our global commitment to helping communities prosper.”

RBC established its first office in Malaysia in 2008 and today employs more than 800 people in Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur.

“The support that we received from RBC and the community has been overwhelming,” said Victor Sim, President, RMHC Malaysia. “It was a wonderful event and the funds raised will help children with special needs and learning disabilities develop cognitive skills and build self-confidence in a positive environment.”

RBC Race for the Kids Kuala Lumpur is the latest addition to RBC’s series of 11 charitable runs that support causes in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Trinidad & Tobago, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Increasing in popularity every year, RBC Race for the Kids events have attracted more than 110,000 participants to date, and raised over $CAD 26.5 million for children’s charities around the world. The races are part of RBC’s larger commitment to kids and youth through the RBC Kids Pledge, a five-year, $CAD 100 million promise to improve the well-being of one million kids and youth.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Down Time

I somehow sprained my ankle when I was walking on a gravel road a few weeks ago. It was just a niggle at first but it got really painful the same night.

Actually, I wasn't too worried at first because my ankle wasn't swollen and I actually attributed the pain around my arch to me changing to new shoes that week or maybe plantar fascitiis or something.

So it was just RICE  at first - rest, ice, elevate (putting the feet up) and compress.

That photo above - I was just experimenting using Salonpas instead of rubbing anti-inflammatory gel on my feet. Kekeke

After a few days with no sign of getting better, I went to see my GP and as usual he prescribed some painkillers for me.

Truthfully. I'm not too keen about taking painkillers but I did take the medicine for a few days.
We went on a vacation to Cherating later and although I still can't run, I figured some time walking barefoot would be good for me and I did it during our stay at Holiday Villa, Cherating.

With a race coming soon, I did at first waited for the foot to be pain-free before I train again but I wasn't too comfortable not working out for too long.
So the focus was cross-training and workouts that are not weight-bearing.
Like pool-walking and swimming.

After returning from our vacation, I went to a sports massage centre to have my foot checked out and it turned out that the ankle was the cause of the pain and was duly massaged for it.

The masseur showed me the point of pain and it's good to know for my next course of action.

I stopped taking painkillers after a week because as I said I wasn't comfortable taking them. Anyways taking food that is known for their anti-inflammatory benefits is much more enjoyable. Hah hah

So I've been taking and enjoying pineapples and taking food with turmeric. ^^

And soaking my foot in water mixed with Epsom Salt kinda help too.

Last Sunday I went to Dr Kenzo Kase symposium on Kinesio Taping and I taped my foot according to what was taught.
I had done taping to stabilise my foot earlier with Rocktape but didn't feel much different but after using Kinesio Tape and taping it with the Kinesio Taping method, I finally feel improvement and my foot pain is getting better.

Finally, after almost three week; I've started running yesterday and happy that nothing was too painful after the run. Plus I don't hobble anymore.

I'm still gingerly testing the foot and running slowly but boy, was I happy that I can run now!


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