Thursday, 18 December 2014

Midweek Wish For The Weekend

We are going picnicking this Sunday... with a group of friends, for a gathering of sorts. Can't wait!!!

And of course, I definitely can't wait to enjoy the outdoors and maybe spend a few hours walking/running on both Saturday and Sunday.

There will be a number of races this weekend, like the Twilight 12-hour Ultra, Cyberjaya Twin City Marathon, Muar Strong Man Challenge, Salomon Trail Run and Taiping Run, to name a few.

All the best to fellow runners who will be racing this weekend! 

I'm taking a break from joining any races this December. Forced to lah... poket sudah kering after holiday! Muahaha

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

New Phase

Well, kinda.

So my boy got his NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) done last week.
A big boy now. No, make that a young man now. ^^

Pretty soon, come new year of 2015, he'll face a new phase in his life. He is going to secondary school.

All Mommy and Daddy hope from him is for him to be the best he can be, enjoy what he loves to do and most importantly, be a good human being. Insya Allah. God willing.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Press Release: MPIB Run 2015 Let The Countdown Begin! & With A Good Deed Too

Kuala Lumpur, 16 December 2014 – Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd (“MPIB”) kept the excitement bubbling for its annual community Run with 30 Days Countdown to Race Day at Pacific Regency Hotel on 12 December 2014. The event was held a week later than originally scheduled following the postponement of MPIB Run 2015 in support of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s “1st Sunday Kuala Lumpur Car Free Morning”.
The registration for MPIB Run 2015 closed 14 days earlier than the official closing date of 30 November 2014. MPIB’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Liew Yaw Lian said, “MPIB Run 2015 will be the 4th run organised by Multi-Purpose Insurans, but the theme remains the same: “Healthy Lifestyle – Work Life Balance”. We believe that it is as relevant today as 3 years ago as our modern lifestyles have become more sedentary while the line between work and life is disappearing. Therefore, I am gratified that the response to the Run has been enthusiastic.”
At the Cocktail event, MPIB also launched Project Good Deeds, an initiative that collects pre-loved, clean and still wearable shoes and tee shirts for the Orang Asli community. Mr. Liew continued, “Our Project Good Deed Shoes last year was well supported and many runners donated their shoes, which were given to the Orang Asli community. This year, we are doing this project slightly differently, i.e. besides shoes, Project Good Deeds also collects clean and still wearable tee shirts from our participants.”

The project is set to benefit the Orang Asli community in Sungai Mai, Jerantut, Pahang; and Sungai Lalang, Semenyih; Bakok, Dengkil; and Bukit Jenuk, Dengkil, Selangor.

In his speech, Mr. Liew also dwelt on My First Run Clinic, a 2-month programme that precedes every MPIB Run with talks and get-together sessions for both amateur and seasoned runners at Padang Merbuk Car Park. The last My First Run Clinic session for the year will be held on 20 December 2014 and feature a Fellowship Run, a talk on “My First Road Race” by Runners Malaysia co-founder Mr. Wan Yew Leong and a potluck breakfast. The 1st collection for Project Good Deeds will also be made then. Mr. Liew took the opportunity to invite the media to the session, which is open to the public.
Finally, Mr. Liew warmly thanked the Run’s sponsors and partners for their invaluable support. For MPIB Run 2015, the list of sponsors and partners include New Balance, Revive Isotonic, Running Malaysia, and Pacific Regency Hotel Group; as well as Affin Hwang Capital, BP Healthcare Group, Mamee, Magnum, Nestlé Fitnesse, Nestlé Milo, Pilatique, Pinang Medical Supplies, KT Tape, Leong Adjustment Sdn. Bhd., Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, Safeguards G4S, Simply Juice, Massimo and Penyelarasan Angkasa Sdn Bhd.

There are still weeks to go before the Race takes place at the Padang Merbuk, but the Organiser is building the excitement steadily. MPIB looks forward to organising another fun and memorable race for all its participants, who come from all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Hiking On Mount Takao

I should have something outdoorsy as a Sunday post but I have been such a lazy bum for the past ten days, after returning from our vacation from Japan. Adoi.

So since I didn't do any running (solo or in races) or any long walks with hubby during the last weekend or even this weekend, I'll just post something about a hike that we did in Japan. On our fourth day of vacation there.
I started the morning with a short one hour run in my newly bought running attire. I haven't been running for days and with Fujisan Marathon coming up on Sunday that same week, I needed my runs. 

So, despite going for a hike later, a run was done along Sumida River. 

Taking the Toei Oedo Line from Kuramae Station to Shinjuku Station, we later changed to Keio Line to get to Takaosanguchi station. 
We were immediately greeted by an awesome autumn foliage upon exiting the station to start our hike. 
When we were planning for our trip, it was Zaini's plan to start from the station and hike the Mount Takao/Mount Jinba trail and get to the place where the white horse at the peak. The one that I circled in red in the map above. ^^

But I guess he had to take into account that I'll be running a marathon later that Sunday and we would probably be asking too much from our son to hike 18.50km (one way) so we instead chose a much shorter route.
We followed the 6th trail (marked in a maroon line) that I marked with an arrow with "1" on the map.
There were a few hikers on this route but the trail wasn't packed with them. The 6th trail was a mixture of easy trails and a bit of inclines here and there.

We took it easy, deciding to enjoy and savour the scenery and what an awesome sight we saw there.
There were some steps that got Son grumbling a bit but of course he had no problem tackling it! ^^

The 6th trail (Biwa Waterfall trail) follows the Biwataki stream and we even pass by Iwayadaishi cave.

There were a few river crossings and a couple of times where we could get our feet wet (don't want lah... COLD) and there was a nice stone steps through the stream that we had to pass through. A workout but FUN!
We got to the observation deck/peak after a hike of about 90 minutes and were immediately greeted by a swarm of people. Those who had use other trails (there were 8 trails to choose from, ranging in different difficulties and distance) or used the cable cars and everyone seems to congregate to this area.

For obvious reason. The view was stunning!

And one get to see Mount Fuji from here too! Can you see the mountain in my photo? ^^
After a long break there, we then decided to head down using the 4th trail or the Suspension Bridge Trail. Very, very easy trail. The one I marked with an arrow with "2".

And because of its relative ease, this trail was packed with people. Even girls in heels! Knee length boots to boot! From Thailand! Who made themselves known as Thai by the din they made talking (or should I say shouting to each other). Huh.

Double huh as the guys smoked unashamedly while walking the trail, Hmph.
As the name of the trail indicated, there was a suspension bridge here and so fun walking on it.

We hiked up and down (mostly down lah as we were descending) to the Monkey Park and then decided to use the 2nd trail (Kasumidai Trail) as it looked like it has less hikers using it.

We were truly intent on avoiding the crowd, you see.
While Son grumbled a bit during the hike up, using the Trail no. 6, he was much happier when we were descending down this Kasumidai Trail (the one I marked with arrow with no. "3" in the map above).
But alas, we can't descend towards the Biwa Waterfall again using this route. It was closed off. So down we went following the rest of the trail.

We didn't lose out on anything, because the view was spectacular. And as with the earlier Trail No. 6 that we did, there weren't too many hikers on this trail unlike Trail no. 4. So we got to savour the beauty of autumn in peace.
Plus, it is much easier to pose for photos or take lots of photos when there weren't a bunch of other people behind us!
We got down and a few hundred metres before we reached the cable car station, we stopped at this stall/shop that sells pickles, fruits and veges.

Hubby and Son had a whale of time trying and testing the pickles.

The kind and generous proprietress even gave us some grilled sweet potatoes to try.

We ended up buying some persimmons there and ate them while walking down to the train station. So sweet and delicious.
This is the cable car one can take up to the peak if you don't want to hike. :-)

The colour of the cable car matched the autumn foliage of the area!

A toilet break, a bit of stop to look at omiyages at the souvenir shops that lined the street in front of the cable car station; we then made our way back to Takaosanguchi Station.

There were pails with brushes at the station for us hikers to scrub the dirt on our shoes and we did that before taking the train back to our hotel.

Then, instead of immediately heading back to our hotel, after a four hour hike; we made our way to Bic Camera in Shinjuku and window shop a bit before finally head back for dinner and a quick rest... before making our way out again later in the evening.


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