Saturday, 25 October 2014

Coffee For Me, Coffee For The Tree

It just rhymes, that's all. Hahaha

Anyway, been hankering for some overpriced coffee for ages and finally indulged on one (or make that two) on Friday since it rained heavily that evening and we didn't want to get soaked going to our parked car.

So, we lepaked at Starbucks after dinner and a stop at Borders in Bangsar Village. 
A dark caramel latte and French vanilla latte. The boys shared the French Vanilla latte while Mommy had the dark caramel latte all to herself. Hihihi

Small Kucing's Mamarazzi told us some time ago about using coffee grounds for plants and there was a pack of used coffee grounds for anyone to take for free at Starbucks too. Big pack!

The plant that Mamarazzi gave us a few months ago is still thriving so Mommy decided to take the pack home.

Never bothered about all this coffee grounds before as we didn't plant anything prior to getting some plants as a gift. Hehehe
Coffee grounds for our garden.

Well, I don't have a garden, only one plant. ^^
The aroma of the ground coffee sure is invigorating.

And not only us got to enjoy coffee, I hope our plant does too! :-)

But don't use too much!

We use it as an addition to the soil in the plant pot.

I've read that not all plants benefit from coffee grounds and since I am rather stupid about plants, I'll just put a bit and see what happens. Finger cross, my ONE plant will grow bigger. Hahaha

Friday, 24 October 2014

A Cupid Dash, Anyone?

Run for the love,
Run for the fun.
It's a 3.5K really fun run with photo booth pit stops, cupid roses giveaway, wishing pond and photo contest in Kepong Metropolitan Park on February 14, 2015.
For anyone who wants more than just normal road race event to run with their better half or best friend, this one looks fun.
The "hefty" RM70.00 early bird registration fee per individual entitles you to an event tee, bib and his & her finisher medals and a whole lot of fun on Valentine's Day (in case you haven't notice). Hihihi
For more info, click here.
Online registration at

Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Fun Day Running In Races

A fun day out running may mean something different for each runner.

Some would be happy only if they win. Or improve their timing. 

Some would be happy if they achieve their target.

Some would be happy raking up mileage.(Which some of us call as"tamak mileage" HAHAHA)

And some would be happy just going out and have fun, running and sharing the joy with like-minded people.

Some would be happy achieving part of what's listed above, if not all. ;-)

Those joy are always captured by hardworking photographers and also fellow runners and are the memories we can share with others.

And some of those joyous moment for me :
Standard Chartered KL Marathon photo collage, as seen on my FB timeline - photos taken and tagged by friends. ^^
Another collage, at River Jungle Marathon that we did last month, in September. Awesome awesome, fun and crazy experience. Try running uphill for 3km from KM20 onwards and then another 2km after already doing 32km.
At Back 2 Endurance 12-hour in June. 12 hours of running. 2 wardrobe changes. One shower stop, ate Nasi lemak, grapes & watermelon devoured and copious amount of drinks - isotonic and coke drank.

I'll be back next year and I aim to do better than 65km in 2015. Way better next year!
At King of Bukit Larut in Taiping way back in April. A 21K run up and down Bukit Larut,

Had so much fun running with two of my gal pal, and we wore a tiara because this is an event fit for royalty. Hihihi

For me and friends, it was more of a sightseeing than running in a race. LOL
Watergate 16-hour in January which was held in Putrajaya. 16-hours of running from 8pm to 12pm the next day.

We did the event, finished, went back and then head out again for my Krazirunners gathering the same evening.

Can't wait to make more running memories soon! :-)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pickled Snake Fruit

The Kucing Family, specifically the Mamarazzi had so kindly passed to me a huge bottle of pickled snake fruit apart from keropok lekor when they went back to Terengganu a few weeks (a month?) before.

Mamarazzi knows I love snake fruit or known locally as salak fruit, be it eaten fresh or pickled. She sure is kind. THANK YOU!!!
These sure are addictive, I tell you.

I have just a few of it left and then... no more pickled salak until we (or someone.... muka tembok) buys them for us again! 

Next time Mamarazzi goes back to Terengganu, must ask her to buy and belanja her makan!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Best Food When I Dunno What To Eat Is...

When I need to eat and can't really make a decision on what to eat, the safest bet is always :
Nasi goreng!

Fried rice!

And this one is Nasi Goreng Kampung, eaten with a huge dollop of sambal belacan on the side. It sure can open up my appetite!

How about you? ^^


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