Wednesday, 16 April 2014

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

If you guys listen to, this catchy song will surely not escape your notice. Hehehe

Cute. You go rant and rant and faced with all sorts of problem but hey! Let's take a selfie first. :P

A fun and easy to participate RM30K selfie contest is ongoing now.

A chance to win some cash! Just take a selfie and who knows maybe you're the lucky one to get selected! Don't forget to listen to the radio channel, check your instagram and of course FB too for clues and whatnot.

Way cool eh? A selfie addiction that pays. LOL

Last time, hubby participated in's "Fugitive" game and managed to win RM1,500.00. Some lucky participants won RM15K, if I remember correctly. Windfall!

Anyway, I don't mind selfies. Amuses me even, seeing people taking them at all kind of odd places. Some, I do enjoy them and I've great friends who take fun selfies. The ones diva'ish and syiok sendiri are the ones this old fogey cannot stand.

Hang on... let me take a selfie. Bwahaha

p.s. again - nope, doesn't pay me for this either. :P

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Putting Through Its Paces

I did that with my lovely Inov-8 268 trail shoes when we hiked up to Gunung Nuang two weeks ago. Got it going uphill, downhill, through river crossings, through gravel path, through slippery wet trail (yellow clay, rocks, leaves covered) all in a day. The shoe performed marvelously and my foot felt good in it despite spending 11 hours having my feet wet in it.

I love the shoe. Serious. It grips well. It drains water well. It's light and I could feel the surfaces I was walking on; which is a good thing and came back pain free. No black toenail. No blisters. *super like*

Last Sunday, I put another gear through its paces.

I was looking for a long-sleeved top for an event I'm gonna do in June which would see me running under the hot afternoon sun (unless it rain) and had crossed-out my long-sleeved 2XU compression top. One thing about the 2XU top is that, I get super hot and it did get uncomfortable around the area where the arm bend (what's it's called, again?) after a few hours of running and sweating. Hubby had the same issue with his compression top too. He actually took it off, after doing 25K when we did Putrajaya Night Marathon last year! Yeah, he did a strip tease while running. o.O

I didn't want any old long-sleeve top. Not something too stifling. Not something too loose. Not something that rides up easily too. It needs to at least look flattering. And definitely not something that cost a BOMB! I wasn't asking for much, was I? hehehe
After much searching, I finally bought this long-sleeved grey Nashata blouse at MWM expo in March. It was an expo promo and I got it for RM89 instead of the RRP of RM99 selling online.

The Nashata grey top is an Ultra A-Cut top and Nashata promotes it as suitable for half-marathons, cycling and aerobics activities. It's a brand that caters for modest Muslimah wear but this Ultra A-Cut top to me, is suitable for any ladies wishing to cover their arms against the sun. And... with its A cutting, it's flattering over at the tummy area as the blouse doesn't hug there. "Less buncit looking, kononnya" Muahaha
I bought it specifically because of the arm sleeve. It covers the hand up to the fingers. And it stays that way. That and the fact that less fat bulging compared to the other top I have. *grins*

It felt weird at first, putting the thumb into the *thumb hole* but it was totally forgotten after a while. Added bonus of having that long sleeve is I can easily wipe sweat of my face with it. Total win! Great wicking of moisture.

Love the feel of the fabric which is soft but not flimsy. I didn't feel I get heated up in this and as a matter of fact, it felt cooling and airy. With my 2XU top I tend to wish I can take it off after a few hours of running and thankfully I felt good with this one. I don't like the feel of tightness when I bend my arms either with the 2XU top and thankfully, no issues with this one? Maybe cos it's not compressing?
Me, checking on my nails after a 3 hours run. Hahaha ( I continued doing a 30min walk and a 20min hill repeats after the 3 hour run. Was in panic mode training Hahaha)

I bought a S sized top which may be a size small for me but it was comfy enough for me. 

There are a few issues but something I can live with :

1. The bunching around the shoulder area (see above photo). Wasn't an issue while wearing it but it doesn't look good in photos. I can be vain. hehehe
2. Visible DRY sweat stain. I guess I have to look for darker colours to avoid that? I'm currently looking forward to their fuschia colour top though. I wonder how it'd look though with sweat stain. Anyway, the solution would be to not wear a sweat-soaked top after finishing a run and change quickly lah! Adui... Hahaha

A plus point, the top didn't smell even after a hard workout. I checked (I mean, I smell). While running and after the sweat dried up. No "tengit" smell near the armpit area. Phew! LOL But seriously, there are fabrics that is no help in the smell category. I have a couple of international brand workout tees that I won't wear anymore because I tend to smell during the workout while wearing them. Malu la if there's a hot guy nearby!

Anyway, I've decided to wear this top to my next run in Taiping. The 21K King of Bukit Larut. For me, the top blocks cold and yet cover against the sun's heat marvelously. For an affordable price.

And yes, to that 12 hours thing in June at Lake Garden. I wonder if its any good to withstand a cool autumn marathon? hmmmmmm...

I should get another top as a back-up for this one, shouldn't I? *go dig piggy-bank*

p.s. nobody paid or remunerate me to write this so yes, this is not a sponsored post.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Ice Cream Saturday

Remember my post on Saturday about Son & me grocery shopping?

He almost immediately hit the kitchen when we got home that night and got busy.  With Mommy's supervision, of course.

3 egg yolks
150ml of heavy cream
1/4 bar of Van Houten chocolate
Whisk whisk whisk

and an overnight chill in the fridge, and we got to enjoy his labour of love.
We only made a small batch but maybe we'll do more next time. ^^

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Week To Becoming A King (or Queen) Of Bukit Larut

Just a week more to the "King of Bukit Larut" 21K event and I as usual, haven't done much training.

It was just that hike that Zaini and I did together last week. Nothing this week until today. *asking for trouble*

We'll make our way to Taiping next Saturday very early in the morning. 

Probably after Subuh and spent a night in Taiping.

Collect our race kit, kepoh-kepoh and help out, if our assistance is needed.
Otherwise, just mooch around Taiping town and enjoy some nice cendol and rojak? Hihihi

Can't wait! Seems like the hubby has been whatsapping with some runners (you know who you are ^^) about makan plans when we get to Taiping. Hahaha

Apr 20th is a busy Sunday... All the best and hope everyone have fun running : King of Bukit Larut, Milo Breakfast Run, Be A Runner, I'm Free From Corruption Run, Jogathon Warisan...

Apr 27th will be another busy Sunday, race wise. The family will be running as a team in the Pisang Relay in Bukit Jalil. There'll also be Hospital Sg Long Fun Run, LOTS Run Uniten, Run For Peace, Run For Future and there's also AVEDA Walk For Water. 

Isn't it a good sign for us that we're spoilt for choice in terms of running events now? 

Anyway, today is the day of Ironman 70.3 in Putrajaya. Happening right at our own backyard, this international event sees 1,400 international and local athletes compete in Putrajaya. Swim 1.9K, Bike 90K and run 21.1K. An Ironman 70.3 refers to the total distance in miles and is also called a "half-Ironman". Yes, folks... there is a full version of this with of course, longer distance.

All the best Ironman! The kaki besi lads and ladies. :-)

Oh! In case anyone is wondering... there is also an Ultraman event. Not the Japanese Superhero but an event where athletes join by invitation only;  so only select athletes get to do this - where they swim 10K in the open ocean, 421K cross-country bike ride and then complete it with a 84K (a double marathon) run.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

He's In Charge

We went grocery shopping yesterday. Just me and my "anak bujang". Daddy's home late so we decided we'd do it first before a late dinner with him.

Son wanted to make ice-cream and I planned on doing a simple salsa to eat with our breakfast burritos and maybe a smoothie and muffins too so I printed out the grocery list and let Son be in charge of making sure we get everything.
Kids do tend to get bored when we do grocery shopping and I find that making him involved in the process makes it more fun. He does have the tendency to wander off but with the list in his hand, he was focused and excited all through the shopping trip!
and he's in charge in front of the cashier too. ^^

After all, he's a big boy now. 

Mommy can so totally depend on him.

He once told me this "If it's not me who look after you, then who else?" Oh... gitu.... Hahaha

He did get impatient with Mommy when Mommy somehow got sidetracked before going to the supermarket and suddenly ter"bought" a new handbag. Bwahaha


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