Sunday, 19 April 2015

Weekend Treat - Hot & Cold

The curry place behind TMC doesn't open on Saturdays now, and I am hankering for a good curry meal so what's the next best option for us?
Banana leaf rice at Nirwana Maju instead. Pricier but at least it's convenient.

I have to admit though, I still want to go eat the fish head curry at that "Bawah Pokok" behind TMC. Anuar Kari issit? Cheap and delicious!

Maybe we can go there this Friday after we picked up Son after school and before we head to Taiping for the weekend. Either that or go makan Nasi Vanggey in Ipoh. Hahaha
After the banana leaf rice dinner, it was ice cream treat, redeeming my Maybank Treats Points. Yummsss...

Tummies were all happy. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday At Friday's

It's Friday! Yeay!
Anyways, I had lunch with my colleagues at Friday's and truthfully, I didn't have any intention of blogging about it (after all, this was work lunch) but I was so impressed with the supervisor on duty, I decided to do so... In order to compliment him.
Always give credit when credit is due, I say... And happily pay service charge when service is good. Heh.
First thing first. The lunch was actually yesterday and not today but I like to put the title that way. Hah hah.
There were 30 of us who went to TGIF Gardens Mall yesterday. We pre-ordered our food and sent our order about 20 minutes before our arrival.
Serving can be notoriously slow for big groups at American restaurant around the Mid Valley and Gardens Mall even with pre-ordering (I should know, I work and eat lunches here...) so I was impressed that all of us got our food within 30 minutes. ALL that we ordered, except the dessertslah....
The supervisor was friendly and chirpy and made sure he was stationed at our area to ensure everyone got their food correctly. Plus, he somehow managed to identify those who has a tendency to be fussy in our group and be extra nice to them.
Tony Roma's and Chilli's staff (and managers) should learn a thing or two from this guy. 
I sat with three other colleagues and we decided to share our orders.
First, we chose their Meal for Two promotion where we get one appetiser and two mains at RM45.90++ and the choice to add a sundae at RM10.00 and bottomless drinks at RM9.90.
 Our appetisers - Chicken Fajitas Nachos. Yummy! I love this!
Our mains : Chicken Caesar Salad and Chili & Garlic Shrimp.

The Chili & Garlic Shrimp was rich but has a certain kick to it fro the fresh capers. Yummm...

Beware though, even shared with 4 pax, we got full eating this pasta. Hahaha
 Our add up sundae. Really humungous! Worth the RM10.00 we paid for it.

As we're sharing among 4 pax, we also ordered their Mushroom Chicken Burger at RM28.90.
Nice but I wasn't a fan of the caramelised onion served on the fried chicken patty.

We also ordered the Grilled Lamb at RM39.90.
Wish I din't have to share this. LOL
Remember the sundae I mentioned earlier?

Lucky we're sharing this among 4 of us. It would be difficult to finish this if there was only two of us. LOL

I probably would return again to TGIF Gardens Mall. With my family.

At the moment, service here sure trumps service at Tony Roma's Garden.

All in all, a very good meal at TGIF Gardens Mall. Thumbs up for yesterday. ^^

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bargain Gatorade!

Once in a while, there's this cheap promo priced Gatorade on sale and with the "Best Before" date still months away... No harm hoarding them, yes?

I bought a carton. A few running friends bought 2-3 cartons. And this stash of ours should last until October. ^^

I do bring a bottle or two of isotonic for my long runs (3-hours upwards), apart from mineral water but sometimes nothing beats a local drink.
Like a cold bottle of cincau drink! Chrysanthemum drinks are quite nice also. Bliss for a hot sunny day, that's one thing for sure. :-)

Friday, 10 April 2015

Something To Look Forward To

So, hubby and I didn't make it to Sabah Adventure Challenge last week because his father passed away a few days before the start of the race. No regrets though. Family always comes first.
Anyways, there are always other races to look forward to, and train for... ^^

In two weeks' time, we'll be heading to Taiping as I've registered for the first of three "King Series". I'll be doing 26K at King of Bukit Larut (KOBL) this year.
In 2014, me and my friends had lots of fun doing the 21K at King of Bukit Larut. ^^
I'll be doing a solo run this time though, as Hubby will be volunteering at the race instead of running.
Two weeks after KOBL, hubby and I will be heading to Gombak for a 50K run in Route 68 Challenge.

I'll be using this race and another one in June to gauge my ability and make my decision to run in a 60K race later in the 2nd half of the year.

Will be looking forward to this one as quite a number of friends are joining this too. Should be fun running along the road which we occasionally use when we're heading back to my hometown. ^^
The second of the King Series is the King of Kemensah Trail (KOKT). Hubby and I will not be joining this race but hopefully (we'll do our best!) to go there to support and kaypoh-kaypoh or volunteering for friends. Hahaha
A week after KOKT, I'll be doing something short for a change. Ehem. Hahaha

Truthfully, I registered mainly for the shirt. And I needed to fit in a 12K run that weekend so this fits the bill. Hehehe
For June, I have only one race slotted and it's a special one. A few days before Ramadhan month starts.

I did 62K last year at Back 2 Endurance and I am hoping to go for more in 12-hours this year!

Looking forward to be at the starting line (and the finish line) and run plus meet my running friends. Can't wait!

Monday, 6 April 2015

A Late Summer Ultra Marathon In Kyoto : Tango Ultra Marathon

Truthfully, ever since my completion of Fujisan Marathon in 2014, I’ve set my mind to do the race again in 2015. But for past few months, there is this one race that caught my eyes; for the race itself, for the scenery along the race route and for the fact that it falls a day before my 40th birthday!

I figured, what a great way to celebrate my 40th birthday than to finish an ultra marathon in such a scenic route!
The International Friendship Tango 100KM Ultra Marathon, an ultra-marathon in the northern part of Kyoto and will be held on Sep 20th, 2015 this year for the 15th time. (Click here for the Japanese link)

It has two categories.

100KM with a 14-hours cut-off and littered with killer inclines. The clincher is the hill section towards the final section of the course. 18,000yen registration fee.

60KM with a 9-hours and 30 minutes cut-off and much kinder (i.e. flatter route) compared to the 10OK category and with 13,000yen registration fee.
Photo credit : Tango Ultra Marathon 2014 website.
The International Friendship Tango 100km Ultra earned the silver label recognition from the International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU) in 2014 and aims to invite runners from overseas, as there are no borders in running.

Registration for the ultra marathon has already been open since Mar 20th to Jul 24th and will close when the capacity is full. The number of participants are capped at 4,000 runners; with 2,600 runners for 100km category and 1,400 runners for 60km category.

Information on registration can be found at their English page. Click here.
 Course and elevation map.
 Cut off time and CPs
Area map
Access Information. Click for bigger image.
For anyone interested in joining, do get your accommodation sorted early because I find plenty of hotels around the area have been fully booked. 
I do hope I can join this. We'll see. ^^


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