Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Good Saturday

Started the Saturday quite early with a nice nasi lemak breakfast but not before cooking rice to make onigiri for ourselves and friends who were running in a 100K race today.
It was a special request by a friend and I happily obliged. Happy to note that the people I made them for devoured my onigiri. ^^

I made the rice balls using the rice I received at the Race Pack collection of the Tango Ultramarathon in which I ran 60K in.

The rice balls were individually cling-wrapped so that my friends could tapau them and eat while on the move. And they did, after eating one. They packed one in their hydration bag to eat later. 
Hubby and I enjoyed one each too, while waiting for them at KM34 , midway through a long hot stretch of the 100K route with food and drinks and ICE!
Our mobile support station that we set up to cater to our friends.

We had cincau drinks, chrysanthemum drinks, coke, water - both for drinking and washing up, Yupi, onigiri and ice.

We even had ice cold water spray which Hubby DIYed using empty mineral bottles.
In between taking photos of all the runners that passed byKM34, I read The Star and look! Another article I wrote was published by The Star. Yeay!

Oh by the way, remember last week's article about "Running in Japan" that was published in The Star. Here's the link for that article. 

We'll be travelling to Kuala Kangsar in a few hours' time, by train. I have a race in Kuala Kangsar tomorrow and am looking forward to it! :-)

Friday, 27 November 2015

A Marathon In The Historic City Of Melaka

A run in the historic city of Melaka on Dec 20th, 2015.
The International Melaka River Marathon is back for the second time and registration is already open, with less than a month to go for the race day itself. So, hurry and register if you're keen in joining.
Generous prizes on offer for top runners.
For more information and registration, head over to LIV3LY page.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

myBuddiesRun School Promo Rates

Great news to those who are still looking for a run on December 20th, 2015 or have yet registered for any races on the date.
myBuddiesRun is having a school holiday promotions from Nov 22 to Dec 19, 20015.

myBuddiesRun which will be held on December 20th, 2015 at MMU, Cyberjaya has a few categories on offer and with the school holiday promotions, the registration fee is as low as RM20.00!

Be a participant or just come to enjoy the carnival-like atmosphere with :
  • performances by local artistes
  • car boot sale
  • an array of food galore from various food trucks
Participants also have a chance to win win some prizes - more than RM100,000 worth of prizes to be won! Who knows we might win a Perodua Axia!

Or maybe get lucky and win RM150 cash prize which is allocated for every 100th registration (from 100th to 7000th).

Or win RM150 cash prize as one of the AWESOME runners running in myBuddiesRun.

For more information, check out their website at or my previous post on the run here.

Follow them on Instagram to stay updated.

Come and let's get healthy together.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Gulai Kampung

Remember my post about craving for some steamed fish and ayam masak lemak cili padi? 

Well, I sort of got to satiate my craving. Didn't indulge in either of the said dishes but I got my "gulai kampung" treat!

Son had an outing with his friends on Sunday so it was a date-day for us. 

For lunch, since we were in Bangi; we stopped at Restoran Gulai Kampung which is located a few blocks away from Bangi's McD.

The restaurant has a lot of varieties such as patin masak tempoyak, asam pedas, fried chicken, sup tulang and masak lemak dishes.
 We chose keli salai masak lemak, which cost us RM6.
And daging salai masak lemak for RM10 a bowl (can feed three).
The masak lemak were good and we finished everything, up to the last drop of the gravy, but I do wish they are more generous with the rice serving. It was too little for RM1.50 per plate. Hihihi

The sambal belacan had a powerful kick and I can't even finish it. Hahaha

All in all, a rather good meal.

We were there shortly before 12.00pm on Sunday and it was still quite empty. The restaurant filled up pretty quickly shortly after. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Frost The Trail Run At FRIM

Frost the Trail KL Corporate Challenge is a yearly Green CSR initiative organized by Frost & Sullivan. 100% proceeds from the entry fees from the run will be given to pre-appointed beneficiaries and this year they are supporting the flood relief through MERCY Malaysia.

I was lucky enough to be able to get two slots for the run through Maxis and duly registered Hubby and myself into the 8K individual category.

It was a rather smallish corporate event, with just a few hundred runners in both the 8K individual and also 5K team category but it was a commendable turn-out and run nonetheless.

As most runners coming from the corporate sponsors, everyone seems to know everyone. Maxis, the platinum donor of the run had a contingent of 200 runners.
Runners mingling about the field area at the starting line. I met with an ex-schoolmate who works with one of the corporate sponsors and also a couple of running buddies. 
A photo station printing photos of runners who posted their photos on IG with the hashtag #FrostTheTrail.
Jazzercise session held before the run.
MMU even had a wheel of fortune thingy for runners to win prizes at their booth.

The 8K category was flagged-off at around 7:20am and we ran through a stretch of road before hitting the trail section.

I started way too fast, at pace 5:48min/km although my initial place was to hit the first 5K at a half-marathon pace (which was what I needed to do as per my training plan). I slowed down significantly to running at 7:30min//km pace after a mere 2.5K and after we started to enter the trail area totally.

The run was a tad uncomfortable for me. Not because of the route or the elevation but for my choice of running pants! I wore a new Mizuno long pants for this race with a side pocket for my handphone. Wrong choice. Because of the weight of my phone, by KM1 I could feel my pants kinda slipping down. So as I was running, I had to keep on adjusting my pants so it would go up. It would probably be better if I just stop and adjust it but the thought never came! Hahaha

And my panties kept on giving me a wedgie and I kept on having to adjust it too, in full view of other runners at my back. Hadoi. 

Imagine having to adjust the pants to go up and stay at my waistline then pulling it slightly so that it wouldn't give me a wedgie too. Huhuhu

But on a positive note, the route was nice and I even saw a waterfall while running! Cool!

I was wary about spraining my ankle so I went slow once I hit the trail. At times, when there were too many stones and uneven surfaces on the trail, I slowed down to a walk.

And it was indeed reduced to just walking as I approached KM6 mark and where runners started to face a long 1K incline.
Although I started going downhill as I approached KM7, I had to still be careful about running for fear of falling flat. I'm still not good at running trails so I had to be extra careful on the trail.

It was supposed to be an 8K run but we were still running in the trail area as I approached the KM8 mark. And from the looks of it, the finish line isn't that near yet!

At 8.5K mark, with 500m more to go and because it already exceeded the supposed 8K trail run, I just walked until I was about 200m away from the finish line. Hah Hah

Extra distance notwithstanding, it was indeed  nice run with a good route to challenge runners.

After the run, we were given a nice Columbia Finisher t-shirt (no medal) which I really like and after Hubby finished his run, we went to collect our goodies bag and snack pack.

A nice breakfast of nasi lemak and fried bihun was served to runners.

We stayed behind for the lucky draw but alas, we weren't so lucky this time.

We made a move a few minutes after 9.00am as Hubby needs to get to work while I decided to continue my training and later did a 90 minutes run. I kinda suck at the hill section at FRIM so during the 90 minutes, I focused on tackling inclines, albeit at an easy pace.

I stopped by at Gardens Mall Fitness First to shower and rest before taking a bus to meet hubby later in the afternoon and head home.

All in all, a good day spent. 


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