Friday, 3 July 2015

One Long Run A Month

This post is about celebrating our effort (hubby and mine) in trying to achieve one long run (50K and above) a month. Gotta celebrate and be proud of ourselves lah... If we are not proud of us, who else will? Right? Hihihi
We don't aim to finish fast. We just aim to go a bit far. Just to test ourselves.
So here's to that awesome long runs done so far and am sure looking forward to more in future. :-)
We did a 10-hours session, just the two of us on the second week of January, covering part of the Putrajaya 100 route. Didn't know the actual distance as I didn't wear my watch (because it died on me already) and Hubby's endomondo stopped reading after we reached 21K and we only realised it after we reached Taman Rimba Alam. Huhuhu. Anyways...
Watergate 16-hours. January 1- 11th, 2015.
He did 60K.
She did 80K.
I was invited to join the Patriot 200 which was under the Saltfish Series, 200K within 48 hours that was held from February 13 - 15th, 2015.
While we didn't officially join as we had other commitments on Saturday, we attempted the same route as the other participants on Friday night and on Sunday and the organiser was generous enough to share their rations with us.
Thank you Team PACat!
We managed to do a 40K on Friday night, then 21K on Saturday night and finished off with another 20K on Sunday. A mere 80K done during that weekend in total but we were happy with what we did.
I did Gunung Nuang Ultra on March 1st, 2015. A solo run this time while hubby waited and supported me at the event.
I was very conservative and pretty much just walked the whole 50K and of course, being a slow poke, it took me 12 hours to complete my 50K minimum. Hahaha
A good run(walk) nevertheless and while there were hard moments, I enjoyed this a lot. :-)
We DNS an event due to an unforeseen circumstances in the early month of April and we just decided to do our own session for April and chose the long Labour Day/Wesak weekend for it.
A 50K couple run along Putrajaya, covering the Core Island, Pullman, Presint 16 and 17. We started on Friday, April 30th at 10.30pm and finished the next day at 10.00am.
No medal. No glory. Complete satisfaction.
A week plus after of Labour Day session; on May 10th, we joined the Route 68 Challenge, and we did 50K together, Hubby and I.
June was an anticipated month for me. I joined Back 2 Endurance in June. Hubby decided to support and crew for me for this one instead.
With his assistance, I managed to get 71.3K that day on June 14th, 2015. ^^
Thank you Hubby. *muaks*

A few shorter distance runs and races and this, I think we did pretty good for our first half of the year. The most important thing is we both enjoyed the time spent together.
Looking forward to the 2nd half of 2015!

p.s. I'll write about food in the next post. Promise! HEHEHE

Thursday, 2 July 2015

15 Days Into Ramadhan

I'm not going to talk about fasting or any ibadah I do during the fasting month. I've already blogged about fasting and the challenges one may face during this Holy month in previous years and I don't think I want to repeat myself.
Truly, for many of us; apart from not eating during the day, the fact that I get to go off from work an hour earlier (and clock in to work an hour earlier too), have busier nights due to terawih prayers or baking raya cookies or whatever, life remains pretty much the same. Right?
And it's the same with training. With Standard Chartered KL Marathon and Putrajaya Night Marathon looming in a few months time, many do need to continue with their training.
I train. I still run. Most times before buka puasa (iftar) and during weekends, in the wee hour of the morning before sahur. Adjustment.
There is no big deal about training in this fasting month, actually. Adjust accordingly. That's all.
Granted, my training runs so far isn't all that great but better than nothing, right? For now, I'm trying to be consistent and not be too lazy. Hur hur
I took it easy on the first week of puasa as I just completed Back 2 Endurance run the Sunday before.

The Saturday run was done around the core island of Putrajaya before buka puasa and then my family & I buka puasa, picnic style. I blogged about it, remember? :)

Just really short runs during the weekdays last week but I managed to slot in a tempo run on Saturday morning and then do a 21K later at night with a couple of walk training up the hill of my housing area during the day. ^^

I am doing better (I think) this week but now I have a headache on how I'm putting in my 29K long run. The options now is:
1. Start at 1am, finish before sahur on Saturday hoping that I won't get too stuffed to run as I'll be heading for a buka puasa at Cititel Hotel on Friday. Hahaha
2. Splitting the runs into two sessions - morning and night. We'll be heading for an Ultra training clinic on Saturday night and probably I can do a 15K at the most after the clinic.
We see how lah. Splitting the runs is not desirable but at least I'll be putting some mileage, and doing it that way can simulate running with tired legs. I will have two running sessions in my training soon so maybe I'll do it if I can't do that long run of mine on Saturday morning.
We see how lah.
Either way, I'm excited for the weekend to arrive. Don't you?

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Iftar With MYNIC Berhad For Larian Sehati Sejiwa

I was lucky to be extended a generous invitation to attend a buka puasa/iftar event with MYNIC Berhad at Premiera Hotel Kuala Lumpur together with my family on Sunday.
The iftar event was held as a get together and sharing of info for the upcoming Larian Sehati Sejiwa, which will be held on Aug 23, 2015 at Padang Merbuk.

The run, held in conjuction of our Merdeka Day celebration, will see 5,000 runners running in either the 10K category or the 5K Fun Run category or the Kids' 3K Fun Run.

Registration fees starts at RM20 for Kids Fun Run (Age 7-12), RM30 for RM5K Fun Run (all ages) and RM45 for 10K categories.

For registration and information on the run, click here.
The CEO of MYNIC, Encik Hasnul Fadhly Hasan giving a short speech before the breaking of fast.
Fellow runners seated with the CEO, Encik Hasnul and MYNIC's COO, Puan Norsuzana Harun and MYNIC staff.
 Great spread for buka puasa/iftar at Premiera Hotel.
 The highlight for me and also other fellow runners who attended the event. 
Thank you again MYNIC for the invitation and am surely looking forward to the Larian Sehati Sejiwan on Aug 23, 2015!

Registration for the run is already open, so what are you waiting for?

Apart from getting our event tee, finisher medal, goodie bags, participants will get to register two domain names which is free for one (1) year.

There will also be lucky draw with 5 motorcycles to be won and also other prizes such as bicycles and sports accessories. 

Jom ramai-ramai! ^^

Monday, 22 June 2015

Saturday Buka Puasa By The Lake

A picnic style buka puasa, just like what we used to do during the Ramadhan weekend a few years ago.
and for the same reason.

Mommy needs to do her 10K run so Daddy suggested we all go to Putrajaya, get our Buka Puasa chow at the Pasar Ramadhan and later Daddy and Son enjoyed the lakeside view near Masjid Besi (Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin  mosque) while waiting for Mommy to finish her run.

The lakeside from the mosque all the way to the Monumen Alaf Baru is lined with people opting to buka puasa picnic style, with friends or family.
We are always rather simple in our choice for buka puasa.

Nasi ayam, nasi tomato and nasi ayam berempah was our choice.
But can't linger too long after our meal. ^^

It's a good choice to picnic at Presint 2 & 3. There is the Pasar Ramadhan. Two mosques are nearby. And for sweaty people like me, there are an abundance of toilets that I can use to shower and freshen up.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Chillin' With Acham

I have to make sure I do my workout in the early evening now (or at the moment, before buka puasa/breaking of fast) just so I can spend time hanging out with this little fella at night. ^^
Mommy allows Acham to spend an hour on her lap everyday, and while Acham relaxes on her lap, she just wastes time watching TV, check on Facebook, read Whatsapp messages and occasionally, just occasionally reads her books.

When Acham takes a nap on her lap, it feels just so cruel to move and disturbs Acham's sleep.

Yeah, Mommy is such a pushover for Acham. 


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