Friday, 30 January 2015

Sunday Walk

Something my sons wants to do every Sunday now...
Not running, but going out with us and enjoy the fresh air.
 Just a leisurely stroll around the park is nice. Of course.
 We slow down and notice more stuff around us.

Found this fruit during our walk. Looks like a persimmon, a hairy persimmon. The flesh smells nice but we didn't know what fruit this was, we didn't know also whether it is edible or not.
Something to look and study! ^^

This week's walk is around Taman Canseri and we went up to Taman Duta too, in Putrajaya.

Son loves it here because Taman Duta has almost no crowd at all. Well, it is just an open air section next to Taman Canseri. Nothing special but it sure is hilly here.
And oh! The park has a lot of stairs, for those who loves tackling the stairs! Hahaha
An hour worth of stroll and it's time to head home for dinner! ^^

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Excited For The 4-Day Weekend!

One of the perks of working in Federal Territories... well, for this year at least.

We get Monday off as a replacement for February 1st Federal Territories Day which falls on Sunday this year. Then, we get Tuesday off for Thaipusam!


So how am I going to spend the long weekend?

Time with son.

Time with husband.
Maybe do this, again? Hahaha

So those who will enjoy the long weekend this weekend... what are your plans? ^^

Monday, 26 January 2015

Under The Weather

Been feeling under the weather for almost three weeks now.
It started really mild in the first week of January and got full blown in the third week of January, with me already visiting the doctor twice.
The whole family is still recovering from flu and cough now and I guess it's not going to go away easily as quite a number of colleagues are also coughing and sneezing in the office.
Anyways, I just have to make sure I have enough rest, drink lots of fluid, take my medicine and hope I can recover soon!
The long weekend this month end is coming and I want to enjoy it!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Steaks And Tofu

We went to Outback Steakhouse in Nu Sentral last week to enjoy some meaty goodness dinner there and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by their selection (and service too).
As I just completed an 80km run on Sunday, a few days before we went "makan" at Outback Steakhouse; protein loading is actually high on my agenda. LOL
Well, actually I enjoyed a more oriental style protein loading first, a couple of days after that run.
In form of soon doo boo jigae and bulgogi at Ko Hyang at Gardens Mall.
Oh, these are heavenly and just what I needed to whet my appetite.
Yumm. yumm.
But eating steaks and beef ribs sure give another kind of satisfaction too!
Anyways, I don't take much supplements (I only take two and both for my joints) and I also don't take all those hyped-up recovery supplements but I made sure I eat well instead!
It's more fun to eat than just drinking some expensive concoction for me! LOL

Am hoping to make another return trip to Nu Sentral in the near future and drop by the Outback Steakhouse again.
A plus getting to Nu Sentral was the ease of finding parking. Like really easy. And we went there on a weekday, after work. So it was kinda cool to find another hangout nearby other than the Bangsar area (which is actually a nightmare in finding parking) or Mid Valley. ^^

Monday, 19 January 2015

Kampung Run In Melaka

Skyhawk Nature Run to me, is one of the highly anticipated run/race for the year for me.

Photo credit : Ben Swee
And I truly enjoyed both the 2014 & 2015 edition of Skyhawk Nature Run.
Organised by Skyhawk Marathon Club in Melaka, this is one of those “for runners, by runners” race and they do understand runners’ need.

OK. Let me get one thing straight first.

This is not an event for runners who want to see their results and rankings because there is no timing chip. They had a big Seiko timing watch set-up at the finish line though.

They do give out finisher medals but don’t pout about not getting a “finisher” half-marathon tee.

Do note that for RM55.00 registration fee, this has got to be one of the cheaper half-marathons in Malaysia that has no big corporate sponsors backing it! Even those with sponsors charge more. Most 10K races cost RM50.00 and upwards nowadays!

But what one gets while running in the Skyhawk Nature Run is a great running experience and the experience was not only shared with runners but also the community along the route we ran. And you can feel the teamwork between the volunteers in this race too.

And that’s why, despite some initial drama of probably not being able to run at all last Sunday in Melaka, and with me already contacting the organiser for a transfer of name for my bib (yes, they let me do it) and then suddenly the transferee was unable to run and I had to again inform the organiser that I’d be running (sorry for all the hassle! And thank you for accommodating to all my nonsense. ^^) and only making the trip to Rumah Melaka in Bukit Katil on the morning of the race day itself; I managed to run again for the second year in the Skyhawk Nature Run.

With the whole family down with the flu bug (me for about a week and a half) and hubby and Son caught it (from me lah, I suppose) last week, I guess I was being rather selfish in still wanting hubby driving me over to Melaka. Well, I did say that we can put up in a hotel but he wasn’t keen.

So at 3.10am, we started our journey to Melaka from our home. Traffic was smooth and we arrived the race venue shortly before 5.00am.

A kind friend had agreed to help me with my race kit collection the day before so we had that sorted out. While waiting, we took a nap in the car.
My kind, gorgeous friend. I owe her a big cuppa expensive, artisan coffee! Hehehe

Hubby decided to sleep in the car so I went to the starting line and roam around the race venue alone.

Flag-off was at 6.15am and I decided to wait and took my time starting so I was amongst the last to start.

Bumped into a few friends and we ran together and chit-chat for a while before they all sped off after the first incline. My plan for this race was to enjoy my run and run as much as I could but not really wanting to push it that much.

Just like last year, the Skyhawk Nature Run is kinda my recovery run after Watergate 16-hour. The difference was, I was feeling OK and strong in 2014 (I did 2:44 despite much goofing and walking) compared to this year where I was obviously not fully recovered from the fatigue of running in Watergate 16-hour 2015.

But it’s OK. I’m using Skyhawk to gauge my fitness anyway and how much I can cope. Verdict : not that fit yet.

There were more water stations this year, compared to 2014. I was actually OK with the previous year’s 4-5KM gap between each water stations (WS) but I was also relieved that 2015 had less gap between each WS because my scratchy throat sure appreciates water.

My bad, knowing my own body condition and not really bothering to bring my own hydration. It’s that “ala, it’s just 21K attitude”. Arrogant sangat! Bwahaha
But I got this as a replacement power gel.
The highlight of the run is running through villages. Kampung areas and best of all, you meet a whole lot of kampong folks sporting enough to cheer you on. That is so priceless!
The second water station at KM7.5 was a big hit. We were served with generous servings of fruits – papaya, watermelon and honey dews along with fluids. Not in those cut fruits served at the buffet style, but generous RM1.50 cut like that are sold at stalls.

You know I sure cannot resist but to stop and enjoy lah, right? Despite my doctor’s reminder for me not to eat any fruits until I get better. Eih… food. Free food. Cannot resist. Although afterwards, chest felt cold and made it a tad hard to enjoy running and breathing. Padan muka lah... Hehehe
Dr Liau who is one of the “orang kuat” of the run was there greeting runners along with Mr Lau, the “Ketua Kampung” of Kampung Tiang Dua.
We were not only served with fruits, the Ketua Kampung also handed out free caps!

I took one which I later passed to one of the children sitting in front of their house/shop and told them to take care of my cap. Hehehe

There was a big number of runners coming in from Singapore and well, it’s not only them who loves the change of scenery and running in the city. I love being able to run around kampungs too!
And for a change, we get to receive support from villagers who some, went out and stood by the road to see us run. A few salams to the pakciks and makciks and chosans to aunties and uncles as well waving to kids. We don’t get this in big city run in KL!
At some WS, which were located in front of villagers’ houses, we get to be served by the whole family, it seems.
It sure is nice for the organiser to get the villagers roped in and be a part of this run too instead of just being inconvenienced by us runners “terrorising” and blocking their road.

The problem with this kampung route is however, we get to pass a whole lot of food stall serving breakfast and I was sorely tempted to stop and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or teh tarik! Thank goodness I forgot to bring along some cash as I probably would’ve stopped and enjoy a morning drink there and probably finish my run in 4 hours! LOL
After about 15K, I bumped into a fellow Watergate 16-hour finisher (there were quite a number of them too, who did both events) and we chatted and walked together for a bit; I think up to the final 5K of the run. Then he took off, after we snapped a photo together with the champ of Watergate 16-hour who was a marshall for Skyhwak Nature Run and I did a half-arsed attempt to start running again.
Saw a couple of traffic police manning one junction up ahead and well, cannot resist taking photos with them and their motorbikes. Gotta say, they were very sporting.

The route we ran was marked with distance markers, not to sure how KM apart but if I’m not mistaken, at every 3K? Well, after the 16K mark, it was a countdown of 5K to go, 4K to go, 3K to go and so on… and the organiser had also placed a few inspirational signs.
Photo credit : Jk Suah
At the last KM, I was encouraged to run by a Singaporean TNF finisher and sure loved her spirit and cheers to other runners.

Mustered the last bit of resolve to run, I ran the last 500m, seeing hubby waiting for me and friends cheering me on. Made it to the finish line at a marvellously slow 3:23:09 (gun time) but I was completely fine with it.

I still encountered a bad knee pain (this time for both knees) and I somehow can pinpoint the culprit. So yeah, this run is an experiment and a learning run for me and I got to do it in a nice, scenic route with great support.

Is there any complaints for this run?

None for me. I’m easy to please.

Just give me an interesting route with friendly faces along the route and I’ll be OK.

And oh, being served ice cream, boiled eggs, putu piring apart from other “normal” snacks such as bread, banana and drinks is good too. Oh yeah, note to self. Do not drink the free Dutch Lady milk when one is not feeling well. I almost had the urge to throw up after that! Huhuhu

Anywys, see you in 2016. Let’s hope I won’t be causing any more drama and “kacau” the organiser again next year! Hahaha

The only thing I felt a bit lacking for this year was the intimate feeling we got at the finishing line in 2014. I guess the run has gotten big to feel that now. But it's OK. No biggie lah.

Thanks everyone for being so friendly to me. ^^


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