Hit the ground running once again with Augustman Run

KUALA LUMPUR, 05 July 2022 - Set to take place on 16 Oct 2022 at MAEPS Serdang, the much-anticipated Augustman Run is back for the third time. 

In our commitment to celebrate sportsmanship, community and active living, Augustman Malaysia aims to bring runners together through the options of joining the 7 km or 15 km category, as the event caters for both experienced as well as leisure runners. 

After a year-long intermission due to the ever-changing restrictions, #AugustmanRun is positioning sustainability as its key objective. With early bird registration set to open from the 13 July 2022, official day for registration will begin on the 20 July 2022. Starting from small practices in our daily lives to reduce carbon footprint, the Augustman team hopes to connect like-minded people and partners to come together through the #AugustmanRun 2022. 

The competitive run of 15km is classified into Men’s and Women’s Open categories for individuals aged between 18 and 39 years and Men’s and Women’s Veteran categories for runners aged 40 and above. For the leisure runners of the 7km category, they will be categorised into Men’s and Women’s Open run; encouraging runners of all levels to take part in a free and easy setting. 

“After having to run virtually for the past two years, I’m definitely looking forward to an actual run with my fellow A-List family this year where we will have more fun and excitement at the event,” says Shaun Liew, an Augustman A-lister who has been an avid participant of the Augustman Run since its conception. #AugustmanRun 2022 aims to encourage people to reconnect with nature through the specially curated outdoor running circuit, where runners can enjoy the greeneries and fresh air at MAEPS Serdang – the largest agrotourism park in Malaysia and Asia. 

Committed to our mission of cultivating togetherness, spreading positivity and championing one’s uniqueness; the run tagline for Augustman Run 2022 is: 
I AM _________ (defined by runners). 

For the latest announcements on the registration link, do follow us on Instagram at @AugustmanRun and Facebook at @AugustmanRun. 


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