Cafe Hopping Around Semenanjung Malaysia

For 2022, Hubby and I kinda have a new project in mind. Although we're able to visit other countries now; we decided to have this mini "mission" of visiting every state in Semenanjung Malaysia and do some cafe hopping at the same time too.

We sure did have fun.

Here's what we've been up to from January to June 2022 in terms of trying out cafes and coffee around Semenanjung Malaysia. Another six months to plan for more coffee trips!

Johor Bahru, Johor

August Drip Coffee, Taman Century
My Liberica, Taman Molek
Space Cafe, JB

For this part of our trip to Johor, our choice of cafe/coffee joint is more towards finding and trying new coffee beans and engaging with their barista. We managed to have a really nice conversation at August Drip and Space Cafe but we just enjoyed our drinks and snacks at My Liberica.

At the time, the barista at August Drip had just started working there so he was rather nervous. But we like him for his earnestness and willingness to talk about coffee with us.

Kuantan, Pahang

Luth Cafe
Kedai Roti Bakar Wall Street

For our Kuantan trip, it was just finding spots to enjoy and try out their coffee. Kopi kampung and the likes. Roti Bakar Wall Street was fun to visit. Luth only serves limited menu and with limited hours (as at the time of our visit) and I wasn't particularly impressed with the service at Tjantek despite it being touted as one of the most recommended cafe to visit in Kuantan. But do head there if you love taking photos of yourself with interesting decor. I don't.


Bok Keopi, Banda Hilir
Aroma's Coffee, Klebang Besar
Eat at 18, Jalan Hang Lekiu
Backlane Coffee, Jalan Hang Jebat
The Coffee Jar, Jalan Hang Jebat

The cafe hopping in Melaka was a mixture of trendy cafe with so-so coffee (one cafe uses Nespresso machine for their coffee) and interesting coffee places that serves good coffee. But anyways, Bok Keopi is a book cafe. Aroma's Coffee is interesting for us because there's a paddy field nearby where we could enjoy a sunset view while sipping our coffee. The Coffee Jar is both cafe and roastery and the owner was nice. Go to Eat at 18 for the photo op. Their staff are good and friendly. Good service and food from Backlane Coffee despite only one staff manning front of the house but I chose to drink tea there because I was already overdosing on coffee. Tea was superb.

Break from cafe hopping due to Ramadan month

But we couldn't find any open or good coffee place during our 2D1N there.

Constant Gardener Cafe
Fuku Eatery & Desserts
Langit Senja
The Nooks Book & Cafe

The most IG worthy cafe of the lot here is hands down The Nooks Book & Cafe where you really have your own nook to enjoy your drinks and take your photos, surrounded by ceiling high books. A perfect place for both coffee and books lover.

Other coffee places that we visited in 2021 outside of Selangor and KL (which I can still remember):
Kohi, Kuantan
The 92s Cafe, Kuantan
Pull A Shot, Kuantan (they are a roastery too)
Labu Labi Restoran, Raub
Hall Coffee, Raub
The Octagon Cafe, Kuala Terengganu
Kopi & Roti, Alor Setar
Kedai Kopi Yeop, Ipoh
Ahli Kopi, Kangar

Overall, for myself personally, I give favourable review, comments and impression on places with good service, first and foremost. Decor and OOTD spot last.

Anyhoo, you can also visit my IG lina1975a/ and use #linakopiseries if you to check out where else we visited and tried their coffee.


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