Thursday, 15 September 2011

A New Toy For Son

We sure have spending money like there's no tomorrow lately. I forked out RM350 a few days ago for a new pair of shoes and last Friday, both Zaini and I decided to buy Raimie a netbook to replace the old notebook he had been using.

Nothing too fancy for our 9 year old, just something for his use for his gaming and whatever online needs without him badgering us and asking to borrow ours. xD
At a total cost of RM999 that includes extra warranties, I guess it's not too bad, right? And instead of lugging bigger notebooks while on vacation, I'm thinking of bringing this netbook around to keep us connected and online even when we are overseas. It's small and it's light. (And no, no Ipad for us. Thanks. ^^)
Raimie got another nice surprise from his Dad too.  A Kamen Rider Ooo Burakawani action figure, ordered online and sent all the way from Japan.


  1. oh no, ur son will be a kamen rider fan in the future oTL *looks at the kamen rider outings in KK. There's collector and kamen rider cosplayer here.

  2. @maslight,
    If you read my other blog, you know that he is already a HUGE fan of Kamen riders, Ultraman, Super Sentais.... ^^

    He does have a BIG collection of the figures too. And gonna buy loads more when we get to Japan! ;)

  3. Guess Raimie have been a really good boy for all this gifts to be showered unto him.

    Aren't you proud :). Now where's my gift, mummy? :p

    haha kidding ^^v

  4. Urmmm ... if you like spending money, there is this new shoe I'm interested in but you know la how much running shoes cost, so urrrmmm, how about buying it for me ... hahaha!

    Yes, I totally agree with the NO iPad thingy! Gimme an Android tablet anytime ... LOL!

  5. @LV,
    Let's see how good he continues to be after all these showering of gifts, eh? ;p

  6. @Nick,
    Might as well spend it on my own shoes! Just now looked at some Thorlo running socks (I think you blogged about it, right). Was almost convinced to buy one myself - that at the calf guard at 2XU. Lucky Zaini knocked some sense into me. LOL

  7. Wah! So nice! I want a iPad! LOL!!!

  8. @foong,
    So what's stopping you from getting one? xD

  9. It's not Raimie's birthday is it? :) Imagine the haul he'd get on his birthday :D

  10. Raimie is one lucky kid. I want an iPad and have been delaying because I am still finding 10 good reasons why I must have it.

    To be fair, that is the question I throw my son whenever he asks for something. :D

  11. hehehe!! sure Raimie is jumping at excitement with his new toy!!

  12. RM999 is a good deal and with extended warranties.. anyway, don't have to buy good ones for him yet, since he won't be using that many features..

  13. @jellybelly,
    No, it's not his birthday. And he doesn't get that much for his birthday anyway. We like to keep it low key. :)

  14. @ECL,
    iPad is nice and all, but do I really need it? Not really. Just like I don't really need an iPhone. xD

    The boy didn't ask for this new netbook. We decided to get him one seeing that the old one that he was using needed to be replaced. Otherwise, there's absolutely no need to purchase another toy! ;)

  15. @SK,
    Yeah, he certainly won't be needing a big notebook with full features yet!

    Did he jump excitement? Only when he heard that we were buying him a new one. When he got it, he was acting real "cool" about it. LOL

  16. Cool, a new toy! True that a netbook is indeed more travel-friendly. Plus, RM999 is a great price. Congrats and enjoy!

  17. @Happysurfer,
    Yeah, I think we are better off getting this netbook than getting a tablet PC. xD

  18. Why is Ramie turning his head away frm the camera, shy ke?

    Oh, I'm also using Asus, quite a renown brand!

  19. @Alice,
    Oh, that's his "supermodel" pose! LOL



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