Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Niece's 1st Birthday & A Raya Makan

It's always a big occasion for parents to celebrate their children 1st birthday, right?  And my younger sis celebrated her daughter's first birthday recently. Combining it with a kind of "Raya" open house, her house was full of visitors that day! 
 What birthday can be without a birthday cake, right?
The birthday girl in pink. My nephew celebrated his birthday a few weeks earlier. Raimie was there on my behalf. ^^
While the adults were busy eating and chatting, the children were busy too...
playing with the colourful balloons. *^-^*

A great celebration with the family, it sure was.

And to all September babies, Happy Birthday!


  1. Whoa Satay! Haven't had that in ages!

  2. @Nick,
    You've been good and staying healthy with your food choice, even satay also don't eat now? xD

  3. hey hey hey, that cake looks familiar.. butterscotch pecan from secret recipe?? haha.. i remember buying that before for a colleague.. :p

  4. wait, second thought maybe not the same one.. i remember the one i bought doesn't have those seeds on top, hahaha!! this one looks more like passion fruit thing.. :p

  5. hey, home style birthday party!! i just love it, especially with satay, fried beehoon, curry chicken and watermelon, and syrup juice!! haha~~ :D

  6. kind of miss those parties lah.. cos nowadays all kids just like to celebrate their birthdays at McD~~

  7. Happy birthday to your niece!! So many birthdays in September?!

  8. Happy birthday to your cute niece. The cake looks delicious. Is it passionfruit cake?

  9. @SK,
    It's mango delight cake. ^^ and yes, it's from Secret Recipe.

    Celebrating birthdays at home is nice,but yeah, people don't seem to do it much nowadays. Easier to go out & celebrate at places like McD and such.

  10. @foong,
    About 5 birthdays in the family. Pocket dry already. LOL

  11. @ECL,
    It's mango cake. But the mango filling was a bit sour. :(

    Thanks for the wish! :)

  12. bad.. nampak sungguh sodap kek nya. lebih kepada selera org dewasa, bukan selera itu birthday gurl. ekekekkekekekkk :D

  13. @Dot,
    Budak2 bizi main, mana ada masa nak makan. hihihi

    Kek ti ikot selera tuan beli. Bukan selera tuan rumah. kakaka

  14. Happy Birthday to your niece, the cake looks great! I'm sure the kids had bundle of fun!

  15. @Alice,
    The kiddos definitely had fun! ;)



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