Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Saturday Kem Solat

Last week was the last session for Raimie to attend his school's "Kem Solat" (literally means prayer camp) for the year. It is a compulsory activity  for Standard 1 - 3  Muslim pupils arranged by the Ministry of Education for all national primary schools in Malaysia.
Colourful baju melayu and baju kurung worn by the students attending the Saturday camp. Sure looks festive. :)
While waiting for Raimie to finish his 4 hours' camp, Mommy had a run around Lake Garden, bought a new pair of running shoes and had brunch at Starbucks. A hot mug of hazelnut hot chocolate and a chicken pie bought from Hiestand Swiss Bakery. I looooove their pies. And bagels. And pasties. ;) Daddy had his usual green tea latte. Though it's a bummer that I can't enjoy a free drink anymore nowadays. The Amex complimentary drinks promotion at Starbucks on weekends are already fully redeemed. Sucks.:(
Raimie on the other hand, enjoyed his early lunch after the "kem" provided by the school. A simple meal of bean sprouts and chicken.
Raimie enjoying his lunch.

Standard 6 pupils are having their UPSR exam this week. Good luck to them. For those in "Tahap 1" - students in Standard 1 to 3, that means no school for them for a few days. Raimie is sure happy to have a 4 day break this week.


  1. looks like early another week of no school. Raimie doesn't have to get up early, no homework too? haha! What fun would that be?! I miss it... Oh wait.. I am not working either technically going through the same thing now haha!

  2. hey, just dropping by in your site.. You have a great kid..

  3. @LV,
    Yea, another week off after the Raya holiday. Kids are so lucky. ^^

    So how long are you "off"?

  4. @Muscle,

    Dropped by yours too,just now. :)

  5. Love the colourful baju melayu worn by the students. My son has never liked bright colours.

  6. Raimie's purple attire is so cool! wish my son would include more colours to his clothes instead of mostly black.

  7. @ECL,
    I think teens and young adults like black a lot. My friends' sons have the same taste as yours too. ;p

  8. Hey,so you've got a pair of new Brooks already,that's cool,,,,speaking of running,it had been heavy haze last two days and it finally rained heavily this morning, i told myself that must hit the road ,,hahahh runner like us,cannot stop one lah, sudah ketagih,,,,,,,,

    hey,thanks for this post i learned something new here,,kem solat,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. @eugene,
    Yup, got a pair of Brooks. Hand delivered right to my hand. :)

    Unfortunately haven't been putting in much mileage with the new shpes. Nursing a strained calf and on painkillers. But I think if not for the rain tonight, I would've head out and run a bit. We sure cannot stay away from running long, right? ^^

    My Son need not attend Kem Solat anymore next year. I wonder though, if Kem Pendidikan can organise such activity for Muslim students, are there any activity held by school for non-muslim students? After all, we are "1Malaysia". xD

  10. 4 days break, have a joyful extend holiday Ramie boy!^^ wow, u guys are really Starbuck's fan!;D

  11. @Alice,
    Sadly, break is gonna be over soon. ;)

    Well, actually it's just because Starbucks is easier to find. They are really everywhere, aren't they? xD

    ANd with the free drinks for AMEX cardholder, it makes sense to stop at Starbucks than other coffee shop. ^^

  12. Good morning, Lina! Blue skies today here in Kuala Lumpur! Yay!

    That plate of rice looks appetising enough. Simple is delicious for me.

  13. oh, last session for the camp?? so how many sessions they need to attend in a year?? and only for Tahap 1 students??

  14. but do you think they are just there to play while you are enjoying your blogging time at starbucks?? haha.. :p

  15. good that the government organize such camp and provide food for the students?? why did they do anything for my school back then??

  16. my nephew also got his break.. not only 4 days.. it's an entire week of 9 days, inclusive of Malaysia Day and the weekends~~

  17. @Happysurfer,
    True, most time a simple meal is the best meal.:)

    Yeay for rain. For boo for the jam caused by the rain. :(

    I sure hope it won't rain early morning tomorrow. I'm planning to do a 15K workout tomorrow. ;)

  18. @SK,
    3 sessions a year for Year 1 - Year 3 students. Actually, in my opinion those who attend religious school would have the foundation and can skip this camp. But that's me talking. xD

    The money comes from school coffers. So if school got extra funds (PIBG members generous or whatever and money allocated by Kementerian etc enough) then can have nicer meal for all events.

    Lucky nephew! My son got to go to school on Monday. Actually not much resting for him lah, religious school still have to attend. ^^

  19. Yup, Starbucks is a great place to pass the time :) I love their sandwiches and that dark chocolate macadamia cookie. Yum!

  20. @jellybelly,
    They are great for a place to kill time, indeed. :)



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