Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Take A Spin, Repeat Cycle And Rinse

I take a spin around my neighbourhood by running most days. Some days I felt good and can go on and on if not for the time constraint and the fact that there are people who are waiting for me at home. Other days, I had to drag myself  and start off thinking I'd probably do a short run and yet, I always end up doing more than I think I could. I like to sweat. Crazy? Maybe. ;)

There's this tiny hill beside my apartment that is a favourite for people to jog/walk up. It is steep and can be a challenge, especially for someone like me; and halfway up my Nike+ Sportband will always fail to register the distance. When I go up, I would feel like I'm so gonna be sooooo flat, then I ran down and feel like I can do another round. This will be repeated along with my usual runs. I would start to think I can't do anymore, then I recover sufficiently and I repeat the process again and again. Though of course, with a wonky knee like mine, I only go up the hill once a week now.

"Gosh! Your toe is ugly!" That's what Zaini remarked to me a few weeks ago upon noticing my black toe.  I need to buy a new shoes, I know. But the stress I had buying the current pair I have put me off shoes shopping for the time being. Zaini isn't keen to drive me around town looking for that pair either. I wanted to check out the Running Lab at Tropicana Mall but as Zaini said, there is no guarantee I will come away with a purchase there, after all the trouble of going!

But if I do eventually make an effort to buy a new pair, I'll  have a hard  time choosing a model. Which brand? Which model? I have no idea. Brooks provides home service and shoe consultancy and can come over to any place I choose. Maybe I should just try their service and avoid all the hassle of going to a physical shop?

Anyway, back to this running fever I currently contracted - after all that hard work and sweat; I do sweat buckets; it is just so nice to have a nice, really cold shower to rinse the fatigue away. A cold shower is just the thing to make me feel cool throughout the day and a cold shower at night makes me sleep well too. ^^

The end of August marks my 5th month I put on my running shoes regularly and doing my running away from treadmills and making an effort to go further and faster each week. From being happy to just be able to accomplish a mere 3K without fainting, I now almost made it to 15K in one go! Yeay me!


  1. Way to go! 5 months without giving up is commendable - unlike me! :P)

  2. @sriyany,
    There is no question about giving up. I do really enjoy it. Too much maybe, if you ask Zaini about it. xD

  3. Yay for distance. ;D Just don't overtrain, I did the whole overtrain before by doing 20km every week, sprained my ankle 4 times in the process. Cutting down the km and only train longer distance when nearing to a marathon hehe.

    Anyways, keep up the good work. Oh, my toe nails aren't as pretty too. I think my guy fren have nicer toe nails lol.

  4. @maslight,
    The problem is, long distance (slow) run is so therapeutic than shorter runs. Don't you think so? xD

    But yes, I have to be careful not to overtrain. Lucky for me, last week's calf strain & foot pain is about the only injury I have so far. ^^

    Hubby keeps on reminding me to take it slow and be patient with my mileage. After all, I'm a noob when it comes to running but I just can't help it. How? ;p

  5. Black toe nails, classic symptom of your shoes being too small. Get it changed as soon as you can cos wrong shoe sizes can lead to all kinds of running injuries (touch wood!).

    Brooks does offer some really good running shoes, I'd recommend you check them out, but then I'm Brooks biased ... hehehe ... Check out their Ghost 4, one bloody cool and well cushioned shoe just nice for those long runs you do.

  6. @Nick,
    Yeah, I know. Yet, I still wear that small shoe for my runs. Kesian my toe. I am so "tak sayang" my feet. :(

    Joshua over at Brooks offered to bring some shoes over for me to try and also recommended Brooks 4. Yet to take up that offer but I think perhaps that's the best solution since I know I probably come out from shops empty handed if I decided to go shoe hunting. Zainiisn't willing to drive me around town for a pair of shoes again! Huhuhu

    BTW, is Brooks 4 expensive?

  7. Urmmm, I think the shoe is around RM450 or so but with a 30% discount from Joshua, it should be somewhere round RM300 plus.

    But before you really get the Ghost 4 from Joshua, ask him to bring a few stability shoes as well cos the Ghost 4 is a neutral running shoe and may not be for you. Joshua should be able to tell you what type of feet you have.

  8. @Nick,
    He said he's bringing 8 shoes along, and will give foot consultancy too. I just have yet to confirm whether to take up the offer or not.

  9. Whoa, 8 pairs? LOL! If you do meet him, send him my regards :D

  10. wah, hebat gadis ni berari!! you really can run, but never did i expect you can run 15K one short!! wow, that's nearly a half marathon already..

  11. hey, so maybe three months down the road, you would have no problem to cover a half marathon already.. so when are you going to participate to get a medal??

  12. that means you will definitely need a better running shoes lah.. Brooks have such customised and personalised service?? wow, that's cool..

  13. @SK,
    Not so much run but plodding, in my case. I'm not fast at all. Hence doggies kept being able to intercept my runs and bark like mad in front of me on my weekends runs. LOL

    Half marathon would be 21K. Way too far! Almost like from Seri Kembangan to Mid Valley already! Imagine if I can run that far to work. Jimat minyak! Hahaha

    Yeah, Brooks provide personalised, home consultation service. Good right? Wonder why I still haven't made the appointment yet. xD

  14. @SK,
    Come join me and we enter races lah. I got no kaki to run with. Everyday also kena run all alone.

    All those Daily Milers "friends" are super duper runners already (and that includes you, Nick!).

  15. Jogging and sweating can be addictive. I think you are addicted! Haha!!

  16. How come Zaini don't share in your enthusiasm for running? : D

  17. Ugly toes? Haha! Time to get a new pair of shoes! I like my New Balance cos it's so suited for my feet but of course fashion wise, it's not as nice as say, Nike or Adidas : )

  18. But for exercising, I care about comfort than style anytime! Besides I always run in the forest trail - there's no one looking at my attire haha!!

  19. @foong,
    Zaini and I have different taste. xD

    Yeah, time to get a new shoes, but looking and buying for one is such a pain for me.

    I'm a girl so I need my comfort and look good while I sweat too. XD

  20. You rock, girl! Hats off for your determination to achieve your goal.

    I am such a lazy woman, I cannot lift my bum off the chair. :D

  21. @ECL,
    You and going to all those events burn more calorie than I do running a loop at the park, I think! ;)

  22. All your hard work paid off Lina. Imagine you've achieved so much in 5 months! Hats off to you!

  23. @jellybelly,
    It sure is gratifying to see progress after the effort put in. :)



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