Monday, 12 September 2011

This Is What I Call Customer Service!

I wanted to buy a new running shoes to replace my current Adidas shoes. I had been procrastinating in buying one because of the hassle of going in search for the shoes and of course, I do need consultation before I buy one. Knowledgeable consultants for shoes are sure hard to be found though!

I finally met up with Joshua of Brooks Malaysia on Saturday morning after sending Raimie to school for his  "kem Solat"/ prayer camp(?) last week.

I told Joshua earlier that I would be at Lake Gardens on Saturday and he was OK meeting me there so we arranged a rendezvous at the Bukit Aman car park before my run that morning.

He brought along a car boot full of shoes but before trying any on, he proceeded to check my foot type first. Then, he proceeded to explain at length on the types of shoes and the support each shoes give for each foot type. I learnt a lot about shoes, right there at the car park. ^^
Joshua explaining Zaini's foot type and pronation after watching him walk back and forth and his standing posture.
and here's Joshua explaining the range of shoes available by Brooks while I was happily testing a few shoes by walking and jogging around the car park area. Even with the wet condition, Joshua let me run around the car park with those new shoes and "soil" the shoes a bit.

I even got to try out the Green Silence shoes because I was curious about it.
It was either Ghost 4 or Glycerin 9 for me. Ghost 4 was nice but somehow Glycerin 9 won me over.

I didn't use it for my run that Saturday morning because it was drizzling with intermittent spell of heavier drops and I didn't want to make my "maiden" run in my new shoes in that  et condition just yet! I'll know whether I'm loving this shoes after a few runs.

Anyhoo, for those wanting a personalised service and you are somewhere in Klang Valley; I think Joshua would be more than happy to meet up and bring over some shoes for you to choose. Right, Joshua? ^^

Or you can order it online too and avoid all the hassle of going to a physical shop. Check this link for more information. Of course, I do think this is only good if you already have a specific model you want in mind.

Maybe next time, I'll buy a pair of shoes for Zaini and Raimie from Joshua. The only downside about buying this way is, it's COD and I do actually love to make purchases with my credit cards rather than cash! LOL

I took the shoes out for a run on Sunday morning while Zaini got on his bike.
Zaini met up with a group of cyclists using this foldable bikes called the Putrajaya Urban Riders and decided to tag along with the group while I did my run.

Did an 11K run from Palace of Justice to PICC and back, then up the Seri Wawasan bridge. After stretching, did a bit of bodyweight workouts (well, mainly push ups and dips with a  spot of lunges and stuff) I decided to head off for a walk and did 5K walk seeing that Zaini wasn't back yet.

My left foot (the one with a black toe) was fine with the new Glycerin shoes but right foot seems to need a little bit more adjustments. Felt pain in my right foot arch and right knee also protested. ^^! We'll try a few more time and see how it goes with the shoes, eh? Or would I need to get a support insert for my right foot? We'll see how it goes.


  1. Yay to Brooks. They really do have the best customer service around. It'll take a bit to break in the shoe and soon you'll be speeding along with the Glycerin's :D

  2. @Nick,
    I hope it can last long. :)

    How much mileage do you put in your shoes before you need to change them anyway?

    Still getting used to the new shoes because the Adidas one was a support type - I thought I have mild pronation before. Shows I shouldn't self diagnose when I know squat about it. ;p

  3. The pro's say to to replace your running shoes every 400 to 600 KM, depending on your running style, body weight, and the surface on which you run but heck I'm too poor to follow their advise so mine sometimes last way longer than that.

    The good thing is I have four different pairs so I can alternate them and keep my Green Silence for races, that way they last longer ... hehehe ...

    But the rule of thumb would be to check the threads and how worn out they become cos running with shoes that has past its lifeline can really lead to some serious problems later, especially with the amount of mileage you do these days.

  4. @Nick,
    Cool! Thanks for the info Nick. :)

    You know, I totally shouldn't say this. But when I tried on that Green Silence, my first thought (and I told Zaini later), it looks like the shoes we wore to go rubber tapping! LOL It kinda has that look. Kakaka

  5. wow, that is really good customer service huh!! building customer's trust and goodwill, this should be the way~~ :)

  6. haha, noticed we both blog about shoes today?? but of course yours are super nice shoes, mine are dirty ugly shoes!! hahaha~~

  7. what a name given to the shoes!! Ghost 4?? wow, i wonder if you will run like you are flying like a ghost when you are wearing it?? wakakakakaka~~ :D

  8. so new shoes mean more mileage?? and you are going to recommend Joshua to you abang ipar, mak ngah, pak long, kak su sekeluarga?? :p

  9. @SK,
    If I can charge all those shoes purchases to my CC, yeah not only would I recommend it to the whole clan, I might have buy some for them too. (So Kaya! LOL)

    Great minds think alike, new shoes or dirty shoes. Kakaka

    More mileage? I should add more mileage. But at the moment, still getting used to the feel of the shoes. It's slightly different from my old shoes. And having a one size bigger shoes needs adjustment for me too. So, not running much these past few days yet. :(

  10. Now that's really good service! I like sales people who understand what they're selling and their customer's needs. I kinda like the sound of Ghost 4 :)

  11. @jellybelly,
    You'll be running so fast,no sound coming from you, just like a ghost I think. ;)

    Yeah, I love it when the staff really knows what they are talking about and the product they are selling.

  12. Indeed great customer service. Nice new shoes! Thanks for sharing the link too.

    Cool foldable bike.

  13. @HappySurfer,
    Still getting used to the new shoes, but yeah it's nice. ^^

    The folding bike? Not as cool as getting a Brompton! ;)

  14. Lina, you're right, it does look like rubber tapper shoes and feels like it too ... hahaha!

  15. @Nick,
    You agree with me? LOL

    But then, rubber tappers sure need to hike a lot. Maybe next time, I helped out rubber tapping at my Mom's rubber trees and practise jungle trail running while doing it. Total hardcore training! Kakaka

  16. That is some personalised service! I wish there is one in SG.

  17. @ECL,
    I'm sure there is. :)

  18. The superb customer service is only matched by the effort you are putting into your training. Well done to all.

  19. @Dan,
    Hi! First time commenting here, right? :)

    Superb service from Brooks and seeing that I'm such a sucker for good service, I look forward to future purchases with Brooks.

    I know I need to buy more shoes, with the mileage I'm putting in. ^^



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