Friday, 30 September 2011

Too Much Too Soon?

So how much training is too much? And how much is too much for someone who isn't even  really training to be competitive in a race?

I like running lately as one can glean by reading the intermittent posts about me jogging or running or something in between here. I think I'm borderline crazy about it even. I can spend the day thinking about running routes I'd do once I go off from work.

I was lucky that I didn't have any injuries for the past 5 months I've been doing this but I somehow got some shin splint injuries earlier and the pain has yet subsided. That got Zaini commenting about my overzealous enthusiasm. He's been basically telling me I've been overdoing it for such a novice.

I've been reading a lot and I tried to do my workouts properly; well, as proper as someone doing it completely alone can. I do admit I have a hard time sifting through all the info I've been reading online about running.

Before I got my Nike Sportband (which I bought in mid-July), I just gauge my distance by the loops I ran around my apartment or at the park. 1 loop = 1km so I started with a couple of loops of walk/run workouts; then gradually make it to running 2 loops non-stop, and increased it week by week. Basically I try to adhere to adhere to the 10% increase each week.

Zaini's been telling me that my total mileage of  290+K for my 9 weeks of running wearing the Nike Sportband is too much for me and my body will feel the toll soon. Will it?  Or has it? He admonished me for comparing my mileage with more seasoned runners who logged in at Daily Miles too. I know I totally shouldn't compare myself to guys like Nick, Jamie, Neoh or Kah Yen. Doc Julin would also totally leave me in the dust! They do sick miles with totally sick timing too!

I can be quite hard-headed when it comes to listening to my husband's advice especially when it comes to something I love doing even though I know that he is perfectly right about it and yet I loath to agree with him.

The problem is, even when I did that "measly" 14K run, it didn't feel like I was pushing myself too much. I always kept my pace real slow and manageable and I think I don't really push myself too hard even. I'm a wuss. I never let myself be too out of breath or push myself that hard when I run. I don't want to keel over and faint, you know. Especially since I almost always run alone.

So how does one know when it is too much? I'm still having fun doing it now. I'm still able to do chores after my workout on weekends. So, am I pushing myself too hard? I don't think I am but maybe I was. 

I tried to lessen the mileage I do these past couple of weeks so as not to overstressed my body but not going out for a workout is sure no fun for me! Cross training just got me itching to put on my running shoes.

But how does one know if one is doing too much? Will all these running shenanigans be bad for me in the long run?


  1. Sports injuries are inevitable if you take up a sport seriously. I've had my share from playing badminton, fractured foot, tennis elbow, torn muscle and the usual aches and pains. But the health benefits and satisfaction of improving in the sport you love outweigh them. In the end, just listed to your body. :) Happy running!

  2. You remind me of me only I started way later. I can understand the excitement to do more, to go faster and seeing a good road brings nothing else to mind but how good it would feel to run on it! But I think your husband is right, do take it easy, if you don't feel the pain and u r ok u can continue, but we, runners, most of the time don't listen to our body when we are down wt injury or fatigue. My advise is, tread slowly, increase slowly and always listen to your body. Make sure there is rest day, and never, NEVER run while nursing injury or you have pain. Trust me, for being stubborn I havent ran in almost a year :(

  3. I don't think it's too much though, I actually envy you for being able to disciplinary stick to your healthy route... yeah, most physicist would not recommend jogging, it seems it's likely to strain your ankles. They would recommend brisk walking.

    Recently I read an article frm Reader digest, 30 mins brisk walk everyday actually guarantee a healthy lifestyle thn many other type of sports.

    Keep well and happy weekend!^^

  4. hmmm, really keep me ponder, how much is too much?? and how much is just nice?? hardly a measures for that i think..

  5. but i guess as long as you don't feel any discomfort, i think you can still keep it on until you start feeling something not right, then that's your threshold..

  6. @jellybelly,
    I know I should listen to my body but sometimes don't you think when we work out, we tend to ignore our body as how else are we conquering the pain to be better at the sports of our choosing? xD

    Yes, I hope I can have more happy running days soon! Thanks. For the time being, I'll listen to my body (and doctor) and rest.

  7. @Kak June,
    Totally! If we drive somewhere, my mind would start thinking about the route and if it's nice to run there.

    I've been running through injury these past few weeks. I need to listen to my body now. I took Mobic for 5 day two weeks ago and still run after that. It actually got worse, so much so I walk limping. :(

    Am now taking Vokam for another 5 days and no running too. I'll listen to my body, doctor and hubby and make sure I'll be totally ready to run in Putrajaya Night Marathon. ^^

  8. @Alice,
    Walking is nice, but I need something to replace my gym workouts as I decided not to renew my gym membership this year.

    Well, injuries is part and parcel of joining any sports but I'll try and to overdo it in future.

  9. @SK,
    Exactly! How do we know whether it's too much? Of course, sometimes we need to push ourselves to do anything - be it running, weights or whatever we do in life but how much pushing do we do before we start injuring/cause problem for ourselves?

    I wouldn't have been able to run continuously for 2 hours if I didn't push myself before. But at what cost did it do to me?

    I guess that's where knowledge and being informed comes in place. Time to listen to people who are more experienced and read more for me! :)

  10. Yeah, listen to your body and let injuries heal is a safe bet. Take it easy for a while, maybe.

    You know what? I'm very careful about injury to joints because if one is not careful, i.e., let it heal properly, it may turn into rheumatism later on. That's the belief where I come from. Take care.

  11. I subscribe to this wise saying from the wife: 'Remember, you want to still be running till you're old and grey'.

    Don't push yourself too much. Listen to your body and get loads of rest too, that's very important. You're doing pretty well but you want to 'still be running when you're old and grey' right? You've only got all your life to run, so if you miss a day or two of mileage, let it be, you've always got the next day anyway.

    Trust me, I'm no where near the likes of Jamie, Kah Yen or Neoh, those guys have killer endurance. I went through all those horrible pain and injuries earlier on and it hurt like hell, I don't ever want to go through them again. These days I take things slower. If I feel pain or am tired, I rest.

    Running is forever :D

  12. @HappySurfer,
    Resting now. Resting now. ^^

  13. @Nick,
    Yeah, I want to be running till I'm old and grey. So better take care, eh? But it can be sooooooo hard and I miss running already. But no running yet. I'm staying resting this week. Boohoo!

  14. Nick,
    BTW, I always say this - your wife is very wise. :)

  15. OMG noooooo, I'm not that fast.
    But listen to your body. If it don't feel so good, give it a rest. Sure, it's kinda hard for us to fathom not running in one week but if that what it takes for a recovery, then go ahead and do it. And enjoy it while you're at it.. heh heh

  16. @Doc Julin,
    Right Doc! ^^

    Am totally missing my run this week. Boohooo!



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