Wednesday, 29 August 2012

11th Day Of Raya

and I'm talking about gadgets and not about Raya. Gadgets. My running gadgets... the one I slap on my wrist.

I've never been particularly totally hi-tech about my running gadgets all these while.

When I first stepped out and did my running outdoors for my so-called training, after I did my very first 10K run in Sep 2011, I did the distance calculation with a dinky pedometer (Daiso bought for RM5!). Plus I asked hubby to drive around my running routes and I checked the car's odometer for its distance.

Then it was this Nike+ Sportband.
It lasted about 6 months before it went wonky when it stopped syncing to my compter and can't seem to upload my runs and can't charge either. Sucks. It was still under warranty so I got it replaced
In between getting this new replacement, I got a Timex running watch too. A cheapo one that cost me RM268.00
The Timex is great to check lap timing and such so it's good for those times I did speed intervals and stuff but it can't calculate distance. It was troublesome to check pacing & timing with the Nike+ Sportband (also it's hard to do check your interval training timing with the Sportband) so since Jan this year, I resorted to wearing both of them! One for distance and one for timing. On different hands lah. kekeke I don't care if I look weird. Function over style.

The replacement also lasted almost as long as the old one though. Cannot upload anymore. None of my computers seemed to be able to read any data from it! Sheesh!
I have this lofty goal of doing 42.195km next year and training properly for it should start soon so I guess getting a GPS watch, with all the whistles & bells that comes with it, is inevitable for me. Later this new watch can "tut tut" - as Yvonne would say... ahahah -  all kinds of reminders and alerts for me so I can do my training runs properly. But damn, the watch is big! It looks big even on Zaini's hand!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

7th Day Of Raya

A quiet Raya weekend for us. We didn't go out visiting anyone or "Raya"ing anywhere today. Just stayed at home and for me, feeling rather blah today. Hay fever hits me hard today. Ugh. 

Better be all well by dawn tomorrow because I need to do at least 16K steady run! I've been rather lax in my half-marathon training and Adidas King of the Road is beckoning in two week's time & Taiping Marathon in three! @.@

I've gotten the Big Boss approval for a Raya do over at the office next week; and the food will be catered by an ex-staff who is now doing a small catering business as her side-income. Lemang, ketupat, nasi impit, sate, all the works... People of Finance Department, don't ask about my "open house" already ah... Got the office one, enough lah! *evil laugh*

Raimie kept busy and entertained himslef with playing Wii for a while during the day... He also had his haircut. Need to have neat hair to return back to school next week!
and doing this as I typed this post. It's been ages since he last bothered with any of his jigsaw puzzles. He had lots of them as we bought a lot for him to play when he was way younger - to develop his problem solving skill, visual & tactile skill and all that nonsense. 

Anyways, he had his first 70pcs jigsaw puzzle when he was 3 or 4. A Dragonball Z puzzle, if I might add. ^^ Though I have to mention that there is a Winnie the Pooh 3,000pcs jigsaw puzzle still left languishing and unfinished now stashed away in the store! It's those darned sky. All that blue repititions! wahaha

Friday, 24 August 2012

6th Day Of Raya

and I present to you with a video mash-up of a popular Raya song by Anuar & Ellina and... get this, Oppa Gangnam Style. Way cool!
What a sporting family, eh?

No more fasting month. When Ramadhan begins, the gates of Heaven are opened and Hell's gates are closed. End of Ramadhan and we are now in Syawal month. Devils and their advocates are let loose again.

Plus its time for hungry ghosts (China mari punya ghost lah... wakaka) to be roaming about. Can see a whole lot of activities along Jalan Klang Lama.

Anyways, now that Ramadhan is over, our "housemate" has returned and has made itself know (albeit slowly but surely) for the past few days. Even Zaini remarked about it. After a very strangely quiet month of no "bump-in-the-night" noises, we welcome Raya with the return of that "noise". Heeeee~

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Family Potraits For Raya

A must, on Raya morning... for us, at least

Then, there are of course photos with the others too...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Raya Activities

Disclaimer : I cheated with the photos. Totally forgot to bring my camera during our Raya rounds (over at FIL's house & my hometown) so I've got no current photos. Those were previous year's photos.

Anyhow, this is how we usually celebrate our Raya. Usually.

Didn't do much this year so this year's Raya is a bit quiet for us.
 A visit to loved ones graves
Visiting relatives' and neighbours' homes and enjoying lots and I means lots of Raya goodies. I have yet check my weight after three days' of Raya but last year I managed to gain 3kg after Raya, replacing the 2kg I lost for the whole month of Ramadhan! @.@
 Raimie got to play with "bunga api".
and my parents' house will be filled to the brim with our relatives coming to visit too!

My younger brother's dodol; which he & his friends toiled over for 12 hours, was a hit. Pity I didn't took any back to KL. Huuu...

How was your Raya?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Maaf Zahir Batin from all of us, to you.

Just a quick post today. 
Dropped this over at FIL's house and we'll be reaching my hometown soon!

Enjoy the weekend peeps! :)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Raya's Eve

My my my... time sure flies, eh? It's Raya eve and now I can't procrastinate and got to get busy busy busy. Must clean house top to bottom. Change curtains. Cook Raya dishes. Iron the Baju Raya.

Am just taking a breather before continuing on with chores. Some of the nasi impit for tomorrow are cooked already and the second batch of it is boiling away. Later I'll do the preparation for the chicken rendang I'll be cooking. Got lots of stuff to blend and chop!

During the whole puasa month, yesterday was the only time we went to enjoy a Ramadhan buffet, courtesy of a kind someone who never fails to make sure we enjoy it. I even get to ask other family members to join too for the past years, but this year it's just us. Do you know how hard it is to get reservation for a Ramadhan buffet? Even those over-priced places? I made my reservation 3 weeks ago and I can't even get a table during the weekends! Crazy, man!
Take this boy out to eat and what did he do? He just wanted to read his comic books! If Uncle TM was there with us, Raimie sure kena scold by Uncle TM. He had a plate of roast lamb (this boy and his daddy loves their mutton and lamb), a bit of nasi kunyit (tumeric rice), satay and a plate of fruits. Then, he kept bugging us to let him read at the table. Tsk tsk
First round. Who cares about rice? I don't take much rice if I'm eating at a buffet. Rugi lah! Much better eat all the lauk-pauk instead. Wakaka
Must be healthy and eat lots and I mean lots of veges, kids! Prawns were there for taste enhancer. wakaka
Final round after many, many rounds. Some pickled fruits (the pickled guava was nice) and leng chee kang.


Did a couple of loops around the carpark as usual. Did just half of the intended distance because I started late. Yesterday I slept like an ular sawa after dinner. Zzzzzz
Then, it's market time. At NSK. A good place to go buy fresh produce but the market section there does resemble a wet market. We don't have to drive far to go there, the prices are cheap and the staff, despite being really busy are quite friendly and efficient. I wish Jusco & especially the more upmarket Cold Storage staff can be like them!

Raimie is pretty excited to help Mommy, but he just wants to help in the kitchen. He says he wants to be a chef. Whatever lah...

p.s. Interesting choice that boy has for his future career. Know what his Mommy's ambitions were? An army pilot. Or a forest ranger. Or a dentist... in the army. Absolutely nothing to do with being cooped indoors 9 to 5. xD

Thursday, 16 August 2012

27th Day Of Puasa

Reached home at 10.30pm today as we had buka puasa/iftar over at my FIL's house. All Zaini's siblings were there for the buka puasa and the menu for the day was Nasi Arab - with chicken and lamb. I just chipped in with some Big Apple donuts for desserts. ^^

Zaini's siblings who are married will not be spending the Raya morning at their father's house this year as they will be celebrating it over at their in-laws, so I guess it's cooking duties for me! Need to put some rendang at the very least on FIL's table. heeee...

So it'll be Nasi Impit, Kuah Kacang & Chicken Rendang (I always cook beef rendang but FIL can't take beef nowadays) for Raya. We'll stop by FIL's house the Raya morning then head off to my hometown afterwards. That's always been the practice all these years anyway. We'll celebrate over at Zaini's side first then we'll go back and celebrate with my clan. There's no need for argument whose turn it is to go home to, every Raya.

I hope I can slot in a Raya morning run though, like I managed to do last year. 

Anyhoo, look what I found at the supermarket!
Made me think of a certain someone! Maybe I should try and be different and cook this instead for Raya! 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

26th Day Of Puasa

Actually feeling quite lazy to do this post but I must break the "curse" of no posting every 6th day of Ramadhan! Or so SK said.

Got myself a new pairs of heels. Kasut Raya! hehe
Red baju raya with matching red shoes. Must stay away from cows and bulls when I go raya at my kampung on Raya morning. ^^

Just as I wanna write more here, suddenly notice something "ping"ing on my new handphone. Alamak! Itu SK added me to what group already????? 

Yeeeee.... how to concentrate and do other things now?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

25th Day Of Puasa

Just a few more days towards Hari Raya! Plus just a few more days towards the end of the holy month of Ramadhan. In one hand, we should rejoice Raya is near. In the other, we should be sad that Ramadhan is approaching the end.

I've not been as active as I was last year during Ramadhan. I lasted the whole month last year with a max of 5 hours sleep each night and pretty much was OK throughout the period. Can't say the same this year. Boo! Sore throat lah, what lah. *bluek*

Despite making sure I had enough rest (and I did!) I still managed to be a bit unwell towards the end of Ramadhan. huhuhu Hope I'll feel all better by this Sunday! I want to "makan" a lot of Raya goodies! 

Raimie will have his school holiday starting this Thursday till end of next week but I'll only take a day off for Raya and that's next Wednesday. 
Still not sure what I'll cook for the Raya morning yet but Nasi Impit & Kuah Kacang are a must in my household!

Rurousha - those are lemang (the circular thing covered in leaves), ketupat palas (those triangular shapes thing) & eaten with rendang (those dark brown thing).

Anyway, can't be all happy about eating during Raya as my tooth is still a bit sensitive. Finally found a good dentist who was willing to slot me in, between her appointments and did my first of three root canal treatments with her. The next appointment will be sometime in September! Dentists sure are making money. They are always booked!

I went to the Post Office to withdraw some money from my ASB account (boohooo!!! depleted money in account) for the Raya. I tell you, I really rather do my transactions at the post office than going to banks! Really can't stand the sour looking faces of banks counter staff and their slow service (especially those at RHB). Mid Valley post office staff deserve credit. They are fast, efficient and most times - no sour face. Friendly too.

Got my cash ready - now I just need to brace myself for Raya!

Can't end this post without a mention about me running, can we?
I did just nine runs in the three weeks of Ramadhan! Epic fail! To think that I have Adidas King of the Road run slotted 3 weeks after Raya. Minus the Raya week (food orgy, here we come!), I have two weeks to train. I think I'll just settle and run a 7min pace for it. Slow and steady (and last!) wakaka

Anyhoo, I am completely bummed that PJ Half Marathon is held on Sep 30th! Why? Why? Why? I wanted to enter this race, as one of my preparation to do a full-marathon next year but I've registered myself for Salomon X-Trail 10K train run on the same date! Not to mention I'm doing Taiping Half Marathon on Sep 16th! Zaini told me to stick with what I've registered (and paid for) and not be greedy. Uhuhu...

But yeah, must not be greedy. I don't think my body can stand the beating of entering races every week! I'm not a spring chicken anymore you know. Enter the Jr Veteran category for Taiping some more. Salomon's in a veteran category too. Wuwuwu...

Monday, 13 August 2012

Cheesy Monday

I'm not putting up a 24th Day of Puasa title up there because I'm just putting up a music video today. Something fun and somehow made me think of Twilight Man. Must be the shades Psy wore. kekeke
Anyone who says they know about Korean entertainment scene should know who Psy is. ^^

Anyways, I enjoy this song. A LOT. Quite fun, right? 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

23rd Day Of Puasa

You guys watched this ad yet? 

If you haven't, be prepared to bawl your eyes out. I did. A few times over.

Baked (or bought) all your kuih Raya yet? Baju Raya? Top to bottom spring cleaning of your house? Raya decorations all up? ^^


Saturday, 11 August 2012

22nd Day Of Puasa

A rather productive day so far...
Started the day verrrrrrrryyyy early with this. I was still having bouts of feeling like I want to vomit occasionally and there are times I felt my tummy was really acidic - I'm having a bad reaction towards the antibiotics *ugh*, but after the first loop done; I was feeling happier and refreshed to continue on with the run and happy to say, I managed to finish the requisited distance I needed to do. *HAPPY*
At 10.00am, we went out because I needed to pick up a parcel at the post office. So off we went to Pos Besar Kuala Lumpur. Holy cow! The jam had already started at this time! @.@ Everyone's heading to town for Raya shopping?

Got this baby through e-bay at USD149.00, plus shipping it was a mere RM466.00. A bargain compared to me buying it here! It's expensive to buy this here and the customer service, I'm afraid is pretty lousy but I like the watch. Marathon training - here we go! *YIKES*
 Then, off we went to Mid Valley to buy Raimie's baju melayu for Raya. The theme is RED this year! As always, we bought his baju melayu from Metrojaya. ^^
Daddy got his baju raya too, at Kamdar. Mid Valley Kamdar staff sure are friendly! Just the top. Zaini never wears a whole outfit like this one. Well, he wore once... on his wedding day. Pity. I do rather like seeing men (not only him) wearing a proper & complete outfit like this. I do love to ogle men in suits too, by the way. heh heh

Somebody got his Raya present early.
He was adamant of getting this particular model, despite the sales staff (amoi some more... hehehe) trying to influence him to buy a more expensive model. WE tried to coax him to get a more expensive model. My son doesn't care and wanted this cheapo model. Like Mother like Son lah! wakaka

p.s. His Mommy got a new phone too. *wipe sweat*

I guess I should put up my feet now and wait for iftar. xD

Friday, 10 August 2012

21st Day Of Puasa

I am enjoying a whole load of medicine. No problem. But now, I "mabuk ubat" already. @.@
Gotta get the swelling all better and the pain all gone before a visit to the dentist, next week. Better get my credit card ready. A trip to the dentist is not exactly cheap (plus my company so stingy, only cover RM100 per annum for dental entitlement. Scaling & polishing one time already cost that much now! @.@)

Raimie was pretty good at taking his too. Good boy. ^^ Never been hard for that boy to take his medicine. Unlike his Mommy who tends to forget (blame it on old age! wakaka)
Yesterday's buka puasa was Nasi Ambeng. Nasi ambeng is a javanese dish and you can find this dish served in the Jawa community in Banting, Bagan Datoh, Segamat, etc.  It is traditionally served on a big, round tray and shared amongst the guests. But of course, now that it is getting more commecial, you can buy them in individual packaging. ^^

What you get in a serving of Nasi Ambeng (be it individual packed or in a tray) will be white rice, fried chicken or ayam masak kicap (chicken cooked in soy sauce?), fried mee or beehun, salted fish & tempe, serunding kelapa (toasted coconut shred) and fried sambal. I tell you, Nasi Ambeng is super yummy!

Anyway, remember me telling you about Raimie's upcoming school trip? It will be in October, a week before my Putrajaya Night Marathon (yeay! No clashing with Taiping Marathon or Putrajaya too) and he will visit a homestay. The itinerary mentions learning about chips making, a visit to a Nata de Coco factory, eating Nasi Ambeng and fishing too! How cool is that? :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

20th Day Of Puasa

and I'm nursing a painfully swollen gum for the past 3 days. I think I can bear with other types of pain but gum/tooth pain is hard for me to handle. I've been taking ponstan without much effect these past two days. huhuhu~

Raimie isn't feeling well too. He has a bit of the sniffles and scratchy throat too. Poor boy. But he's game enough not to make it an excuse to not fast. I am so proud of him! ^^

When he whined a bit about fasting being hard, I kept on annoying him (his words, not mine) by telling him the purpose we fast. Plus by asking him to imagine how hard it is for those unable to eat anything because of famine or those in war torn countries. @.@

What is this fasting in the month of Ramadhan anyway? 

It's not just about abstaining oneself from eating, drinking or indulging in sexual activities (ahemm ahemm... alamak! throat dry pulak! heh heh); but the month of Ramadhan and fasting is also about spiritual reflection, increased act of devotion - as any forms of worship done this month will be rewarded a few times over; a time when we must refrain from saying sinful & hurtful words and do anything that will hurt (physically or emotionally) and in general to cleanse our soul from impurities and to be better human beings.

(to which I think I rather fail to do, what with my  nonsense done in the blogospehere. @.@)

Raimie of course is not obliged to fast yet, that is not until he reached puberty (or akil baligh), but I do think it is better for him to learn and "practise" it from now on. There wasn't any force for him to do it, but my boy took it upon himself to do it and complete it too. Of course, if he's done it halfway, I would usually coax him to be strong and wait & endure till iftar time to eat. Mommy has her way to gently motivate his son (it involves a certain Nokia phone, by the way) heh heh

Much like his prayer. We never needed to force him to do it. He does it because he knows he should. 
Though I have to admit, these two "budak botak" cartoon series really  is helpful in imparting knowledge about fasting, among other stuff it let children learn.

Like this episode here.

You know, yesterday I got home a bit early (yeah that day when we walked up 15 floors), and  he has yet done his Asar prayer. It warmed my heart (sejuk hati ibu, us Malay would say) when I saw him doing the prayer "jemaah" style in the surau. My boy is getting so big! He is growing up. *sob sob*

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

19th Day Of Puasa

No updates for the past two days because...well, there's nothing to talk or post about.

Today is extra special though.  Mamarazzi a.k.a Meow over at Small Kucing dropped by just to deliver me some stuff she brought all the way from Kuala Terengganu. So "paiseh" because I accepted all that she brought with empty hands. Later, Raya time I repay my hutang OK Meow?
One of the stuff she got for me! What's that folks? Petai la apa lagi... among other stuff she brought along. Got lemang la, got pulut lepa la,got keropok lekor la, keropok keping la even a jar of jeruk salak that I asked her to tumpang buy for me! Cannot show you all the photos, later you all jealous! Bwahaha!!!

When she called me and said she'll be coming, I'm not sure how to find her but when I got to the office lobby, I saw a car parked in front the office tower and saw the anak kucing inside the car! Immediately can recognise itu botak anak kucing! LOL Jangan marah Meow.

Itu anak kucing so cute one! So friendly, bubbly and talkative some more. Even the security guard chatted with the anak kucing. LOL

Anyways, since a lot of people in my office never seen or eat jeruk salak before, I decided to share some with them. There goes half of the jar's content! Share share mah. ;p

With all the good food from her, I'm resting from running tonight. Want to eat and eat and eat. Tomorrow's sahur will be her keropok lekor. Om nom nom

Thank you Meow for all the goodies! She sure is one generous cat.
A surprise came through the mail today too. A discount voucher from Wenn. Thanks Wenn for thinking of me. ^^
What's this photo about? That's me all sweaty after climbing 15 floor worth of stairs today. With hands laden with stuff Meow gave me and food I bought at Pasar Ramadhan for buka puasa. I go back to FIL's house every day and wait for hubby there and lucky me, just when I had so many stuff with me, the lift there broke down. One was working but then there were so many people waiting for it too! 

So me, my high heels, all the plastic bags along with Raimie; walked up today. Normally Raimie had no problem climbing those stairs but with a heavy school bag and fasting to boot, he was exhausted. Poor boy. Despite that, he managed to "tahan" until buka puasa time. Atta boy. 

Furthermore, he isn't feeling well today and we dropped by to the clinic to take his flu/cough medicine.
After buka puasa, this boy bugged me for the jeruk salak. So impatient to enjoy them! 3 pieces each. Can't wallop everything in the jar in one day. Must savour slowly. ^^
Who loves salak (snake) fruit? We do!

Meow, we LOVE YOU! :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

16th Day Of Puasa

Nothing much happened on the homefront this Sunday.

Sahur was at McD because that's what Raimie wanted. We were worried that he might not get enough sleep over the weekend so we forbade him to stay up after sahur and we switched-off all lights and told him to be up after 8am earliest. That naughty boy woke up and showed me the time later, at 7.59am! Ish ish
He spent the day either staring at his netbook (and playing computer games) or making a mess in his room with whatever project he is doing. He refused to do any revision, citing he's too hungry to study. tsk tsk

We went to Presint 2 Putrajaya for a picnic yesterday and Zaini suggested another picnic today. Of course, both Raimie and I were pretty happy with the suggestion. We got there rather early, at around 4.30pm. Bought our food and then took Raimie to a wading pool there at Presint 2. I don't think a lot of people even know the existence of this wading pool as it is located at a rather secluded area. We stumbled upon it while doing a recce for my running routes sometime back.
Raimie got to play around at the wading pool with Daddy watching over him while Mommy went for her run. Same route as yesterday but as we went out really early today, Mommy was able to take her time running, clean-up and even rested for more than 40 minutes before buka puasa.

There are toilets available around the area and shower facilities too! All free!
Our buka puasa. Nasi lemak sambal udang & sambal ikan masin, soya bean drink and of course... tau foo fah!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

15th Day Of Puasa

Nothing much happened today.

We had our sahur (pre-dawn meal) at the mamak and had two roti canai each plus teh tarik for me and Zaini while Raimie had teh ais. Instead of going back to sleep afterwards, me and Raimie spent time in front of our laptop! @.@

That boy didn't even sleep or nap at all during the day! At least he's already asleep now so he'll get at least 6 hours of sleep before he gets up for sahur tomorrow.

For our buka puasa, we went to Putrajaya. There's a huge pasar ramadhan at Presint 2 and with it comes a huge crowd too! We went there early so I can do a bit of run before buka puasa. 
Today we had our buka puasa picnic style. Plenty of families enjoyed their buka puasa by the lakeside there too. As you can see, we don't need/eat much for our buka puasa. We don't believe in gorging ourselves silly for buka puasa.

How the weekend for you so far? ^^

Friday, 3 August 2012

14th Day Of Puasa

It's Friday! W00T! W00T!

Managed to slot in a night yesterday, a 5K run with 10x150m uphill intervals (it should be a 10x2min hill interval but I'm not climbing any hill late at night!) - it's  less than the targeted 6K but I'm OK with it. Hope I can manage to slot in a 13K run before buka puasa tomorrow. Zaini had volunteered to drive me over to Putrajaya and wait for me. Love that guy. *muaks*

Raimie told us yesterday that he wants to go for a school trip in mid-September. He can't confirm the date yet, but I think it'll be most likely after UPSR since Standard 6 students can join the school trip too, and that should be during the Malaysia Day weekend! Do you know what that means? Clashing date with Mommy's run in Taiping. He told us to go ahead and he'll go for the school trip. Aaahhh.... a sign of a child growing up. He'd rather be with his friends than tagging along with Mommy and Daddy. *sob sob*

Also, there should be a boy scout's camping session in the first week of September. If he attends that, Daddy would be busy chauffeuring both Mommy and Son. First sending Mommy at the crack of dawn for her Adidas King of the Road and then later in the day picking up Raimie from camp. Poor Daddy. ^^!

Some random Friday activities...
Buka puasa today was at the same place as last Friday's. Everyone had the Italian BMT. Yummy!
Bought a new book to read. It's a steal at just RM16.00! Runner's World magazine cost more than this book! @.@
and came close to tears reading this book -  Jane & Mike Tomlinson's How Good Is That?

A year before her death in 2007 after years battling terminal cancer, Jane Tomlinson spent nine weeks cycling across USA and raised £250,000 and this book tells the story of the feat, written by the late Jane in most part and completed by her husband, Mike . It's inspiring and moving at the same time.

Raimie on the other hand was pretty bummed because he could not find his comic at the bookshop. Well, we can try and find it tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is Saturday and no cooking duties for sahur! Yeay! It'll be sahur at the mamak. Roti canai & teh tarik. So very the unhealthy! kakaka

Thursday, 2 August 2012

13th Day Of Puasa

Still functioning normally. Raimie is still doing well with this fasting although I still have to contend of his whine that he's so tired/hungry/thirsty when I went to pick him up after his religious school. But all will go well after a nice shower. Funny that he was worried in the early days of fasting to take a shower after Asar or take a nap because he's afraid that his puasa will not count.  I told him, it's better than having to buka puasa... or worse for me - listen to him. Bad mommy. he~

No updates yesterday. Zaini got home rather late, and I wasn't in the mood to do any update tho this blog as I was already groggy by 9.00pm.

Both of my heels are killing me these few days and the muscle relaxant medicine I'm taking cause drowsiness. No run for the past two days too. Just when water supply is back to normal too. Sucks. :(

After frantically checking several hotels in Taiping and most of them are fully booked on Sep 16th, I finally received an e-mail from Legend Inn that they have a room available. I really want to stay at Flemington Hotel but I guess so are the others who are coming to Taiping for the Malaysia Day weekend. So looks like, I'll be going to Taiping after all... unless Zaini deemed Legend Inn is beneath him and doesn't want to stay there. Then, habislah I!
Can't wait for the weekend to arrive and get my hands on some silky smooth tau foo fah. Uncle so nice, packed the syrup separately for us so that the tau foo fah still taste nice by the time we buka puasa. ^^

Anyway, on a totally unrelated matter about me, fasting (and being pure and abstaining from any unholy thougts) et cetera, here's an answer to SK at what I commented over at Simple Person's fruit post. Don't faint! LOL
Do you know what this is called? ^^

p.s. dunno who to credit for this photo as I saw it in a few blogs.


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