Thursday, 29 August 2013

Let Me Make Mistakes And Learn From It

That's what Son used to tell us... not for allowing him to make big mistakes or do a big gamble in life. Not yet, anyway. But rather, that was what he told us when we wanted to make sure his homework is done correctly or nicely.
Draw for him? Not allowed to.

Correct his work? No! Teachers will correct it. "How am I going to learn?" he retorted.

We need to make sure he completes his daily pile of homework but he can be heard muttering "don't you trust me?" Ouch... But he's not given a free rein because his teachers told us that he has a tendency to do thing halfway and not finish it, homeworks too. Hmmmm... So much for being trusted.

Pretty darn stubborn that boy. Wonder who he takes after, that stubborn attitude. HAHAHA

And to wait for him to finish his homework? OMG! It takes ages!

For his studies, he listens to us during revisions and if/when he doesn't understand something. Other than that, he get sulky when we insisted on checking on his work or tried to "correct" his answers.

So yeah, his books has a lot of markings from the teachers and subsequently a lot of corrections done. Plenty of ugly drawings too. Let's not talk about his ugly handwriting! 

But he seems OK with it.

Anyway, this boy despite being stubborn, a tad lazy, a tad mischiveous, loves any excuse not to attend school; is the top 2 boy in his class. I kinda given up hope of ever seeing him getting the top place.

But I respect him wanting to be independent. I respect that he never insist on us helping him do his homework. If he doesn't finish anything, it's his responsibility to bear the consequences.

But sometimes, I wonder whether we're being lacksaidical about his education? Are we being lazy parents? I don't know.   I feel I am. :(

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Me & My method To Son's Toxic-Free Environment

Remember my post on how Son cleaned his room with a method product? You do? Great! Love you. *muaks* If you didn't, no problem. ^^
Just a recap. This is my second post on method products, out of 6 posts that I will do in the span of six months.You know, we attended the method's blogger tea party at Micasa in June and as luck would have got selected to do the "Happy Healthy Home" project with method Malaysia. Sweet!

We started the project just in time for our Raya cleaning. A whole lot of cleaning needed to be done! Turning the whole house upside down to clean it! What a major project!
Grimy windows to wipe clean. Squeaky clean window soon after!

Furnitures to dust off and to clean too. See those dirt? Eeeewwww!
We love wooden furniture, especially the ones that look "natural". They feel and look... less toxic to me. Hahaha

Floor to vacuum and mop too.

Do you know, pound for pound, kids drink more water, eat more food and breathe more air than adults do? But their immune systems aren't fully developed until the age of 10, lungs at about age 20, and many other organs are still work-in-progress until age 16. That's why we must keep their living area clean! Clean means not only dust, grime and germ-free but also free from toxins and cancer-causing agents!
Of which is why method products are great as it is non-toxic. Just look at what's in a bottle of All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner (RM13.80 for 828ml bottle).
Works great too! Just a spray goes a long way. Smells wonderful too! Just a wipe and grime goes away! Serious! If a boy can wipe those grime off, an adult can clean in a jiffy with this! Further plus point, it dries up quickly so the cleaner does not leave sticky residue afterwards and leave moist surfaces.

After all the hard work and all the sweating, Son was happy to jump in the shower!

The boy sure loves water. What kid doesn't, right? 

If left to his own devices, the boy would probably spend hours in the bathroom. It's usually Daddy who would scold him to make him stop playing and stop wasting water. His uncle is much stricter than us. To stop Son wasting so much water, he'd just turn off the main tap! No water from shower head = no more playing in the bathroom! LOL
Just a pump will do for a thoroughly clean hands. This sea mineral bottle (RM14.80 for 300ml bottle) we have such a refreshing smell. Clean, refreshing and uplifting. Love, love, love it!

If Mommy is a small kid, she probably would have used up a whole bottle of this method hand wash in one go, just to play with the foam! Can have a foam party! LOL
We have the gel type hand wash too! This one, that looks like "air sirap" is hibiscus flower (RM13.80 for 354ml bottle). Sweet, sweet yummy scent. When we washed our hands, it's like spritzing perfume to our hands.

We sure are washing hands more often now because we love the method's hand wash scent! Can't wait to try the other hand wash that we have in stock.

Anyways, it's also nice whenever someone in the house go for a shower. The whole house would smell of magnolia. Who needs a room freshener anymore? If someone took a shower, you can bet the whole house will smell of magnolia.

Sorry, cannot show any nude or varying stages of nakedness in this blog to show how marvelous the bodywash is. Here's a "pure naked" photo of the bottle though. Muahaha
This method magnolia scented bodywash (RM18.80 for 532ml bottle) leaves a nice smell after we showered and we don't need to wear perfume to smell nice. It's naked. It's pure. It's natural. It's undisguised. That's what the pure naked means. No dirty stuff, no parabens, no phthalates, no EDTA. Of course, feel free to around naked, smelling good after you had the shower (or before) but please, do it in the comfort of your home! Don't wanna contaminate other people's eyes, ya'know!

Just a dollop goes  a long way. A loooooong way.

When Mommy received the package earlier, the bodywash spilled inside the box. The smell was so nice and strong, it got Mommy's colleagues interested to check out what it was. The tea lady was especially interested and kept on asking Mommy where to buy it, how much it cost etc. In the end, Mommy gave the spilled bodywash to her and she was so happy!
Some of it spilled to this nifty book that was sent by method and weeks after the incident and after being wiped clean, the book still smell like magnolia. AWESOME!

Oh! The book is a good read too. :-)
Some of the tips and info inside. I'll let you have a glimpse of more on other rooms later. Wait for future posts!

Oh yeah, method Malaysia has kindly give me some discounts to be given away to readers. Hari Raya giveaway time!!!

It is a discount of RM10 + free delivery for 10 readers. The codes are valid till end of Sept. To get the free delivery here's the terms for the free postage charges :
1.  A minimum postage charge of RM10 is required for purchases valued at less than RM20 (after all deductions & discounts) – West M’sia
2. A minimum postage charge of RM15 is required for purchases valued at less than RM40 (after all deductions & discounts) – East M’sia

First example.
when a reader buys 1 bathroom cleaner @ RM14.80 + 1 body wash @ 18.80 + 1 toilet bowl cleaner @ RM18.80
Total purchases valued at RM52.40
Minus off the discount of RM10, total payable amount will be RM42.40 (with free delivery)

Second example
when a reader buys 1 gel hand wash @ RM13.80
Total purchase valued at RM13.80
Minus off the discount of RM10, total payable amount is RM3.80. Have to add postage charge of RM10 (West Msia) or RM15 (East Msia).
So final total is RM13.80 (West Msia) or RM18.80 (East Msia)

Faham tak? ^^

How to get the discount codes from me, you ask? Easy!
I'll give 5 discount codes to the first 5 commenters who indicated they want it here in my blog.
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First come first serve.
If you comment here, mention it on FB and also twitter; and if there's more than 10 commenters/friends/followers who want it, you'll only get one (1) code. Fair enough, right? Offer closes on Sep 3rd and I'll let you who gets it by Sep 4th latest.

The discount vouchers can be used for online purchases over at WMS Marketing. Happy method shopping! :-)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

No Pets Allowed

Despite Raimie's requests, many many many many times to own a pet cat; his requests were always turned down. It's not that we're mean but owning a pet is by no means a small responsibility. Plus, with us being out of home most of the time, how is owning a pet be feasible?  Another problem, Mommy hates stray hairs. Humans or animals. *bluek*

He used to have a pet turtle. The Daddy and Son both wanted to own one. Turned out, after the initial excitement of getting it, it was Mommy who gotta clean the tank, feed and clean the turtle and got attached to it! When it got a tad too big, Daddy broached the idea of releasing the turtle to a pond nearby and Mommy was having none of it. She loved that turtle. Poor thing died though, after a couple of years with us. We buried it on top of the hill next to our apartment. :(

Son still loves cat and usually loves to play with the strays both at our home and at his granddad's. Also any random strays he found anywhere.
Mommy, while still refusing to let him have a cat; let him buy cat food. She told him to put some in a small bottle that he can carry around to make it easier for him to feed any strays.

Last week, while waiting for Mommy who was holed up somewhere with her friends; he spent his time feeding a few cats. He enjoyed it a LOT!
My, my. Looking at the cat food selection - cats sure have a charmed life. Mommy has not had a meal of salmon in ages! HAHAHA

p.s. can dogs eat cat food? Mommy can't afford to buy two separate food for stray cats & dogs so she's wondering whether the animals can share food.

Monday, 26 August 2013

For Sports. For Women. For Malaysia Women Sports

On Sunday, a few ladies got together to join efforts in establishing a sports club to promote and raise awareness on sports and recreation for women in Malaysia.

All of the ladies are runners but there're cyclists and triathletes too, so while there's a consensus that running will be an important agenda in the club, other women's sports will be covered too.

I was very honoured when Karen Loh (Malaysia Women Marathon is her brainchild) included me to be a part of the committee. 

I only hesitated because well, I do not have anything to offer compared to the other ladies that's on the committee. But I decided to participate as a way to give back to the community. After all, I've enjoyed so much from running and gotten so much from the running community. It's my small way to give back.
I'm not sure if I'm jumping the gun writing about our first meeting here so I won't divulge any details yet.

Just sharing that we had our first meeting to form the club and may our endeavours be a success! For the future of women's sports in Malaysia. ^^

Saturday, 24 August 2013

On The First Day of September

An epic journey will be embarked by a dear someone.

His first full marathon. Almost a year after he did his first half-marathon.

He did his final LSD with a 20K run. His longest run this year. It is under-training to do a full marathon but I have faith in him. For one, I do know that he can walk (if not run) for hours. I've been dragged along by him when we were on vacation for hours and hours before. From 7am till 7pm and he's still OK to continue on! @.@

Anyway, he planned to walk if he can't run. No matter what people will say, I think it is a sensible plan for him. We've checked his walking pace and his brisk walk is around 9-10min pace. Not bad, what.

His total mileage last week (run+walk) was almost 70K and that's more than what I used to do training for Malaysia Women Marathon!

We went to The Marathon Shop after our morning walk to pick up my race kit and also a friend's.
The race kit, runner's guide (I read them. Do you? ^^), two discount vouchers and a postcard! Bought two GU Chomps (I miss Stinger gel!) and a Hammer solids.

We discussed about hubby's need of gel/chews intake for the marathon and based on my own experience and his; he'll probably just take along a gel and a packet of Chomps on top of stopping at all the water stations during the run. I survived on half a packet of Stinger Gel on April. ^^
Noticed this counter after collecting our race kits. A registration counter for runners' cheer crew! Cool! 

Cooler that registered cheer crews receive that VW board to write motivational signs for the runners, they will also receive a cap and a tee on race day!

Me likey!
Plus a toy too (twist helicopter thingy). I already know what to write on my board but it's a secret! Hehehe

It's just a week to River Jungle Marathon 2013! All the best to all running in it.

All the best to those running tomorrow at Borneo International Marathon too!


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Mooncakes And Pretty Boxes

I don't know squat about the mooncake festival or Chinese lantern festival or mid-autumn festival other than it is celebrated on the 8th month, 15th day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, when the moon is at its brightest, around the time of the Autumn Equinox.; and it falls on the 19th September this year.

But I do wait for it to come because I get to eat mooncakes.
Am waiting for the corporate mooncakes gifts to arrive to be shared with colleagues in my department. "Collection" has been quite miserly this year. So far... Hope it'll pick up soon! LOL

pssttt... if anyone received those nutty mooncakes and hates them; don't throw them away. Send it over. I love those full of nuts. Chewy! They make great pre-run food for me! kakaka
I also collect nice mooncakes boxes. One use : to keep my medals stash. One for the bibs too. Pretty handy, these mooncakes boxes. ^^

p.s. I accept mooncakes for birthday presents. Zaini too! :P

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Second Chance: Maggie Kim, An Inspirational Lady

I first got to know Maggie through Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) while corresponding with the race director, Karen Loh in late 2012.
Our first meeting was when she kindly invited me to join a few other ladies to welcome Ms Kathrine Switzer at LCCT in Apr.

Through these few months; before and after MWM, I followed her running exploits through her FB updates and am very impressed at what a strong runner she is. She is a podium-placing runner and can easily beat top women runners, half her age! Her daily training regime is enviable too. This is one disciplined and determined runner, I tell you.

She coaches too and she once promised me that through her coaching, she’ll make sure her charges be able to run her PB timing for marathon. That’s 3:32 hours folks! No kidding!

A week ago, she invited some runners to a FITLINE training where she will be talking about her running experience and using the FITLINE products too. 
While waiting for the training talk to start, Maggie graciously showed me a few stretching exercises to help me with my Plantar Fasciitis issues.

I have yet to try any of them so I cannot vouch for them but Maggie told me that her energy level, recovery and timing improved tremendously using the products.

While I wasn’t all that interested in the MLM module of FITLINE, I was certainly inspired listening to Maggie, which was why I attended it in the first place.
Maggie, talking about her experiences on running – in Jakarta, in Auckland and coming back to Malaysia.

For such a strong runner, it was surprising to know that she underwent a double knee surgery in 2009 and had to go through months of grueling physiotherapies and had even stopped running. She seeked all sorts of treatments and alternatives to return to running and had almost given up.

Then, she learnt about cartilage injection to restore some of the lubrication lost and this treatment had help her come back strong to running again.

With what she calls her second chance to running, Maggie sure isn’t resting on her laurels!

After SCKLM 2013 was postponed, she needed to peak somewhere and decided at the last minute to enter the Half Marathon at Larian Bendang in Kedah. She not only was the Women Champion in the run, she improved her timing by 8minutes!

She went on to do the King’s Cup 56th Pattaya Marathon and did it in 3:53:15. The feat earned her a number 3 placing! Plus 19 minutes shaved off from her MWM time.

That’s only a couple of races that she did in July and August! Awesome lady, she truly is. ^^

It’s such a great honour to know such an inspiring lady.

So what’s my excuse for not training and not doing my best again?
One for the album. Nannoor, Maggie and me.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Taking Stock

I’ve entered and ran 12 road races so far this year, of varying distances. 

The farthest was 42.38km (according to my Timex) at Malaysia Women Marathon in April and the shortest was 7.46km at the Milo Breakfast Run in May. Technically, the Pisang Relay is the shortest as we (me, hubby and Raimie) ran 2 x 2.72km loops per person but I decided to run along with Son while he did his and raked up almost 11km that day. Talk about being “kiasu”. Hahaha

A few races that I signed up for got postponed this year. 

I’ll forgo Borneo International Marathon, which will be held this Sunday. I really am not fated to run this marathon I guess. It clashed with Malaysia’s General Election the first time around. I flip-flopped in deciding whether to buy airtickets for the second date but finally decided against it. Good thing I didn’t because I had not been running at ALL for the past four weeks! To still go ahead to do a full marathon after weeks of no training would be foolish not to mention foolhardy.

I DNS (did not start) New Balance Half Marathon last weekend and could just look at friends’ happy faces achieving PBs bitterly. Everyone I know that ran at NB HM seems to smash their own personal best time. *me jealous!* T___T

My next race will be with the family, running in the McDonald’s Olympic Day Run on Sep 15th. I am so thankful and relieved upon hearing that CICM Responsible Care Run; which is supposed to be held on the same day (and which I also signed up for) is now postponed to Dec 1st. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it come December.

I have great plans for September as it is a special month for me but it’s not meant to be. In my eagerness to participate in everything, I’ve forgotten to listen to my body. Lesson learnt.

I re-looked into my training plans and tweaked them with the hope to be able to use them soon, in time for Putrajaya Night Marathon, Penang Bridge International Marathon and… Malaysia Women Marathon next year! Ha!

I have two other events next month. Well, they aren’t races actually because both do not offer prizes (if I'm not mistaken) or even timing chips. What we runners look forward to, at these two events will be a safe and organized venue to run and in a controlled manner with like-minded people.

River Jungle Marathon on Sep 1st.
Pacesetters’ Back to Basic 30K on Sep 8th.

Zaini had volunteered to run the River Jungle Marathon on my behalf. I was skeptical at first. Why would he want to do this? My response to him was by making him complete a 3-hour run last weekend! Talk about being a slave driver! LOL

He ran his first race at Siemens Charity Run in 2009 for his son.
He ran his first half-marathon in 2012, to show that he can do it and he did.

He will run his first full marathon in 2013. For me! Good luck hubby!

I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) that I’ll be able to do Standard Chartered KL Marathon at the end of September. If I’m running, I still need to finish well before 3 hours if I am to cheer for son at his start of the 2.5km Kids’ Dash. Otherwise, I probably would have missed his finish too. Wouldn’t want that, would we?

A look at my races I've done so far, up to July 2013:

January : 
Multi-Purpose Insurans Run (12K)
March : 
Brooks Half Marathon (21K)
April : 
Malaysia Women Marathon (42K)
World Kidney Run (12K)
May : 
Pisang Relay (2.72K x 2)
Milo Breakfast Run (7K)
Standard Chartered Fun Run (8K)
June : 
UKM Victory Run (15K)
Mizuno Wave Run (16K)
Alpha Run (8K)
Perodua Run for A Cause (15K) thanks Aina for the bib!
July : 
Seremban Half Marathon (21K)

What’s in store from Sep – Dec:

Pacesetter Back to Basics (30K)
McD Olympic Day Run (3K) with family
Standard Chartered KL Marathon (21K)
 Putrajaya Night Marathon (42K)
Penang Bridge International Marathon (42K)
CICM Responsible Care Run (21K)

And oh yeah, I’ve registered for the Skyhawk Nature Run 2014. My first half-marathon in Melaka! My first race in Melaka, as a matter of fact.

Who else going? ^^

Sunday, 18 August 2013

It Starts With A Leaf

"Why do these leaves stick together" I asked Son
"err... because of photosynthesis? he asnwered.

"Nope. It's a nest for kerengga or weaver ants" I told him
"The poor trees will get its fruits eaten by the ants, Mommy?" asked Son, looking worried

"On the contrary, the weaver ants actually protects the tree and its fruits. A traditional way to control insect pests is to use the weaver ants by introducing a tree to the ants. One way is to put a weaver ant's nest at a tree so that they colonise it. It's a useful insect but of course, we got to be careful being near them because while they don't have stingers, their bite is painful."
"To build a nest, it starts with a leaf. The weaver ants then form a chain along the edge of a leaf and pull the two leaves together and hold it up with thread of silk that's being oozed out by the larvae", I continued.
"Isn't that great teamwork? Adults ants and even the larvae help out in building a new nest", I finished.

I didn't have this conversation poring over a science book with my son. Rather, we went out for a walk yesterday and saw a weaver ant's nest.
photo credit : Suzie
It was hazy and rainy earlier in the morning but it got much better later in the morning as we went for a walk around the core island of Putrajaya.

Son even stopped and looked (plus poked) at this too, among other things...
We blame kids for being glued to their gadgets. Well, my son loves his too. But during our 3-hour walk yesterday, he didn't ask a single time for his Nintendo DS (which I allow him to pack) until we finally stopped, rested and waited for his Daddy to finish his run. He was kept occupied with the things around him and also with questions that I tried to answer the best I could. I think I need to go back and study just to answer his questions now. Haha

How can we blame them when we ourselves seems to be unable to wrest our eyes away from our gadgets; smartphones, pads, tabs or whatever we have now?

A lady runner was run over by a truck this morning. Apparently, the driver was looking for his handphone while driving and managed to swerve to the opposite lane and hit the lady. He tried to make a dash but was caught by a group of runners.  I guess to him (and a lot of us who never seem to think driving and texting+smsing+messsaging+FBing and whatever that is not focusing on the road is bad); his phone is more important than a life. Some updates here. Hope she will recover. :(

We can try and be as safe as we can but if some idiots out there still doesn't value other lives, then...

That said, be safe, stay safe everyone. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Kuala Lumpur, By Cycle

Do you know that there is an initiative by Kuala Lumpur City Hall, offering tourists who want to explore the beauty and attractions of Kuala Lumpur on bicycle?
We certainly would not have been any wiser, if not for the fact that we stumbled upon these signs by chance when we were spending time on our foot around  the touristy area :  Dataran Merdeka and Lake Garden. Well, Zaini did the stumbling. I was too busy huffing and puffing and feeling faint to notice much while I was running! LOL

Anyways, these photos were take in February. Incidentally, the launch of the KL By Cycle was on Feb 25th. Our photos were taken on Feb 26th.

Dunno why I never got around making a post about it before. But here goes :
Now, six months after the launch; I wonder whether the initiative still exists? Everyone cycling OK? 

This also reminds me that it's been ages since I run around the vicinity.
The last one was a madcap LSD I did before Malaysia Women Marathon, when Zaini accompanied me to run around Lake Garden and Dataran Merdeka on a work day. Wednesday, to be exact. We arrived Dataran Merdeka at 10.30am and the place was as usual, swarmed by tourists.

Kinda miss doing this...

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Down But (Hopefully) Not Out

I have not been running for almost a month now! My last run was on July, 19th. Almost a month of not running! @.@

The reason? I managed to aggravate an already existing pain in my left foot after a mere 10K easy run. Ah well... 

Took a total rest (meaning no workout whatsoever) the week after that. Cycled the week before Raya week. Indoors only though. I don't have a road bike or an MTB. Zaini doesn't trust me with his Hummer. LOL
I only do this if/when I have to. I rather be outdoors but when even walking hurts a whole lot, I gotta do what I gotta do to still keep active.

The butt has somehow harden up so it can now cope with sitting on the hard seat for more than 30minutes! I have yet used it for more than one hour though. 

Been doing a whole lot of walking too, in place of running.
Raya week's indoor cycling + walking mileage. To get this mileage, I walked twice a day on weekends; 5 to 6K in the morning and 5 to 7K in the evening. Cycling mileage was a mere 12K for one session.
I didn't want my walk to be too easy. I can't walk fast... I have to go slow as a fast walk is painful. Imagine... I am walking at a 15min pace! Took me a freaking 1.5hour to complete 6K! o.O
But I can climb hills, so I did hill repeats a few times last week. 6sets on Friday. 8sets on Saturday. 10sets on Sunday. Did them with hubby yesterday too. Wanted to do 10 sets of the 200m hill climb, scoff at hubby for wanting to do 6 but then settled for 5 sets instead. We'll do more tomorrow, yeah? ^^
In the evening, did this route with the family. It's right at the back of our backyard. Son sure loves doing this. He went swimming too but Mommy doesn't. Mommy doesn't like the pool much. Mommy is kambing! LOL
This, our walking route on Sunday evening. I already walked 7K in the morning. Cycled 12K too (because I was bored. ahaha) but I jumped at the chance of adding more mileage.We walked from Taman Wawasan (look out for Buah Sentol/Setoi post soon!) to Taman Warisan Pertanian, past Sri Satria; the official residence of Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister to Masjid Putra and back to Taman Wawasan. It was a 5K walk, we stop and look at fruits, flowers, leaves and bugs and it took us 1hr 38minutes. Raimie had a lot of fun so who cares if we walk too slow?

In a sense, my injury forces me to stop running but it also makes me enjoy more time with the family. I still get to go outdoors again but at a much slower pace. I get to stop and smell the roses, so to say. For that, I am thankful.

I still have to rest 3 more weeks. If all is till not OK, an MRI scan needs to be done because my X-ray results showed no stress fracture. Let's hope for the best, yeah.

I won't be running New Balance Half Marathon this week. Sold off my bib. Won't be running River Jungle Marathon too. 

But guess who is training for a marathon?
Crazy fella.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What Is That? Puffy Plant

I'm gonna start a series of photos of edible fruits that might not be familiar even to Malaysians. What trigger this was some photos I took when we were out for a walk these past week and it was interesting to note while some are quite familiar with them, some are completely oblivious about their existence.

First off :

Puffy plant or pop plant or in Malay is called "buah letup" "buah letup kelambu" and "buah ulat bulu".
The fuzzy casing is what the name "kelambu" - mosquitoes net or "ulat bulu" - caterpillar. Right? ^^

Once the fruit inside it turned yellow, it is ripe.
Delicious! Sweet. Maybe a bit sour sometimes. Of course not too filling though! xD

The plant's young leaves (pucuk) can be eaten too and these creeping plant can be used to cure some ailments too! Darn handy plant and they grow wildly by the roadside, being ignored most of the time!

Where did we find this? Not at my hometown.

It's found right at our own backyard.

Monday, 12 August 2013

A Joyous Celebration on 1st of Syawal

The holy month of Ramadan had ended and we herald the month of Syawal and celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri or Eid ul Fitr.

A day that the rich and the poor enjoy happiness of the day, as the haves give the fitrah to the have-nots.

No Muslims must remain hungry of the day of Eid and it is forbidden for us to fast on this joyous day.

We headed off to my hometown on the eve of Raya/Eid. Preparation was already underway. Lemang cooked. No dodol this year though. My younger brother and his friends did a mean dodol last year and was a hit amongst the relatives. 

The night before Raya, after the kiddos had a round playing with "bunga api" (those tame ones la not hardcore mercuns...) they had a chance to help out with the Raya cooking. Well, they helped with de-shelling (buang kulit) of peanuts and pounding them. Sure, we can just blitz them with a blender. Would be faster too. But what's the fun in that? ^^
Raimie has a fan. His youngest cousin. :-) Another one will be joining the family next month!
The cousins helping out each other. Plus, eating a lot of peanuts while doing it too! LOL
But aren't they just so adorable? ^^

The morning of Raya started with this important "duty" for us already working and earning money. Unlike the Chinese, where single people doesn't give angpow but instead still receive them regardless their age, for Malays, once we are working and are earning money; come Raya we give "duit Raya".
Putting cash in "duit raya" envelopes. 

Cash can range from a few hundred (or thousands?) for immediate family, to RM50 to close family members or friends or relatives to RM20-RM1 to others. We normally give RM1 or RM2 for those random kids who came visiting to our house.
There's Duit Raya in there!
One for the family!

Group photo with the family. A rare ocassion to see us because normally we'd spent the Raya morning with Zaini's dad before heading off to my hometown.
Mommy and Son. ^^
Daddy and Son. ^^
The "asking for forgiveness" session is a must. The children and the grandchildren all lined up to seek forgiveness with my "Bapak" (that's what we call our Dad) and "Mak" (Mom). We give them "duit raya" while the grandchildren received "duit raya".

Then, let the feasting begins!

I tell you, I lost count of how many times I ate! LOL
Me and my "baulu" kuih. A traditional kuih. My favourite. Shocking that I only found them served in two homes. Even my parents' home doesn't have "baulu" this Raya! Booohooohooo


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