Me & My method To Son's Toxic-Free Environment

Remember my post on how Son cleaned his room with a method product? You do? Great! Love you. *muaks* If you didn't, no problem. ^^
Just a recap. This is my second post on method products, out of 6 posts that I will do in the span of six months.You know, we attended the method's blogger tea party at Micasa in June and as luck would have got selected to do the "Happy Healthy Home" project with method Malaysia. Sweet!

We started the project just in time for our Raya cleaning. A whole lot of cleaning needed to be done! Turning the whole house upside down to clean it! What a major project!
Grimy windows to wipe clean. Squeaky clean window soon after!

Furnitures to dust off and to clean too. See those dirt? Eeeewwww!
We love wooden furniture, especially the ones that look "natural". They feel and look... less toxic to me. Hahaha

Floor to vacuum and mop too.

Do you know, pound for pound, kids drink more water, eat more food and breathe more air than adults do? But their immune systems aren't fully developed until the age of 10, lungs at about age 20, and many other organs are still work-in-progress until age 16. That's why we must keep their living area clean! Clean means not only dust, grime and germ-free but also free from toxins and cancer-causing agents!
Of which is why method products are great as it is non-toxic. Just look at what's in a bottle of All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner (RM13.80 for 828ml bottle).
Works great too! Just a spray goes a long way. Smells wonderful too! Just a wipe and grime goes away! Serious! If a boy can wipe those grime off, an adult can clean in a jiffy with this! Further plus point, it dries up quickly so the cleaner does not leave sticky residue afterwards and leave moist surfaces.

After all the hard work and all the sweating, Son was happy to jump in the shower!

The boy sure loves water. What kid doesn't, right? 

If left to his own devices, the boy would probably spend hours in the bathroom. It's usually Daddy who would scold him to make him stop playing and stop wasting water. His uncle is much stricter than us. To stop Son wasting so much water, he'd just turn off the main tap! No water from shower head = no more playing in the bathroom! LOL
Just a pump will do for a thoroughly clean hands. This sea mineral bottle (RM14.80 for 300ml bottle) we have such a refreshing smell. Clean, refreshing and uplifting. Love, love, love it!

If Mommy is a small kid, she probably would have used up a whole bottle of this method hand wash in one go, just to play with the foam! Can have a foam party! LOL
We have the gel type hand wash too! This one, that looks like "air sirap" is hibiscus flower (RM13.80 for 354ml bottle). Sweet, sweet yummy scent. When we washed our hands, it's like spritzing perfume to our hands.

We sure are washing hands more often now because we love the method's hand wash scent! Can't wait to try the other hand wash that we have in stock.

Anyways, it's also nice whenever someone in the house go for a shower. The whole house would smell of magnolia. Who needs a room freshener anymore? If someone took a shower, you can bet the whole house will smell of magnolia.

Sorry, cannot show any nude or varying stages of nakedness in this blog to show how marvelous the bodywash is. Here's a "pure naked" photo of the bottle though. Muahaha
This method magnolia scented bodywash (RM18.80 for 532ml bottle) leaves a nice smell after we showered and we don't need to wear perfume to smell nice. It's naked. It's pure. It's natural. It's undisguised. That's what the pure naked means. No dirty stuff, no parabens, no phthalates, no EDTA. Of course, feel free to around naked, smelling good after you had the shower (or before) but please, do it in the comfort of your home! Don't wanna contaminate other people's eyes, ya'know!

Just a dollop goes  a long way. A loooooong way.

When Mommy received the package earlier, the bodywash spilled inside the box. The smell was so nice and strong, it got Mommy's colleagues interested to check out what it was. The tea lady was especially interested and kept on asking Mommy where to buy it, how much it cost etc. In the end, Mommy gave the spilled bodywash to her and she was so happy!
Some of it spilled to this nifty book that was sent by method and weeks after the incident and after being wiped clean, the book still smell like magnolia. AWESOME!

Oh! The book is a good read too. :-)
Some of the tips and info inside. I'll let you have a glimpse of more on other rooms later. Wait for future posts!

Oh yeah, method Malaysia has kindly give me some discounts to be given away to readers. Hari Raya giveaway time!!!

It is a discount of RM10 + free delivery for 10 readers. The codes are valid till end of Sept. To get the free delivery here's the terms for the free postage charges :
1.  A minimum postage charge of RM10 is required for purchases valued at less than RM20 (after all deductions & discounts) – West M’sia
2. A minimum postage charge of RM15 is required for purchases valued at less than RM40 (after all deductions & discounts) – East M’sia

First example.
when a reader buys 1 bathroom cleaner @ RM14.80 + 1 body wash @ 18.80 + 1 toilet bowl cleaner @ RM18.80
Total purchases valued at RM52.40
Minus off the discount of RM10, total payable amount will be RM42.40 (with free delivery)

Second example
when a reader buys 1 gel hand wash @ RM13.80
Total purchase valued at RM13.80
Minus off the discount of RM10, total payable amount is RM3.80. Have to add postage charge of RM10 (West Msia) or RM15 (East Msia).
So final total is RM13.80 (West Msia) or RM18.80 (East Msia)

Faham tak? ^^

How to get the discount codes from me, you ask? Easy!
I'll give 5 discount codes to the first 5 commenters who indicated they want it here in my blog.
I'll pass 3 discount codes to 3 who mention they want it over at Facebook on this page link.
I'll give 2 for twitter followers who wants them.
First come first serve.
If you comment here, mention it on FB and also twitter; and if there's more than 10 commenters/friends/followers who want it, you'll only get one (1) code. Fair enough, right? Offer closes on Sep 3rd and I'll let you who gets it by Sep 4th latest.

The discount vouchers can be used for online purchases over at WMS Marketing. Happy method shopping! :-)


  1. I would love to have the discount code!!! :D

    Method has a body wash too? I love the footnote on the packaging "Psst:..." Hehe

    Eh. I'm the first one to comment? Miracle nya tak pernah terjadi....

    1. Congrats! You are first and definitely getting the voucher!

      method is great with how to put out quirky notes like that. :)

      Have fun mandi with method body wash!

      I'll e-mail to you later. Sekarang ada promo, tak silap.

  2. Am using it too. Loving it.

    Saw in fb cold storeage hvg method sale. I wanna buy some.

    Would lovevthe discount code but guess nit eligible. Let ithers use la. I get from cold storage

    1. Meow,
      You go Bangsar, Village Grocer also got. :)

  3. Multi purpose cleaner is for dust ka? Okie I will get that. Mybhse super dusty now. U know the reason la.

    Lol..the other day my sil use the daily shower cleaner to clean the fridge ...berkilat lol...

    1. Not dust la...

      But you know furnitures will look "kusam" if you only dusted them. Spritz some of the All Purpose Natural Cleaner and wallah! Clean surfaces! :)

  4. The book mmg good read for me. Many useful tips.

    Adoi spill on the book ah? Hope can still be read. The silver lining. least now each time you open the book you'll have lovely scent :)

    1. Luckily the book is made from hardy material. Kalau paper, I think habis already la.

      Yes, everytime wanna read the book can smell lovely scent. ;)

  5. Tea lady also like ah? Lol...can imagine her showering with that and....*piak my head..too much hhbc*

  6. I want to have the discount code!! Would love to try the method products!! ^_^

    1. congrats Afnan!

      You're the second commenter!

      method products are good. A bit pricey but worth the money. :)

    2. Bakmeh email add. I cannot find it at your blogger profile. :-)


      Thank you again K.Lina!!
      Can't wait to buy the Naked Body Wash! =)

  7. I only have the floor cleaner which I got from a blogger. Very economical. I haven't come across those shops selling Methods yet. I might get some for myself should I go shopping.

    1. You can always order online. They do provide free delivery. :)

  8. I love the smell too. I have just tried body wash only.

  9. I will use Meow's order code soon and get them to clean my house until sparkling clean.

  10. These US products have very good quality and QC control otherwise they would be blasted by consumers there.

  11. Wahhh that Pure Naked Body Wash looks so tempting, must buy one online by today also... Love the magnolia fragrance... Cant wait to use Mamarazzi's discount vouchers... =D

    1. Bila start shopping ni?

    2. Petang semalam la Sis... She gave me two vouchers but I could only use one, the 1st one diorang cakap invalid, so I used the 2nd one la... I like to shopping on9, more convenient hehe... Mihmihh...

    3. Klu nk lg, bagitau eh :-)

    4. Oraito, the promo valids until 15 Sept, if I'm not mistaken... I wanna try the laundry tablets too.. Look promising... Plus, I`m running out of Dynamo recently =D

    5. I'll reserve one for you. :-)

  12. indeed these products from Method seem to be good ones, handy for house chores i would say.. and i also love the packaging, simple and contemporary, so matching our Mak Glam!! :)

  13. i think it would be nice to arrange all the products together.. the transparent bottles and the vibrant colors of the liquid, if not used can be good decoration too~~ :)

    1. Yup! Like what they did during the method bloggers' tea party. :)


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