Friday, 2 January 2015

Change of School Treat

Today is Son's secondary school orientation day.

It's funny how the plan changed drastically last week. From accepting the fact that Son will go to a school in Brickfields (I can tell you this, because he's not going there anymore) to suddenly being informed that Son had been accepted to another school.

A better school, we were told.
After getting a call from his teacher last Friday morning, then going to his old primary school, the registering to the new school in the same morning; we gave him a treat, after work.

The choice?

Plan B lah. As usual. Hahaha
Mommy had spaghetti marinara.
and her usual mushroom soup.
While Son wanted to try their lasagna this time.
He's always trying different things to eat. I like that.

That means he doesn't stick to one thing only and not be in a rut. Hope it is also translated in his life. ^^

While Daddy had a burger.

School will not start next Monday due to the flood that is affecting a big part of Malaysia and is only opening on Jan 12th.

It'll be a challenge to a lot of families greatly affected by the flood once the school opens. And to restart their life back.

Stay strong everyone!


  1. I take it you are happy with this other school :) That's a really nice treat before school starts.

    1. Neither happy nor sad. Hahaha

      Just that, for him to enter this school, it was required to be bright and performing during his primary school to be accepted. :P

  2. I hope he will do well in the new school chosen for him. And oh yeah. Happy new year to your family.

  3. Better school is just a matter of perspective. If you are happier with it then it is a better school.
    Hope he does well in secondary school :)

    1. Well, there are differences between what a sekolah kawalan, sekolah berprestasi tinggi can offer. Not only academically but in other areas too.

      Funding too, as a matter of fact. :)

  4. Awww your son has started secondary now. All the best to him. Reading through this blog it sure brings fond memories when i had to leave my primary school to move to a government secondary school ..ugh the outfit my mum chose for me to wear on that day OI VEY then to meet the principal personally with my dad ..i was hoping to go to an all girl school with my elder sister but i got into a co-ed school ..which eventually was a good decision. I heard about the flooding over there Im praying those affected are all safe and sound at shelters and when it has subside they can go back to their homes and may there be less damages ..kat KL flooding jugak ke?

    Reading your blog, its making me miss KL now ..counting the days to head back to KL soon for a break :)

  5. aiyoh, and now Raimie has got one more week to enjoy his holidays..

    Plan B.. one of Mak Glam's three places of celebration (besides Pasta Zanmai and Tony Roma's)..

    dah lama Uncle SK xgi sana lah~~ hukhukhuk^^

    1. Haven't been to TR in ages also!!!

      We all not like the Kucings who makan fancy there all the time! LOL

  6. Wow! He is in Secondary School now. Suddenly grown up teenager and Anay is getting older dei. Wakakaka



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