Thursday, 1 January 2015

Highlights. Running, Family & Gratitude

A new day.

A new year.

A new start.

And of course for me, am looking forward to start a new adventure in running. 2015 will be the year me and hubby get to try our hands (& feet) on some new stuff.  

But while we'll try to go farther and/or faster... we won't forget to do some short ones too. With the Son.  Shorter is fun too, especially when it's done with the family.

A look back in gratitude, of some memorable time these past years, in no particular order of importance as all are important and priceless to me. ^^ 
Watergate-16 hour. Hubby ran with me, while Son helped out a bit at the race. ^^
Skyhawk Nature Run in Melaka. We visited Melaka and sightsee before I ran my first half-marathon for 2014.
Volunteering together at Titi 50/100K in February. Son helped out too, but he was at another check point with his buddies.
Kaypohing at Nuang Ultra in March.
King of Bukit Larut in Taiping in April. Both hubby and I ran while Son helped out, taking care of nasi lemak for runners. Hahaha
Pisang Relay Run at Taman Bukit Jalil where we ran as a team.
The hubby and I just mooching around, going up Gunung Nuang one day. He picked a great day for a hike. We went up on a rainy day! I was actually cursing him all the way up from Pacat to Pengasih but in the end, I was glad we did it.

Somehow, we keep returning on rainy days. Huh
Both my boys went along and accompanied me at a fund-raiser for the Butterfly Project community. For the first time, we walked around Taman Bukit Kiara.
The boys waited patiently for me to finish a slow 10K run, at the Bomba Run; which I think my first 10K for the year.
They waited for me again, while I ran in the Cyberjaya Half-Marathon in May. By the time I finished, Son was almost asleep by the roadside waiting for me. Poor fella.
Son and Hubby were a huge support again at the 12-hour Back 2 Endurance.
Hubby and I spent the earlier part of one August Sunday doing an 18K trail and then we proceeded to run in the Energizer Night Race that night. Hubby and Son did their 5K and then waited for me to finish my slow (what's new?) 15K.
 And the hubby still accompanied me to a 5K fun run at the Avenue K Balloon Race the next day!

The things he put up for his wife. ^^
Despite his reluctance, Hubby drove me over to Seremban in August so that I can run a half-marathon and he even completed the course himself.
Having him at the River Jungle Marathon in September was good too. ^^
We had fun running around the Sungai Palas tea plantation, in the rain together too. ^^
Likewise, both Hubby and I finished our Standard Chartered KL Marathon though we didn't finish it together. But we both finished. Heh Heh
Son and I ran together in the 5K of MAKNA Founder's Night Run and the next morning, we all ran in the SJMC Run.
We spent our Saturday and Sunday one November weekend, manning a checkpoint for Putrajaya 100-Miles.
The boys supported and waited for me again while I ran in the Fujisan Marathon on the last day of November, which happens to be my last race for 2014.

It's always good to share what we love to do, with the one we love. ^^

Thank you hubby and son for humoring me all these time.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for all those hours you guys had to wait patiently for me to finish.

Thank you for your understanding and allowing me to be selfish doing this running shenanigans. 

I love you two. Lots. *muaks*

p.s. photo credits to all the photographers/owners of the photos. Azfar, KK, Kahwai, Rashid, Andrew, Lina (not me, another Lina), Run & Explore, Gme and Zaini.


  1. Happy New Year Lina and family. May 2015 be filled with many great happenings, achievements, rewards, travels, good health and happiness. Sounds like 2014 has been a great year for you, you are truly blessed to have such great support and now on with 365 blank pages to fill up.

    1. Happy New Year babe!
      Long time no hear!
      May you and your family have a blessed 2015 too.
      Take care.

    2. Thank you babe !! I know right ..its been a long time since i visited your blogsite. I actually miss reading so now im going to be a good subbie and keep reading hehehehe

    3. LOL

      Anyways, maybe when there's an interesting run that somehow made me "tersesat" to Cambodia, we can arrange to meet since we never did in Malaysia. :P

  2. I am really impressed with how supportive your family is to one another. May your 2015 be filled with more happiness, greater runs and faster times :D

    1. That's the least of what we can do to each other, right? ^^

  3. Happy new year! Omedetou! Look forward to seeing this trio this year!

    1. Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu Rashid!

  4. A great running and bonding time in year 2014. May you have an even better 2015. Happy new year ^^

    1. Happy New Year to you too Cubie!

  5. This post is filled with a lot of love and joy! Can see the delight in you faces :) Happy 2015 Lina and family!

  6. so this is Mak Glam's review of her 2014?? definitely a great achievement and a great whole year.. :)

    very interesting and I love all those happy photos!! ^^

    1. Just a review of a few outings. Not all of 2014. Hahaha

  7. this post is so low-profile and subtle, just like me!!! hihihihi ^^

    wishing the Glam Family a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 with all the best wishes!!! :)

  8. How can I forget about writing a year end review post like SK and lina? Anyway, Happy New Year 2015 to you and your family.

    1. You were too busy.

      I had planned a gratitude post before 31/12. :)

  9. Lovely photos, sweet and everyone is smiling happily ;)

  10. Lovely pixs there and keep on running !

    1. Keep on living and appreciating too! ;)

  11. Happy New Year 2015 Kak Lina, Zaini n Raimie... Semoga tahun baru ini membawa lebih banyak berita gembira dan kejayaan buat kita semua... Love going thru all those recap moments... U guys sure did had tonnes of fun in 2014... More to come =D

    1. Happiness is after all, a state of mind. Having fun too. ^^

      Happy New Year.



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