A Fun Time At Dutch Lady's World Of Effective Learning

Had a fun time at Dutch Lady's World of Effective Learning at Mid Valley Exhibition Hall. Entrance is free, and visitors get to experience life from a children's perspective here.

I guess the aim of this interactive exhibition is to educate parents on the importance of empathy as an important aspect of parenting skill.

We tried out everything and even participated in a team puzzle game.

Raimie trying his hand at writing with the giant pencil. I tried too, and boy! It was really hard to write with it!

This module serves to remind us parents that picking up a pencil is not an easy challenge for kids especially when they are tiny.

Zaini trying to button up the pyjama.

This module is designed to let parents experience the same frustration felt by toddlers when learning to dress themselves.

Me, trying my hand at feeding. I failed miserably.

This module serves as a reminder for us parents not to be angry when our kids spill their food.

Raimie, game for a challenge.

This module empahises on how each child is unique. Some are adventerous, some are wary. It is important for parents to deal with each child differently.

Raimie trying to follow the tune played earlier.

This module shows how taking up a new instrument can be hard.

Raimie having fun chalk drawing.

There was even a solar system module and it was cool. I'm afraid no photo of the planets were taken since I didn't know how to take photos in the dark! :(

Waiting for the other group to finish the puzzle game. How did we fare in the game? Stay tuned!


  1. Oh, what a nice way to learn about parenting skills! I guess after this, you won't get so impatient if your child find difficulty in doing certain things.

  2. @foongpc,
    I hope so. It sure gave a bit of understanding for us parents.

  3. Interesting... I guess it's hard sometimes to see things from a kid's perspective. 'grats on winning first prize :)

  4. @clair,
    I feel events like this is good to serve as a reminder for parents like us it is not easy being a kid too.

    Sometimes we put too much pressure on our children because we want them to be a success that we push them too hard without being understanding of how they are coping with life at that young age.


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