First Week At School

Some photos of Raimie on his first day at school. We're proud to say that he had no problem (so far) going to school. He already boarded the school bus on his own on the first day (with us waiting with him at my FIL's house and at the school entrance).

To tell you the truth, it had been a tiring few days for us. While Raimie was quite OK at school, we were still around to check on him at recess and after school. We wanted to make sure that he eats OK (it is hard to get him eat in normal circumstances, so we worry...) and that he'll be OK waiting for the school bus after school. On that stretch of road in Brickfields, there are a few other schools so when school ended, you'll see hundreds of kids rushing out. We wanted to make sure he knows which is his school bus and that he boarded the bus safely. Not to mention that both Zaini and I woke up earlier than usual just to get Raimie ready for school and prepare his packed lunch.

So far, he did everything wonderfully except eat. His classmate (the one sitting next to him in the photo below) was quite the opposite of him. His mum had packed him a lunch box full of nuggets, but he still wanted to eat. I gave him some fruits that I packed for Raimie (Raimie only wants to bring fruits for recess) and he actually asked for more! There are a few kids without their parents on their first day, so I became the "Aunty" for the day and help them to buy food at the canteen. Hahaha...

Raimie in his classroom. There are 40 students in Standard 1 and they are separated into two classes. I heard that SRK Bangsar (Bangsar Primary School) has 300 Standard One students with 9 classes this year! La Salle on the other hand, has only 5 Standard 1 students.

I wonder why the Education Ministry didn't ensure that all schools in this area had a balanced amount of students. After all, these schools are not that far apart from each other.

Queuing after recess before going to their classroom. Raimie was embarrassed because I whipped out my camera to take his photo.

After school, we treated him for a lunch at Tony Roma's. Dennis, the Manager was around making sure we were satisfied with everything and boy the service and food that day improved drastically, and it was a great lunch there. Raimie, as usual went for the ribs.


  1. Tgk gaya mcm anak ok jerk....mak dia plak la yg kelam kabut tak ketahwan hala....kuikuikui......relek la mama oiiiii.....chewahhhhh...pandai jerk teman....esok anak aku masuk skolah pon sama jugek... ngengengenge...

  2. @Cheyah,
    Anak sorang. Kehkehkeh. Tunggu la turn ko lak nanti. Musti lebih kuranh (tak pun lebih lagi) muahaha

  3. Wah, so nice help the students buy food at canteen! Raimie so lucky, can go eat Tony Roma's again! I don't remember being so lucky when I was a kid. Haha!

  4. @foong,
    neither did I recall of ever being so lucky when I was a kid! LOL
    Have to help the kids lah, took pity on them looking somewhat at loss and what with bigger kids just cutting queue.

  5. Don't worry, Mom. He'll be fine. We all worry about if they eat, find the bus, make a friend, etc. And they all do. It's funny how they survive the day without us! :)

  6. lina.. u hantar KAFA gak tak??? u act dok mana ek? near brickfield gak ke? our choise nak hantar kuen cheng school kat syed putra tak tau dapat ke tak sbb katanya nak neighborhoodnye area.. maybe area serdang la...
    BTW, I know dennis, sbb dia kasi I sticker for %....

  7. @Yatie,
    Rumah sendiri kat Balakong tapi nowadays balik sana weekends aje. Kat Brickfields ni pun sebab guna alamat father in law(actually both our IC address Jalan Bangsar) :-)
    Kat Brickefields pun ada sekolah Cina gaks.
    KAFA - hantar, dekat je ngan rumah FIL. Jalan kaki turun lif dah sampai (tu rumah flat seberang sungai tu)


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