Korean Food

Apart from Japanese food, I adore Korean Food but unlike Japanese Food where I can find plenty of outlets that I can go and eat, I have one problem with finding a Korean Restaurant I can patronise. Most of them are non-halal (i.e. they serve pork), a BIG no-no for us!

So, for the time being I just settled having my Korean food fix at Food Garden in the Gardens Mall. At the moment, the owners of the stall (a Korean couple) are still manning the fort and they are very helpful and nice people even with their limited English. In that photo is Dolsot bibimbap that is already mixed/stirred. The nice lady owner even stirred them for Raimie.

I especially love to order Bibim bap for Raimie because there are plenty of vegetables in there. My personal favourite is Soon Du Bu Jigae (hot and spicy soft tofu stew). Yummy!

I like the owners, but Raimie usually will feign coolness even though the lady owner fussed over him. It's because she likes to call Raimie, Baby (instead of Boy) LOL


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