My Public Transport Adventure From Mid Valley To KLCC

I needed to go to KLCC on Tuesday to meet up with RHB's Personal Banker (so grand one lah the name. LOL) because I wanted to refinance my house. So, I thought might as well make an adventure of it. I decided to take a bus from Mid Valley Megamall to KLCC and the trip back by Kelana Jaya Line (forever etched in my mind as Putra LRT).
At 2.00pm, not many people waiting at the bus stop. I waited for just 10 minutes for the KLCC bus to arrive.

Bus ticket. This ticket is good for a whole day trip on RapidKL buses. Gone were the days where we pay RM0.90 for a single trip on Intrakota buses or RM0.60 with mini buses.
The bus was quite empty. There were 4 of us from Mid Valley stop to KL Sentral and two alighted there leaving just two in the bus. The whole trip took about 40 minutes.

A long queue just to board the LRT at KLCC.
Being squashed inside the train. Total train journey from KLCC to Bangsar station plus a walk home was almost 30 minutes. I am ever so thankful I don't need to commute to work by public transport anymore. Years ago, when I was a regular user of the LRT, the passenger load were not as bad as now. Now, the passengers are increasing but the train coaches never did. Have you seen how long the Japanese trains are?


  1. That is what I have to go through every single day...haha...

    The Japanese trains are very long? How come we don't have it I wish we have it here...

  2. @jason,
    really long. Some of them are 8 - 15 coaches long! Just imagine how many people you can squeeze inside.

    Thank God my days as a commuter are over! LOL I used to go out from home at 6.00am just to make sure I can have a seat in the bus and sleep because I didn't want to stand for 1 hour in the bus! Ah...those were the days. :D

  3. Last summer I thought it was a bit strange coz i would have always called the 'Putra LRT' as erm, Putra LRT. But it confuses me now a bit , now that they have changed it to Kelana Jaya Line. Does anyone know why they changed the name?

  4. @nurin,
    I think it's because Star LRT + Putra LRT and Intrakota are now under Prasarana Negara Berhad, so in line of the merger, they renamed the 3 entities to Ampang Line (STAR), Kelana Jaya Line (PUTRA) & RapidKL (Intrakota). Service still remains the same, IMO. Only bus fare change & became higher. Sometimes, I prefer the Metrobus than the RapidKL.

  5. I have to wait, let 3 crowded trains passed before I can board, no squeeze into one to KLCC. :(

  6. I was in KL a week ago. A quick trip so didn't alert any one. :)

  7. Rasenye derang sorang gerabak tu kot hehehehe
    Dulu slalu menyumpah gak sbb slalu naik LRT dr Setiawangsa - KLCC mase buat intership kat Petronas.

  8. huh? Putra LRT changed name to Kelana Jaya Line? Gosh, I didn't even know! That shows how long I stopped taking public transport. haha!

    Wah! You took picture while in the crowded LRT?

    I don't like crowded places, so I prefer to drive. LOL! But nowadays so scary, traffic jam and sudden flash flood!

  9. @ECL,
    you were at KLCC last week? How come never tell!!!
    When's the long trip to KL due then? :)

    by the time the train from Gombak sampai Setiawangsa, mesti dah sendat giler. I used to take them from Gombak to Ampang Park. At least still can fight for seats lah at the first stop. :D

    lucky you lah. Anyway, I can't drive, (still have phobia after an accident) so have to depend on public transport if I go out alone. XD

  10. Well a lot needs to be improved in public transport in Malaysia, the very first thing being the number of buses/coaches and the second an efficient card system like EZlink in S'pore. One thing I find quite unsettling is that the Johor state government is saying that an LRT-style line will be build in JB back in 2006. Well it feels like promises remain promises.

  11. @Jim,
    indeed we do. I'm tired of hearing all the plans about improving the public transport but the situation didn't change that much. The LRT & Komuter are still crowded and the buses are never on time. Buck up Malaysia. Don't just ask for price increase when service never gets better even after the increase. Hmph!


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