Larian Bersama Bomba Is Back, With A Difference

Larian Bersama Bomba will be back for the 17th year this year but with a difference.

I joined the previous editions that were held at Dataran Merdeka before, and one of the factor that made me join was the limited medal available for each categories. 

You can read my recaps of the previous editions here:

and hopefully I'll be back to join it again this year in 2019! 

Anyway, LARIAN BOMBA 2019 will be held at PERSIARAN FLORA, CYBERJAYA this year and it will be a NIGHT RUN for a change.
Several categories are available not only for firefighters but the run is also open to members of public.
Categories and registration fees.
Entitlements for participants in the 10K and 7K categories.

A special entitlement for the top 100 finishers in each category - runners who finished in the top 100 of their category will also receive a limited edition top 100 medal, apart from their finisher medal.

So they can get two medals in one run! And also absolute bragging rights for being so laju!
Finisher medal for every finishers.
Limited top 100 medal.
3K Family and Fun Run categories are also available so there's something for everybody.

What's the distance that you will choose for yourself?

Oh ya, there's also lucky draw with many cool prizes to be won.

So if you're looking for a run or a night run on 17 August 2019, why not register and run in Larian Bomba 2019?

Let's support our Abang Bomba and show our appreciation for their hard work and sacrifices for us.

Registration can be done at:

You can also check out their Facebook page: 

See you there!

Also, do FOLLOW and LIKE our Facebook Page Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura for more race info and updates.


  1. I like the tee shirt with API!! So nice. Night run is always cooling and shiok kan.

    1. come, come Anay. We make a lot of noise there! LOL

  2. I think night run is better. Cooler. So, you havent decide to run in it??

    1. I'll be there but who knows something crop up.

  3. Will there be hunky abang bomba joining in the run? hee..hee..hee...

    1. There always a whole lot of them 😜😜

  4. running at night is not so hot but need bright lights so everyone can see. family and fun run sounds like a category many would join.

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