Tram Ride In Kyushu

When we were visiting Kumamoto and Nagasaki, apart from the local train (the JR Line was covered by our JR Kyushu Northern Area Rail Pass), we also used the tram quite extensively to get around both cities.
The one-day tram pass we bought to use in Kumamoto.

The trams is used by local and tourists alike but of course, there were more tourists on the tram at Nagasaki compared to Kumamoto.

For 500-yen per tram pass, it is a good value as a tram ride cost 130 yen -  170 yen per ride. 

Trams arrived at regular intervals so we never needed to wait long for one and it was indeed great fun to get around town in the!

We used the time travelling in the tram as a time to chill and take a breather before getting to our next destination.


  1. Did the tram driver make announcements at each stop like bus drivers in Japan do?

    1. Yes, they do. And thank every single passengers that alight too. Same SOP

  2. I have not seen enough around the Kyushu Island and might choose to land in Fukuoka instead for my next Shikoku trip. I bet you enjoyed the slower pace of life in Kyushu area.

    1. Indeed we do!
      Shikoku for me, has a much slower pace. Enjoy both islands, Anay


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