First Dine In Outing Since CMCO

Our Son returned home for his mid-semester break on Oct 9th. Then, CMCO is enforced in Selangor, KL and Putrajaya.

He'll only return to campus next year in January and is now learning online, at home.

We haven't had any outing and only went out for work and to buy groceries/food items since the start of CMCO on Oct 14th. Last Sunday was the first time the family went out for dinner outside after 4 weeks.

Our choice for dinner - Ichiban Ramen.
Son had Katsu Curry Rice.
Hubby had the Mapo Tofu Ramen.
And I had Mapo Tofu with Rice.

We went to dinner first then we visited Popular bookstore so that Son could buy some stationeries. Time at the mall for dinner and bookstore stop: 54 minutes.


  1. Ya, better do quick meal and quick shopping at bookshop before go back home. Stay safe!

  2. I wonder if the Mapo Tofu Ramen was spicy? :D Looks great.


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