School Stationeries Project

We started a School Stationeries Project last week after a friend transferred some funds to me for infaq (donations). 

We had been putting up food stuff (dry food and cooked food) at our home area's foodbank and my brother who is in our hometown is doing food baskets rounds for those in need.

We discussed about what to do with this particular donation, and with permission from the initial donor, we set our sights on getting some school stationeries for 34 under-privileged students in a primary school in our hometown. We decided against distributing more food baskets with the funds because both the government and NGOs are distributing food baskets in abundance already. 

School children on the other hand, still need to use stationeries while doing online learning and we thought that it would cheer them up to get some nice stationeries and hopefully, help them get more enthusiastic in learning. We also hope that it would lessen their parents' or families' burden in getting those stationeries.

We open up a fund collection with the hope of getting enough funds to buy a complete set of stationeries for the 34 students and managed to get enough funds in less than three days, with the help of kind friends and donors.
The set for 34 primary students in Raub. We also included some pocket money for the student/family. 
All set and packed for the 34 students. Thank you to all kind donors. You all showed the muhibbah spirit of Malaysians.

Next, we received some funds which we will use for a hot meal/food pack distribution. This time, we will be distributing it to folks in Johor Bahru. 


  1. Bless you for your charitable work!

  2. The sets are very nice and colourful. I am sure the 34 students are very happy to receive them . I can only repeat what PH says, bless you all for your kindness.


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