Lending A Helping Hand

My brother's friend reached out to him early last month for a helping hand to boost her home-based business. She sells smoked beef, smoked duck and smoked chicken products from a company called Salai Valley. Salai Valley also sells Negri Sembilan's style of masak lemak paste.

Individually, we couldn't help much but when a friend of mine banked-in some donations, we see it as a chance to help my brother's friend especially because her husband had passed away due to dengue.

With the permission from the donors and with some funds we topped-up ourselves, we arranged to buy my brother's friend's products and asked her to cook and supply hot meals for the homeless or less fortunate people in JB.

The packed meals were then sent to Pasar Karat at Jalan Segget in JB. With the help of the officers manning the area, the hot meals were distributed late July.
I also ordered some smoked chicken and masak lemak paste for all my siblings to try.
The masak lemak paste sure gives a KICK!

The seller (her name is Shima) sells from JB where she lives but she can arrange for delivery anywhere. But if you want to order, I guess it'll be at the mercy of the delivery company. All except one of my orders arrived in one or two days after I bought it. Once got stuck for a few extra days at the hub, but the seller had promised my sister that she'll replace the product.


  1. It is so touching to see how you and your brother are helping others at this time. Kudos Lina.

  2. Good of you and your brother to help! I might want to try the daging salai.


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