Sunday, 27 June 2010

He Gets Jealous

Does your child get jealous when Mom and Dad gets cuddly with each other?

Raimie certainly did! If I so much put my arm around Zaini when we were out, he'll push and make himself walk between us. He doesn't like it if he isn't walking in the middle. He wants to hold both our hands, and Mommy and Daddy can't hold each others' hand when he's around. *^-^*

Sometime, when Mommy and Daddy cuddle up on the sofa, he'll just plonked himself on us and wriggle himself to get between us!

It's so cute. Just yesterday he went all pouty on me because I put my arm around Zaini when we were out at Gardens Mall. I had to placate him by giving him a bear hug. My son is jealous even with his Dad. LOL

He is quite protective too. If Zaini and I bickered with each other, which we really like to do because we do have different opinions on plenty of things; he'll scold one of us and told us off. He'd say : "Mama, don't bully Papa" or "Papa, don't scold Mama". Now, whose the child in the house? Us or him? <3


  1. my girl mmg jeles kalau i lebih lebih dgn my hubby

  2. @Yatie,
    I selalu dengar from my frens girls jealous, tp boys pun ada jugak rupanya. *^-^*

  3. Benghui likes to do the same too :)

  4. how true. kids often get jealous when parents pamper each other.

  5. @bengbeng & Life Ramblings,
    I guess we are lucky our children are affectionate enough to be jealous, eh? ^-^

  6. hahaha most probably Raimie thinks you love papa more than him or papa loves mama more than him! Anyway, that's cute of a kid!

  7. I suppose only because he's an only child. He probably needs another sibling to get the idea of sharing his parents, eh? You get the drift? :p

  8. @Dora,
    I bet baby XJ will be that way too when he is bigger! ;)

  9. @HappySurfer,
    Hahaha... We close shop oredi lah... XD

  10. looks like our little j will be raimie in the making

  11. @Ayie,
    He's already shown jealousy. I bet he doesn't like it if Mommy doesn't shower him with attention all the time, eh? ^-^



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