Saturday, 26 March 2011

Eeeek! Spiders!

Enjoying nature is something we like to do. But sometime, there are something out there  that I'd went eeek! when I see them and one of them is spiders!

Plenty of spiders on Fukuurajima at Matsushima Bay which we visited last year. Also, I've put up some posts on Matsushima Bay and the islands there; with links on ways to help Japan's earthquake and tsunami survivors. Have you checked them out yet?


  1. eeeek! I'm scared of spiders.

    When we were young kids, my brothers and the neighbouring boys love to catch spiders as pets. yucks!

  2. @ECL,
    Me too!

    But when I was a kid, I wouldn't bat an eyelid at them. I would've one who would love spiders as pets when I was little. Growing up, I became such a scaredy-cat. XD

  3. spiders can be creepy but they're so fascinating to look at.

  4. this type of spiders are not yet that eerie to me, only those black huge ones will scare me off..

  5. you know what, maybe because you shot them too nicely in the photo, they somehow looks naturally beautiful.. :p

  6. Okay, spiders freak me out, BIG TIME! Whenever I see a spider in the room, I'll yell for wifey to clear it out! LOL!

  7. @Mei Teng,
    Too many indeed! o.O

  8. @SK,
    Those hairy ones would freak me out so much, I wouldn't even think of trying to get a shot of one! XD

    The ones we found on the island were sure beautiful, weren't they? They were so colourful!

  9. @Nick,
    So manly of you! LOL

    Ask Pebbles to chase them away next time. ;p

  10. Can't say that I'm a big fan of spiders!!

    Japan Australia

  11. @Japan Australia,
    You too? :p

  12. Cob web weaver? This is beautiful, my girl and my son love spiders!(not my favourite though, I prefer grasshopper and dragonflies):)

  13. @Alice,
    Not the hairy ones too? Your kids sure are brave! :)

  14. Tarantura is their favourite(when they got to see it in K.L aquaria)!^-^ My kids are bunch of weirdo(not me)!

  15. @Alice,
    LOL Brave, inquisitive kids, not weirdo lah.... ^^

    I wish my Son can be as brave. He's scared of even cockroaches! City kids... XD



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