Friday, 4 March 2011

Homework Help

Raimie needed to bring a potato stamp for his art class the other day and Daddy being ever the responsible one carved not one not two but four potato stamps for his son.

Raimie didn't get to use all four of his stamps and used just one. What happened to other three? A few classmates didn't bring any to school so his teacher distributed Raimie's surplus potato stamps to those who didn't have any. That's fine by me but I kinda wonder how come the kids or the parents didn't make the effort to be prepared for a class? Can't expect everything to fall in one's lap, right?

Raimie lost his pencil case yesterday. Daddy gave him a lesson on tough love and forbade him on taking to school a new pencil case because Daddy wanted Raimie to learn about responsibility and the consequences of being irresponsible and careless. (He lost his school tie a few weeks ago too, and Daddy didn't get him a new one and made sure he look for the missing tie and inform his class teacher about it). Mommy took pity on Raimie and when Daddy wasn't paying attention, whispered to Raimie to put aside a pencil, a ruler and an eraser to put in his schoolbag. Well, sometimes you have to do the Bad Cop, Good Cop routine. Can't be strict all the way and depress that boy!


  1. i agree. sometimes it takes more effort n pain for parents to discipline their child. but it is also necessary to have the bad cop part playing just so they can learn to appreciate things for what it is, n not take everything for granted. :)

  2. bad cop good cop mrs n i change roles now n then.. mayb it is best if i were to stick in one role.. Raimie has a good upbringing i can see that

  3. @levian,
    It takes effort and steely resolve not to melt looking at your child's faces when you are being firm with them. That I can say!

    I so agree, they need to learn that everything shouldn't be taken for granted.

  4. @Bengbeng,
    I turn bad cop too sometimes.

    I hope I'm raising him right and hopefully am doing a decent job.

  5. Best to swap roles occasionally as it is not fair for dad to be bad cop all the time, but it is a good technique.

  6. Discipline builds character. Great job you both are doing - complementing each other's role.

    Art & Craft class - my fav. However, I figured Raimie has been deprived of showing his creativity here by dad doing the stamp-making. Don't trust him with the knife/blade? Maybe kids at this age shouldn't be given such an assignment, one that involves the use of sharp objects. Just my two cents.

  7. i remember we have to bring the potatoes to school, and only carved them in the class ourselves.. without any help from parents at all..

  8. it should be the kids doing that instead of the parents, but of course there's supervised by an adult.. if the parents are doing that, then that has no mean of discovering the kids creativity right?? :)

  9. yeah, i agree with you.. parents always have to synchronise, one being the bad one, and the other being the good one after that.. :)

  10. @HappySurfer,
    No, I still don't trust home with the knives. And Zaini is a bit of an order freak so that stamps have to look nice. :D

    I think the objective is not so much for the kids to make the stamps but the work on paper later, hence there was a note from the teacher about it. I myself seeked help from my father when I was his age.:D

  11. @Japan Australia,
    Mommy turn bad cop when it comes to studying and doing homework. Daddy is the bad cop when it comes to "law and order". *^-^*

  12. @SK,
    There was a note from the teacher to prepare the stamps early before the class. Anyway, parents nowadays (us!) tend to get so involve with the kids assignment. XD

    Well,I think my son has a somewhat free rein to express his creativity. He is pretty much free to express himself at home judging by the litter he made sketching, doodling, building, etc but he is not allowed to handle a sharp knife yet!

    I still give him a less than sharp knife when he's helping out with the onions, garlic and ginger slicing. Maybe I should trust him more now that he's nine, eh?

  13. LOL! So the assignment was for the parents, not the student. Kids these days are so lucky.

  14. @HappySurfer,
    Parents nowadays are more involved (maybe way too involved in some cases) in their children's studies and school activities. Quite unlike my time. I can count the times my father actually stepped in the school. He didn't even come during prize giving ceremony!

  15. I'm the good cop and wifey is the bad cop in my family ... LOL!

    My kids have no value for their stuff like as if the things we buy falls free from the sky.

  16. @Nick,
    You are the good cop ah? :)

    My son sometimes would flippantly mention - just buy a new one to us whenever he can't find or want something. So easy life lah kids these days. That's why have to teach them value of stuff whether they are expensive or not. RIght?

  17. very kind of daddy to do the stamp and I agree, how about those kids who didn't do their homework? that isn't fair for others.

  18. @Ayie,
    For the other kids, hard to say. Either they didn't bother or they forgot. That's why parents do need to check the children's progress especially when they are in the lower primary.



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