Tuesday, 22 March 2011

To The Markets

Supermarkets, wet market (though I admit it's been ages since I last been to one!), farmers' market (pasar tani), night market (pasar malam), morning market (pasar pagi)....

Our routine visit to buy groceries at the market (usually more at hypermarkets though) can be a learning experience for our Son too! No need to wait for their school to organise fields trips. A trip to the supermarket can be turned to a field trip of our own too. ^^

All those fresh produce you see at the market - you can show to your kids and let them familiarise with the items there.

I didn't want Raimie to think chicken and meat items originate from a supermarket shelf, neatly placed and wrapped; so from an early age he  kinda knows how/where the fried chicken or the steak on his plate comes from.

Other than that, when doing grocery shopping -  I at least want him to know what ginger or onions looks like! XD

Heck! When I was his age, my Mom sent me walking a few kms to go to the Sunday market to buy groceries for the week. 

No, I have no plans yet to ask my son do my grocery shopping but at least should anything happen to me or when he needs to be independent, he won't be so clueless walking around looking at fresh produce!


  1. hmmm, have been ages since my last visit to a wet market..

  2. i guess by the time i wake up, the wet market would have already closed.. :p

  3. wow, nowadays even schools organize field trip to the market? like you, i rarely go to the pasar tani, etc. but i love going to the super/hypermarket though! getting vegetables, canned food, or even discovering any new products could be so much fun! :)

  4. ya, we parents hv done our part.

  5. @levian,
    No lah... I was just saying only :p

    I sometimes like to go to Pasar Tani looking for ulam and other herb thatI can't find at supermarkets but I too don't go there often. Maybe once in a blue moon. :)

  6. A colleague told me he goes to the pasar malam early (like at 4 or 5pm) to get good fish though prices may be steeper. I haven't been to any open market in eons. It's the crowd that's scary.

    Raimie is in good hands. Right, chicken don't just appear on or grow from supermarket shelves.

  7. LOL, same like your anak, my kids love visiting market too(be it wet or dry or supermart)!^-^

    yeah, I agree it''s educative for the kids to visit the market, my kids actually learnt about vege and other groceries from supermarket thn books.;)

  8. @HappySurfer,
    I go early too, to Pasar Malam. Not keen in joining the late evening crowd. :)

    But nowadays, not many Pasar Malam sells fresh items - fish and whatnot. Right?

  9. @Alice,
    They do learn something from these visits right? :)

    Though sometime a bit headache when they start touching things they are not supposed to or go running somewhere. ;p

  10. I seldom visit the wet market cos I don't cook! haha!!

  11. I'm 44 and I'm still walking around clueless looking for fresh produce ... LOL!

  12. @Nick,
    Lucky you have your wife. So, she always does the grocery shopping?



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