Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Visit To Pusat Sains Negara

Raimie was pretty excited about going to the Pusat Sains Negara (National Science Centre) during the school holiday, what with the "Dino Alive" exhibition going on there.

We were there on Monday, and man... the place was sure packed with people ranging from families with children to kindergarten groups visiting the place.

Before going in the "Dino Alive" exhibition (RM10 for adults, RM5 for children 4 and above); we went checking-out the "free galleries" first - the Wonderspark, pathways to science, etc.
Raimie having fun trying out the exhibits and learning a bit, I hope. There he was, trying to properly put back a human torso's internal organs back in and learning about electricity or power or something.
Maybe it was due to hunger (we were still there after 2.00pm and not had our lunch yet) but apart from this two huge dinosaurs in the middle of the hall, the dinosaurs exhibition was pretty lame. There were two sections of dinosaurs exhibited - the herbivores and the carnivores; and each section probably have less than 10 exhibits. Don't get me started on the carnivores. Half of the exhibits were of Velociraptors only! For a boy who has known his dinosaurs since the age of three, he wasn't excited about the exhibits after seeing them.

If you want to see dinosaurs and want to learn something in the process; just head to Petrosains' Dino Trek instead. You'll get your money worth there and there are more interactive exhibits so that your kids will at least learn something and not just come to take photos with the dinosaurs!

I guess it was better during the weekend with all sorts of activities being offered complete with a "meet with an archeologists" or something. I don't know...


  1. Long time didn't go to Pusat Sains Negara! I thought there are also some dinosaurs outside on the park right? : )

  2. So the exhibition pretty lame? Well at least they have 2 giant dinosaurs there hahaha!!

  3. @foong,
    Yup, the dino park is still outside. Didn't go there though - the weather was too hot! ;)

    Two dinos right in the middle of an area filled with screaming kids playing at jungle gym thingy places around those two giants. "Nice".

  4. Doesn't sound like you had a great time as you were expecting!! Science museums are usually great for kids as they are so inquisitive and love exploring new things.

  5. i've never been to the National Science Center, and wow, never expect so much things to see inside..

  6. but from your post, doesn't seem like it's a good experience there, haha, so i don't think it'll be wise for me to plan a visit yeah?? :p

  7. @Japan Australia,
    The science exhibition itself was fun, both for parents and for my son but the dino exhibits (the one we paid to go in) was a letdown. So, it wasn't such a waste of time but it wasn't all that fun either. ;)

  8. @SK,
    There are actually so many things to do at Pusat Sains. If you have kids tagging along, you might want to take them cool off at the water park. And there's also a greenhouse one can visit, apart from the science galleries. It was just the fact the the Dino Alive exhibition; which was heavily promoted, was just not up to par for me.



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