Saturday, 6 August 2011

After 12 Long Years....

After 12 years of marriage, this purchase was the first I ever made for a rice cooker. You see, the old rice cooker I used all these years was a wedding gift.
With the Ramadhan month here and I wasn't looking forward to waking up really, really early in the morning to cook; a rice cooker with a timer seems to be a much needed item. My old rice cooker was a simple on/off /keep warm type of rice cooker. *^^*
If it's just me, I would have just eat a banana, some kurma (dates) and drink water for my sahur during this Ramadhan month and last till sundown for break fast but Raimie is starting to fast this year. He tried last year but didn't manage to complete it. He wants to try this year. He needs to, he is a big boy, after all!

This week, it's all porridge for us with the new rice cooker! It's nice to wake up at 5.00am and see my porridge all done. :)

My old rice cooker? Worry not. I'm not the type to forget faithful helper. It's still here in the kitchen. ^^


  1. Cute post, the way you worded it - makes me laugh.

    Congrats on your new acquisition. Have fun with it. I know you will. :)

  2. Congrats on the new cooker. Looks canggih ... hehehe!

  3. @HappySurfer,
    Having fun so far. Life is easy with technology. ;p

  4. @Nick,
    Canggih lah compared to my old trusty rice cooker. :)

  5. Oh there's one with a timer now?I didn't know that. Well that sure will make a lot of lives easier :)

  6. @jellybelly,
    It sure did! I just put on the timer at what time I want my rice/porridge to finish cooking, and I sleep easy. :)

  7. ya, it's so easy to cook porridge with the rice cooker.

  8. 12 years of usage? Wow! That's so durable and I think worth an award for such a faithful rice cooker. 12 years ago the technology may not be that techie as now but still, this old cooker of your served you very well and long!

  9. At what age do you usually start fasting during Ramadan? That must be a real challenge at an early age...

  10. I never had a rice cooker in my life...youmean you set theprogram to "porridge" and it will just do for you? You can also set it to start cooking at 4:30? S o it's ready by 5?

  11. @Webbielady,
    The old rice cooker can still be used, but I figured I value my sleep over cooking at such an early time so that's why we went ahead and bought that new one. Yes, it deserves an award, just like most of our electrical appliances. My fridge and washing machine are 12 years old too. ^^

    About fasting, we teach them early. When my son was smaller, he just tried to do it for a few hours and a few days over the month of Ramadhan and gradually increased. It is a challenge, not only for children but for adults too. It is to remind us about hardship and the need to be patient, grateful and compassionate in life.

    There are a few options available on the rice cooker. Porridge is timed to cook for an hour so it starts cooking at 4.00am to be ready at 5.00am. I only cook and prepare the side dishes to accompany the porridge when I'm up. Makes life so much easy.

  12. Hi Lina!

    That's so educational. I mean, I was baptised Roman Catholic so that's the custom I know. It's indeed a real challenge for adults tomake the younger generation practise the fasting as well.

    I actually find it very difficult to cook in the mornings. Milk/coffee and some sweet's or a pack of cookie is good for me.

    We have just lunch and dinner... so much different for what I did back in the Philippines for 22 years!

    BTW, How do you explain to your son fasting? I mean, it's different than explaining to an adult, I suppose?

  13. @Webbielady,
    I don't need to explain much. There are a lot of TV programs that geared towards educating children on this. Him, being the top student at his religious school helps too. He catches up fast. LOL

    Seriously,I don't go on about hell and hellfire when I am explaining the tenets of Islam to my son. Not yet.

  14. wow, that must be a very good quality rice cooker!! 12 years using that without problem??

  15. or is it just that you seldom cook, so the chance of using that rice cooker is maybe just less than 1 year in accumulate?? hahaha :D

  16. anyway, i think it's time to change also, seeing the nice feature of the new rice cooker.. i like the timer feature, so convenient!!

  17. well, we still have the on/off/keep warm rice cooker at home.. i think that's the only type my mom is comfortable with.. haha.. it just shows that we dont really like change.. :P

  18. @SK,
    Maybe so lah... since the rice cooker pretty much only works during weekends. XD

    I like the timer feature. It's cool. But then, the selection we have here aren't as hi-tech as the ones I saw in Japan. They got talking rice cooker there! And rice cookers that cost thousands too! (Come to think of it, I saw some rice cookers that cost RM1,000++ at Jusco one time). @.@

  19. @Bella
    Same with my mom lah... Rice cooker yang lid boleh bukak terus some more.

    I think if my mom has a "canggih" rice cooker, she won't let us kids fiddle with the function much. She would be afraid it'll get spoilt! LOL

  20. Eat porridge and you can tahan for the whole day ah!? Can lose weight like that leh. :P

  21. Nowadays they don't make rice cooker that lasts for 12 years. The factories will close down. lol

  22. @ECL,
    Eat porridge & kurma, can last for many hours. I can last with just kurma (dates). Amazingly, my son has no problem with fasting this year. :)

    How to lose weight though. Whole day fasting, then buka puasa got all sorts of nice food from Pasar Ramadhan? xD If I'm not careful, can gain weight some more. LOL

    Yeah, if make durable things, how to get lots of profit, right? ;p

  23. Just as WebbieLady says, it's great that your rice cooker lasted this long but I suppose it does help to have one with a timer :)

    Lots of time saved in cooking!

  24. @sriyany,
    Yup, it's great that our appliances lasted long but it also good to have more "modern" stuff around. :)



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