Monday, 8 August 2011

Craving For Thai Food

Reading about food while blog-hopping sure isn't good. I don't know whose blog I read but there was a post about his/her excursion for some Thai food and I had been craving for some mango salad ever since!

Zaini was nice enough to agree on treating us for some Thai food and I chose Flying Chillies for our "buka puasa" last Friday. Mango salad, here I come! Heh heh
Crispy catfish with green mango salad. Yummy. Not the best that I've had, but it managed to satiate my craving. Actually, I think the one at Chicken Rice shop is better (and cheaper). ;p
Special fire pot. Even the normal spicy option, it was really spicy! Hot! Hot! Hot! But totally addictive.
Green curry chicken that I ordered because I thought Raimie can tolerate its spiciness. Turned out he couldn't. He complained it was too spicy! My son and his "non-malay" tastebud. That boy sure cannot "tahan" spicy food.
Vege dish - asparagus with shrimp.
Just four dishes with rice, and we were totally stuffed! Not exactly cheap, with RM89 (after 15% discount) but not too expensive either. Service was good and fast but I was a tad annoyed that when paying, I had to remind the staff to refund back my RM50 deposit I made when reserving our table and was made to wait for it. Hello! Cannot lah customers have to remind you peeps about the money you took earlier, right? You should return the deposit without us asking for it. If customers forgot, then how? Easy RM50 profit, owh!

OK, now that I got Thai food out of my system, what food will crave next? ^^

I'm proud to say that Raimie had no problem fasting this year. So, maybe this Friday we should take him somewhere he want s to eat as a treat. I hope he doesn't ask for KFC! o.O


  1. Wow, that fire pot looks yummy! Together with the mango salad, got my salivary glands working. haha..

  2. I'm craving for that pari bakar near the luk luk place. Hmm, not sure when will I get my hands on it.

  3. @wenn,
    They are really nice, aren't they? The crunchier the better. :)

  4. @HappySurfer,
    It sure was nice. Fire pot really set me on fire! ^^

  5. @maslight,
    ala pari bakar... delish nya... Later must look for parik bakar too. Hihi

  6. hey!! you know what!! those (except the mango salad) were exactly what i ordered during my last visit to Flying Chilies!! OMG, what a coincidence!! O.O

  7. but i think almost everyone who dine in there will order the tomyum, it's like a compulsory for everyone.. haha!! :D

  8. but then i don't think that it's even voted as one of the world's best food.. rather, its counterpart Thai Massanam Curry was voted the first.. but errr, have you heard of that ah??

  9. @SK,
    Go Thai restaurant, have to eat tomyum lah! Right? :)

    Wah, whats Thai Massanam Curry? Have to google it up! :)

  10. I am all for Thai foods for the hotness and the spiciness,,, if you come to Penang,i would take you to one place,,sure geng one,authentic Thai food,even down to the dressing,,,,, the chef Thai,,,, too

    by the way, wishing you happy fasting ya

  11. So yummy! I love Thai food! Good thing I'm not hungry right now :)

  12. I love Thai food though I can't tahan soicy food too but I just suffer and cry all through my meal ... hahaha ...

    Green curry is my fav!

  13. Love Thai food to bits... I should hv follow my husband to every biz trip to Thailand... how I wish someone can babysit my kids!>_<

  14. @Eugene,
    Deal! But when lah I can go to Penang again? ^^

    Thanks. Already one week down, and three weeks + to go before Raya. ;p

  15. @jellybelly,
    Good thing you aren't drooling. ;p

  16. @Nick,
    Hahaha... cry and suffer, wipe sweat then eat some more. ;p

  17. @Alice,
    But I bet Juan Juan And Ah Xuan will not be happy if only you & hubby eat Thai food in Thailand! ;p

  18. Oh I have been to Flying Chillies! But didnt really enjoy the food there : (

  19. Love Thai food! Dreaming of going to Bangkok again for some delicious Thai food!

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  21. @foong,
    Because you already missed the food you had from your Thai trips. That's why. ;p

  22. @Majid,
    I'm all about helping but seriously Majid, why would I do it for Christ's sake?

    Have you stop and read my blog? @.@



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