Thursday, 4 August 2011

Local Fruit Fest

Last Sunday,the day before fasting month started, we went to Taman Warisan Pertanian in Putrajaya to check out local fruit on sale at the "Jom Makan Buah" fest held there annually. We would have missed the fest because there was virtually no promotion about it outside of Putrajaya if not for my Sis. Glad I read about her commenting it on FB on Friday. ^^
Before eating all those yummy local fruits, it was time for lunch! Sup Tulang (bone soup?) and Nasi Ayam (chicken rice) for us. Raimie was looking mighty grumpy because he was annoyed with me forever taking photos of everything! ^^! Mommy, once in a while, stop taking photos and eat like normal people lah! Wakaka
Then, time to buy some fruits! Of course durians stall is a must! There was a buffet option for all you-can-eat durian klon at RM18 for adults and RM10 for children. We opted to buy a few of them instead of binging on durians that day.
More local fruits on sale - cempedak, rambutan, mata kucing, langsat, manggis, jambu madu....
Our next purchase - some buah Salak (snake fruit) from Kelantan. This is one of our favourite fruit.
and then it was time to eat some durians..... we bought a "kampung" durian from Pahang and a durian klon. Just two durians shared between the three of us and I was still burping durian 8 hours later. Buuuurrrrpppppp....


  1. Durians! Yum! And your soup tulang looks yummy too.

    I was uphill at Gentings last weekend and surprised that they were having a fruit buffet at the First World Cafe! Durians included! We passed..

  2. ohhh, how i miss durians!! they only sell frozen ones here and i find that just terrible!! have you tried the mao shan wang durian before? it's supposedly very good!

  3. My husband just mentioned yesterday "There is one thing i have not done with you... eating durians" hahaa!

  4. It is like durians fever everywhere! Yea really fever :P.

    Sup Tulang... I Want that! <3

  5. @HappySurfer,
    Fruit buffet with Durian at First World cafe? Those who don't like durians have to suffer the smell there. xD

    That Sup tulang was yummy. The meat sure was tender. :)

  6. @peachie,
    Mao Shan Wang/Raja kunyit/Musang king/butter durian. Put it this way, I come from Raub, Pahang. ^^

  7. @LV,
    So when are doing the "eat durian together" with your lou kong? :)

  8. Gosh, it's been years since I ate durian. I really must try it sometime.

    And sup tulang would do wonders for the cold weather now :)

  9. hahahaha!! Raimie give me five!!! finally he's complaining you are taking too much time to shoot the food~~ :D

  10. haha, i really can imagine that picture in my mind.. he is complaining out of a sudden, and while you were happily snapping here and there, you were shocked in awkwardness.. :D

  11. oh, why is everybody posting photos of durians in their blog?? urgh, i hate that!! and please don't touch me with your fingers that smell like durians too, ok?? hahaha :D

  12. @sriyany,
    Yup, sup tulang on this cold rainy days would be great. ^^

    So, are you going to feast on some durians soon? ;p

  13. @SK,
    Where got awkward one, kena scolded by son? I just ignored him. LOL

    Hahaha after this know how to tease SK. Go after him with fingers smelling of durians. ;)

  14. Durians, not one of my favourite fruits. I can't even remember the last time I ate one ... hehehe ...

    That soup tulang on the other hands looks absolutely yummy :D I'm a soup person and simply love all kinds of soup.

  15. @Nick,
    No durians if want to run! I can't. My tummy will be heavier than if I'm eating curry. xD

    What soup do you like best? :)

  16. You got to start Raimie on blogging. Then he will start to take photos of food and maybe you will be the one getting annoyed haha!!

  17. I love, love, love durians! And I wanna eat them in front of SK hahaha!!!

  18. @foong,
    Let's all go eat durians in front of SK! :p

    Yeah, if Raimie starts blogging, I think I'd be the one getting annoyed. LOL



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