Sunday, 14 August 2011

More Blooms

More blooms to perk up the weekend. How's it going so far? Hope you are having a blast, since tomorrow is already Monday!
It's been raining in the evening the past few days. I generally won't complain, but the jam we have to experience after work rushing home each day after/during a heavy rain.

And I do wish it would stop raining when I reach home so that I can do my daily runs. I can't run in the rain and I can't hit the treadmill either, now that my treadmill decided to croak on me. Huhuhu

p.s this time, all flowers photos were taken in Malaysia. *^-^*


  1. Lovely flowers and nice bokeh! After today, the weather should get better and better with the 7th lunar month half a month to go. Happy Sunday!

  2. @HappySurfer,
    Thanks. ^^

    Have a happy Sunday to you too. :)

    I like the rain, just not when I want to go out for a jog. Totally selfish, right. ;)

  3. The rain did the flowers good. They're lovely!

  4. One of these days I'm probably going to buy a nice Nike rain coat and run in the rain ... Rainy weather can really play havoc with running especially when you set your mind to run and the rain kacau pulak.

    I noticed the Daily Mile widget, cool :D

  5. @jellybelly,
    Yup, rain will do all plants a lot of good. It can be too hot when it doesn't rain. :)

  6. @Nick,
    I read about the rain jacket review too. I think my hubby would slap his forehead if I do go and buy and run in the rain! LOL

    That widget's been up for a week(or was it two)? ;)

  7. oh yeah, weekend just passed like nobody's business and tomorrow is Monday again!! sigh.. meaning i need to work on my assignments again~~ :(

  8. you know what!! the word verification for my post just now was "peria".. gosh, does that hint something bitter?? so sad~~ :p

  9. i like the evening rain over the weekend, haha!! because that's making me having nice afternoon naps and feel so refreshed, haha~~ :D

  10. Love the 4th photo.. Got insect some more.. Ahhh beautiful flowers

  11. @SK,
    It's bitter to go through 5 days of weekdays to get to the weekends! LOL

    I used to like it too, but now when it starts to rain around 4-5.00pm, I'd get fidgety. One - of the jam it will cause. 2 - I cannot do my pre break fast run.

  12. @Bella,
    Glad you like it. :)

    Flowers are always a joy to see, right? ^^

  13. where do you find the strength to run after a day of fasting, you Superwoman! Just reading you saying that makes me exhausted already. :P

  14. @ECL,
    I bet what I do isn't as exhaustive as your activities, ECL! ^^



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