Sunday, 18 September 2011

The First Time Is Always Nerve Wrecking

First love, first job, first sex.... and for me; at the age of 36 - first running race. Yup, I'm a race virgin.

I'm entering my first race ever in my life (cross-country during school years don't count - I suck at them big time in school anyway) and I'm doing it alone. No running "kaki"/buddy with me.

I decided that after 5 months of running around the hood, I should try and join in the fun. Reading up runners' blogs about their races are sure making me itch to join them! I blame you, Nick!

Nobody I know is going for the run but to wait for someone running and accompanying me would mean that I probably would have never gotten into running at all. Sometimes, you just gotta dive headlong into something and make good out of it & have fun while doing it.
Nice soft t-shirt for the run. Won't be wearing them though. I don't like baggy stuff. xD

Registered myself to KLIUC Unity Run rather at last minute on Friday and will be heading off to KLIUC in a few hours (6 more hours by the time this post is up) or so for my inaugural race. And it's a 10K race too! Zaini drove me around to recce the route after registration two days ago. Boy, it sure has some inclines for runners to deal with.

Wish me luck coming back safely and still able to walk! I sure hope I won't finish the race last too.*^-^*

I let you know how I fared if I make it safely back! LOL


  1. Woohoo, I'm just as excited for you and best wishes for a successful finish, Lina. You'd also be making some friends when this day is through. Have fun too!

  2. @HappySurfer,
    I'm back in one piece! It was fun! :)

  3. wow, finally the first step out!! and i'm sure there will be more coming ahead in time..

  4. so far i've not run any marathon before.. errr, wait, maybe once when i was in Form 1, that was a 10km charity run for the school i remember..

  5. oh, so did you get the finisher medal or any price?? show us that~~

  6. I think my first was the Sutera Harbour charity run last year, it was fun coz my bro was running with me and we were competing in the sense of losing weight. After that I ran the Borneo International Marathon (Half Marathon), nearly went crazy and registered for full but I wasn't crazy enough to do that.

    It'll be a few more HM before I could take up the FM ;) friends definitely good to boost confidence and drive to run.

  7. @SK,
    terer ah you. Form 1 already ran 10K. I already "semput" dping the 1500m when I was at school! LOL

    A post about the run and whatever I get soon! ;)

  8. @Maslight,
    So who wins in terms of losing weight? ;)

    Salute you in jumping in to HM! I think I just improve on my timing and pace at 10K first for a few years before doing the HM & FM. Body not young anymore. xD

  9. So, hoe was the race? I'm sure yu were hvg great fun!^^

  10. LOL! Blame accepted.

    Congrats on running your first race. I knew it would just be a matter of time till you couldn't resists a race :D

    Here's looking for more to come. And congrats on the medal too :D

  11. @Alice,
    It was fun! :)

    The post about it later. :)

  12. @Nick,
    I was second guessing myself before as I thought maybe I'm diving in races too soon? I mean, I just started running like 4-5 months ago and all those articles I read mentioned I should at least be running for 6 months?

    But into the race, I must admit I was enjoying myself as I make a point not to overdo myself and keep my pace to a manageable one.

    Let's hope Zaini will not get tired of sending me around for runs and races for me to get into more races in future. :)

    A sub 1hr 10K for next race, now for me to target? ;p

  13. congrats Lina :) start slow and steady at your own pace, most importantly you want to have fun .. welcome to the running club .. do join on fb the fmvs2010, chap ayam runners, and pacesetters to make new friends and get tips and whatever u need .. run well, run safe :) *hugs* btw cant believe u read so many of my blogs hehe .. i am starting a running for dummies series soon lol

  14. @June,
    Kak June! Thanks for the visit.

    Hahah ada juga visit the FMV FB group, Chap Ayam Runners etc but not too sure boleh mencelah or not. ^^!

    Looking forward to the running for dummies series. will definitely read them over and over. :)

  15. ish, dont be segan to ask or mencelah :) trust me the people are all very friendly .. i am one of them hahaha

  16. @June,
    Noted. ^^

    Will make sure to "celah" masuk in future. Hihi



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