Saturday, 10 September 2011

The School Holiday And Festival Break

So Raimie got a week off from school during the Raya break last week. Enjoyed it, he certainly did!
We went back to my hometown to celebrate Raya. He does enjoy his time there, and seeing his aunts, uncles and cousins who also were back for the festivities.
He received a lot of duit raya from generous relatives and neighbours.
His Dad took him to Desa Water Park on Friday while Mommy was at the office. By the tanned face he and his Dad sported that day, it looks like they really had a blast there.
He even gets to watch a movie. It was either Smurf or Cars 2 but Mommy vetoed for Cars 2. Mommy just cannot stand Smurfs. LOL
Ate fast food three times in the Raya week. Pizza on Monday, MarryBrown on Wednesday and KFC on Friday. Talk about indulgence!
And on Saturday, he got to enjoy dinner at TGIF.

How was your Raya vacation? I bet it was good (and maybe quite fattening too)! I managed to somehow gained back the kgs I lost during the fasting month in just two days of Raya. All that bingeing on Raya goodies. Not running much after Raya sure isn;t helping with getting the weight off either. @.@

I hope the haze will clear soon. As it is, I'm getting runny nose and itchy throat because of the weather. :(


  1. I basically stayed home during the holidays and ran, what else to do with free time ... hehehe ...

  2. @Nick,
    I would've done the same thing do. Run and run some more, if not for Zaini smacking my head and knocked some sense into me! LOL

  3. wowwww best nya aktivit raimie !!

    selamat hari raya bad, maaf zahir batin :D

  4. @Dot,
    Selamat hari raya.

    Tak buat open house ke? Jgn lupa ajak. Aku maybe tak datang punyer. Wakaka

    Kidding eh... ^^

    BTw, cuti raya korang amacam?

  5. oh was it just last week?? why i feel like it's passed so long ago?? hmmm, maybe i didn't even have a break~~ :(

  6. so many duit raya pockets there, must have lots of money inside, can ask Raimie to belanja papa and mama for a nice treat at Pasta Zanmai yeah?? :p

  7. haha, fast food three times in a week??!! wow, bet you need to cook something simple and healthy for next week already~~ :D

  8. hahaha!! you can't stand the smurfs?? errr, i am collecting the toys from McD now, kekekeke!! lala la lalala~~ :D

  9. @SK,
    Because you were such good boy and did your assignments on the holiday, right? :)

    After all those fast food, eating steamed fish now. ^^

    You collect Smurf also ah (amongst other things you collect). We told Raimie we are not getting/buying him any Happy Meal just because we don't want the Smurfs! LOL

  10. Hi Lina.. :)

    Raya was good for me.. Didn't balik kampung, but celebrated with family and boyfriend in Kajang.. The only sad thing is, I didn't get angpau anymore.. Huhuhu


  11. @Bella,
    And soon, time to give duit raya pulak, kan? ^^

    Good to know you had (still having, I bet) a good Raya. :)

  12. Spent the break chauffeuring mum around for shopping, Asam Laksa, etc but it was good :)

    I think fattening is the least of it. We binged like no tomorrow. Think the TV is fed up of looking back at us now.

  13. @sriyany,

    Well, it was a good holiday, binge and all. The TV must have missed you this week though. xD



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