Sunday, 30 December 2012

Running The Furthest Distance Todate

and I did it at Newton Challenge on Sunday, Dec 30th 2012. A 25km run on very HILLY course. It's hill on hill course. You climb one hill, make a turn and then do another climb. Loooong climb. Repeat a few times throughout the course. @.@ *pant pant*

Slept early on Saturday; at 10pm and woke up bright and early at 2am. Had a big mug of coffee and two slices of bread with peanut butter for breakfast and took my time getting ready. We drove to the race site located in Bandar Kinrara at 4.40am and arrived there a few minutes before 5am. Nice...

Despite arriving early, you won't see me lining up at the start line early though! No No No
I had this scribbled on my left hand - my pace chart, in 3K increments. Target completion time : 3hours 10minute. Slow and easy (IF you are running on a flat route lah). 
The straggler. Last woman out, 4minutes after flag-off. But despite taking my time starting, I was still on "blur" mode.

I had switched off the GPS reading on my Timex and only realised it after running about 1km. Didn't want to reset it again so I ran without the distance shown on my watch. Then after 16minutes of running, I realised that I wasn't listening to songs. Dig into my pocket for my earphones and switching on the playlist on my phone. *so blur*

Felt good the first 14K and just ran with whatever pace that feels right. At certain stretches along the route, we were running in pitch-black darkness. Street lights weren't working at certain route.
See that red dot. That's the only thing we can see at certain stretches. It's the volunteers waving the red light-saber thingy to show us to route. 

Nothing much to say about race organisation - normal race organisation, nothing special. Though a bit weird that the 5th water station running out of cups and we had to resort to drinking from the 1.5ltr bottle. @.@

That is why folks, I always run holding my own water bottle. 

Anyhoo, THANK YOU to all race volunteers for forsaking their sleep to help us in the run. ^^
See? Bottle in hand. No water in there also I still hold on to it. Take back home, and send to recycling centre later. Hahaha

Anyways, after the 4th water station, I took turn between running and power-walking. Walk uphill and let loose going downhill. Can feel blisters forming from KM17 onwards but it wasn't too painful. Just one small bloody blister this time. Nothing like what I had when I did the CICM Run in November.

Eezard passed me somewhere around KM16 (I think) while I was walking and munching my Hammer chewies. Then, at the 7th water station (lost count lah, and brain was rather fuzzy at KM20 or so) Nannoor's husband Ib passed me. Then, at KM22, Farisha passed me pulak. Huhuhu

Despite getting passed by these people, I was still unwilling to push till it hurts so I just ran, picking up pace downhill and walking uphill. Lazy runner. I fully realised that I am a lazy racer. I am completely unwilling to exhaust myself and go all-out in a race. I need to rectify this. So need to. Hmmm....

To those who can push to the limits - you have my respect. Salute. Tabik. I can never (or won't) do that.
3hours 06min later (or at gun time, 3hours 10min later), I arrived to the finish line. I got to know that the route was under-distanced, instead of 25km, it was just 24K. A 3hour 06minutes for 24km would mean I ran at an average pace of 7:46/minute which is way slower than my intended pace of 7:36/minute. Shoot!

Arrived the finish line, beg for my medal (nobody seems to want to pass me a medal so I actually had to ask one of the volunteers to pass me a medal). Must be the bat ears. Hahaha Then, posing time!
Nick who were awesome with 2:36 despite having an ankle injury. Respect!
With fellow running gals, Nannoor & Farisha. Congrats on superb timing!
With running couple, Nannoor and her husband Ib.
With Eezard and Gus.
With Rashid, whom I first met during the MAKNA Run earlier this month. Congrats on the superb timing you did! :)

All in all, I had fun. Though feeling a bit bitter for not having the chance to eat any watermelon after finishing the run. No more watermelon for us late arrivals. I guess all kena sapu by the 12K runners and those fast 25K runners. Next time, must run faster to eat watermelon! Hahaha No milo van also. No free breakfast so buy own breakfast lor...
Fragrant nasi lemak with cockles. Calories out, calories in. Nyummm...

Next order of business - wash stinky clothes and iron Raimie's school uniform. He doesn't want to volunteer ironing them yet. ;p

Before I forgot - HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Who's doing LSD this New Year day? I'm planning to do a 21K. Maybe 21K run around the carpark? Imagine round and round the carkpark for 3 hours. kakaka

Saturday, 29 December 2012


A giveaway post that was triggered by SK's post.

Plastic food or "sampuru" (from the English word sample) is ubiquitous at Japanese eateries. Plus point for us who may have problem ordering by looking at a Japanese menu, plastic food display can be a godsend. 

We just dragged the waitress out and point at what we'd like to order. Or if you are like me, and is always nosy to know exactly the ingredients in the dishes, plastic food display helped a lot. I'd point and ask for confirmation about what is in that dish. Whether it's only seafood, or with beef or chicken or pork.
Gotta love "sampuru". Here's more photos of the - over at my other blog.

Anyhoo.. to celebrate the arrival of the year 2013, I'm going to do a small giveaway. Small item only but hey! It's from Japan! ^^

The question :
What is the hardest and most expensive edible item on a restaurant menu to be made into plastic food? 

Salarymen love it.

The first commentor with the correct answer/guess will get  this.

It's a handphone strap of Hello Kitty wearing a cow's shaped-hat on a "terung"! Want?

BTW, eggplant stir fried with beef or what is called "nasu to gyuniku no amazu itame" is absolutely delicious. Om nom nom

Well, go on and guess away. Don't let me distract you. ^^

Closing date : when I finally get around to reading the guesses and when there is a correct answer.

Ru, you CANNOT enter this. ;p

Friday, 28 December 2012

Ready For School?

This applies not only for school-going children but also to their parents. kekeke

School opens on Jan 2nd! School holiday is almost ending! Gah!
Raimie's books and school supplies list. So many stuff to buy...

At least, at Raimie's insistence and actually complete ambivalence about getting everything new for 2013 school year, we don't need to buy his school shoes or uniforms as last years' stuff fit just fine. He didn't want us to buy him a new school bag either, despite the bag being in tatters but I've got some AEON vouchers from the company annual dinner and we spent it on his new bag. An el-cheapo bag of RM50.

He got his hair cut to regulation hair already which is a pity, I tell you. I do like him with mop top hair. ^^

One thing that we will buy regardless of son's reluctance over getting them will be Standard 5 workbooks that he will need to do over the weekend! He doesn't go to tuition classes just yet, and all the "extra" studying is and will be done with his parents. Expect plenty of argument. Hahaha

Can't wait for the new school year? Not really. ;p

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Just In Time

This baby of mine just came back after spending a few weeks over at Sony Service Centre. Just in time to capture more running shots at Newton Challenge this Sunday. *phew*

Problem with the memory stick slot, and it took more than two weeks (must be waiting for the parts from Japan, as it was so long....) and I'm RM190 poorer. The parts was charged at "only" RM50 but workmanship in Malaysia sure is expensive! RM40 to check, RM50 for parts and the balance was for workmanship. o.O

You know, I am very much tempted to get the Samsung Galaxy camera. Just imagine the number of photos I can instantly bombard you with, using a wi-fi enabled camera! No more need or excuse to use huge iPad or tablet taking photos and instead, use a proper camera for a change! ;)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

More Sexy Men

One word : phoawr!

The types of song I listen to. Or rather, I listen and ogled at. I do need visual stimulation when I sit on my spinning bike for at least 30minutes, you know. Just to forget how I am suffering trying to maintain a certain RPM while doing my cross-training on the dratted bike for at least 30minutes.
Woo Young is cute and edgy at the same time
I tell you, I'm rather partial of TOP of Big Bang. He's the blonde guy in the third MV. 
Jay Park. Mmm mmmm mmmm

I guess I am rather juvenile in my choice of songs.

Still enjoying this too!

Listening to No Doubt. Sure brings back memories. ^^

This folks, is my Wednesday-need-to-work-after-the-holiday but wish-I-can-have-more-day-off post. Who's lucky to enjoy more Xmas break?

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Wishing For A Vacation Rant

It's the year-end. Holiday/vacation time for those lucky people that gets to get away. *envy*

Last year, I had the opportunity to not only enjoy my vacation-to-Japan-since-2002 with the family, I also got to run/jog around several places in Japan, which I blogged about here.  It's somewhere in this blog. Just search for "Head not screwed right" heh heh

For runners, what can be more ideal than combining a vacation with a run or maybe ten! Hahaha

Anyway, a look back to those lovely time I had, enjoying crisp, cool air in Japan... and missing Japan more and more in the process. Sigh. Can't believe it's been a full year since our last visit. We've got another 24 months to go before we step on Japan (Nara to be exact) soil again! *double sigh*
Would you wake up at 5am on your vacation to run in the rain? Plus, would your significant others went out too, to check on your safety? I did and Zaini did too. Although he left me soon after, as he gauged the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama as a safe place for me to run. I wasn't the only crazy one. Bumped into a few runners there doing their morning run too!

It gotta be a 5am run because I need to finish breakfast and get ready to be out by 8am!
The day after, I did my run way down in south of Japan. On the island of Kyushu and in Yufuin, to be exact. The autum colours at Lake Kinrinko was (and is!) simply magnificent!
Running towards this lighthouse in Takamatsu, in Shikoku was particularly nice. So nice, I ran twice there! Watched the sunrise during the two runs I did there, as I also need to finish my run early and embarked on a 9am-4pm sightseeing which then continued again from 6pm to 10pm.  Total respect to Raimie for putting up with his parents (walking & sightseeing wise) and tagged along without too much of a grumble. ^^
Running by the Sumida River in Asakusa, with Tokyo Sky Tree was particularly awesome too! I bet Ru would agree with me. ^^

And what do you get when you go out at 5am to 7am there?
Sensoji (this is the Kaminarimon or the Thunder Gate) devoid of tourists or crowd.
Beautiful scenery, of course. And again, no tourists...
The sunrise. Especially nice to view it alongside friendly locals.

Raimie and Zaini had fun sweating out too, like enjoying a few game of ping pong with Minoru-san who generously invited us to his home.
I have to say though, as much as I miss Japan, I do not want to visit the country from now till the end of winter. My tolerance towards cold season is low. *brrrr*
Holiday for us this time? What holiday? School is opening soon! No more waking up at 6.30am! 5.30am routine will be back soon! Uuuwwwwaaa!!!

Oh yeah. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that to those who celebrate it. :-)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Sexy Men

Gawd... Men in suits are so sexy. 

Sexier even when they are unbuttoning their jacket, or loosening their ties or sporting an unbuttoned shirt. Pergh...

This song has been in my running playlist since like... forever. Yes, I listened to this song (among other Korean songs) when I go out running - I've got 2NE1, Beast, Big Bang, 2AM, Super Junior, PSY (not Oppa Gangnam Style but the controversial and banned song : "Right Now", JYJ, ZEA, 4Minute, MBLAQ...). 

Envisioning sexy men do make me run in a happy mood. Hahaha

This is my Monday post, wishing that I need not to go to work and out for a run instead. 

Happy Monday everyone!

And oh yeah, Merry Christmas to those who will celebrate it!

Anyway, on second thought... not all men in suits are sexy. Only handsome men in suits are. Hahaha

But PSY's song Right Now can lift anyone's mood. Makes a nice change than listening to Oppa Gangnam Style being played over a million times.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Photos, Today's Run And An Upcoming Race

A very belated narcissistic post... as I just made an effort to look for my own finishing photos taken by the official photographers of Penang Bridge International Marathon which I entered in November.
Nothing outstanding. No close-up. Heck, when I was reaching the finish line, didn't notice any photographers taking photos other than Zaini! I couldn't smile to any random person there, could I?

Anyway, love this shot taken by Magic Moments Picture :
This photo was taken just after flag-off for half-marathon categories, and those were Women categories only. What a crowd, eh? Happy to say I was one of them! 

You can see the odd man (men) there because quite a number of them chose to run with their partner/significant half. Awwww...
Can you locate me? I was one of the stragglers in that category. heh heh I actually waited like a full minute after Women flag-off to walk (yes, walk) to the start line, just to avoid the crowd.

Anyway, training is in full steam right now to prepare myself for my very first full marathon distance which I intend to do in 2013. *choo choo*
And with that, here's today LSD record for prosterity. Miahaha!!!Two sessions of a 12K run & a 3K uphill walk instead of the supposed 16K run but wanted to do 20K run I aimed earlier. Reason : started the run at 9.00am and getting slowly roasted under the hot sun in Putrajaya in the process. Finished at 11.00am.

What do I get from running so late?
Visible tan line!

I think I'm in some sort of race withdrawal.... hence this post about a race that happened in November. I'm just glad that I'll have a 25K run at Newton Challenge next week to look forward and suffer to!

Those yet to know the race course (like me) may want to head to Jamie's blog or Yim's too and hyperventilate after reading them! Hahaha
p.s. Don't forget to collect your race kit from 27th - 29th. One thing I love about Newton is that race kit collection will be easy for me (for once!) It's literally right at my office's doorstep. Yeay!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Two Trains

It's been ages since I last put up photos of two cities here (if anyone can remember a series of photos and posts I put up of Japan & Malaysia...).

As I very recently took the KTM Komuter, that gives me an idea for a post.
In the KTM Komuter
In the LRT. Old photo though. LRT now are plastered with advertisement.

And the Japanese train
Now, ain't that much of a difference... right?

except that, in Japan you won't see people getting tired of waiting for a train that only arrives 40minutes after the supposed time; and you took it for a 10minutes ride home! @.@

Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday Drama

Not the-end-of-the-world yet. 

So since the world is still pretty much intact, I decided to have a fun day with the family. Though I bet Raimie would want a better definition of *fun*. Ahahaha

Dragged the whole family out for a late morning run (at 8am no less). Got rather err... tied up earlier, despite waking up at 6am.
Of course, Raimie went ahead with Daddy while Mommy did her thing, at Taman Wawasan. After all, Mommy wanted to do hill intervals this morning. Not that it amount to much, but hey! The course was hilly enough for Mommy! Suffered through the first 3K with achy foot and tight calves. Mommy always wanted to cry and suffer her first 3K run...despite taking ages to warm up beforehand and almost felt like throwing the towel. But by the end of the 6K, Mommy wished she had more time to run more. Yeah yeah yeah.. so the drama.
Doing the 400m climb for each set was helped by listening to Bruno Mars and the "hamsap" song Runaway Baby is particularly helpful for the climb.

Bribe Breakfast with Raimie and Daddy was this :
after eating a simple, dinner last night - of leftover turkey meat

Mommy took a half day medical leave yesterday, due to a bad case of flu and used the KTM Komuter for the ride home.
Can't help to wonder since when is it that people with dicks are considered as ladies or female?

Or is the "Ladies only" coach is limited to peak period? Didn't see any sign mentioning it. Though I have to admit seeing dickheads squeezing into "Ladies only" coaches during peak period too.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Bit Of Poshness

Stupid post.

I get itchy looking at my non-updated blog so hell... here goes.
So going to enjoy this biscuits. *Pity* (or is it to my advantage?) that my colleagues don't appreciate them. All the more for me! Ahahaha!!!!!
and looking forward to have a cuppa or ten of this. A Diamond Jubilee Blend Boh tea, no less. I'm feeling rather posh now. If only I have a butler to pour my tea.

Heh heh

p.s. Going crazy looking at mountains of papers. Paperless office? Not in this office anytime soon! That, and the many, many Xmas cum year-end department parties. @.@

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Weekend Post

Nothing much on and so, randomness post today just for the heck of posting a post. heh heh

But first - hope those who did the Malakoff Run this morning had fun! ^^

Mommy had a haircut on Saturday, and made Daddy drove all the way from our house to somewhere nearby KDU because her hairstylist is there. 
New hair, short and straight. Nothing funky done. Hairstylist kept egging Mommy to do highlights but Mommy keeps refusing. ;p

Then because we were already nearby Tropicana Mall, we decided to head there. Typical of Mommy, went into the Running Lab store to check out running stuff there as she was hoping to get a new hydration belt but nothing caught her fancy. Turned out Kah Yen and Nick were there too that day... just minutes apart, I think. 

Lunch was at Pasta Zanmai (yet again)
Sure enough for three or not? hohoho Saw Kah Yen eating lunch there. Hi Kah Yen!

Sunday is LSD day for Mommy and the boys somewhat got dragged along. Not the whole 20km... They would've definitely protested to that!
 Actually, Mommy was supposed to do 20K run but only did 16K. Saw Raimie looking bored waiting, when Mommy got to Taman Wawasan (was supposed to do the final 4K there) so decided not to be selfish and stop instead. Raimie probably needed to wait another 40minutes if Mommy was to do that 4K (on hills some more!).

Mommy had 5 minutes stop along the route - for two toilet breaks! Raimie and Daddy spent time walking at Taman Wawasan and playing with bugs while Mommy ran.

As a treat afterwards, we stopped at the new twin Petronas Station, the Petronas Solaris Serdang/Solaris Putra
to chill out here. Of course, Mommy has already freshened up (at one of the many, many toilets available in Putrajaya) and changed to fresh baju already when we "lepak" here.

Pity, cannot use wi-fi at the outlet and that this ONE outlet doesn't accept Amex (there goes my 5% weekend rebate) and the Maybank ATM was out of order. Otherwise this station is so convenient as a pit-stop.

Watching One Piece now and will eat fried rice for lunch later.

Mommy is thinking of maybe doing that 4K run balance later in the evening - and doing hill intervals. We'll see how "rajin" Mommy will be later, eh?

How's your weekend so far? :)


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