A Tempo Run That Didn't Happen

I wasn't planning to do any run this Saturday. When a group of lady runners wanted to arrange an LSD session, I declined. Didn't think I'd be able to wake up that early on Saturday morning and do a 15K run.
Because, I plan on doing soemthing fun till late night on Friday.
But then, Nannoor got us interested in this run, a "mere" 7.8K organised by Uniten students. Plus, it's for charity. Nannoor helped me to sign up and I figured, even if I can't wake up on Saturday morning; the money isn't going to waste and all procceds from the run will go to MAKNA.

Arrived 7.20am ish, blur blur made our way to the Uniten's library lobby. While walking, a friend of Ezzard; Rashid said hi. :) Friendly chap but pity I didn't take a photo with him. He has mine (with him, after the run) so Rashid - share share na... ^^
At 7.50am, still yet to start. Scheduled flag off? 7:30 am. Not as if they were waiting for any VIP to make a speech or anything. Waiting for the two Akademi Fantasia "stars" to arrive kot.
While waiting, met these lady runners. Chit-chatted a lot (late flag off mah), go to toilet, drink water, bla bla bla "kutuk" runners who were putting their game face on. Ahahaha!!!! By the way, the "kutuking" part was done with Zaini. The ladies are all nice. ;)
8am already, sun so high and what time is it? "Senam"robik time. Zaini forced me to join so that he can a take shot of me doing it. Warm up can la... but I don't do static stretching before any run; which was what were done that morning. Why? I realised early on when I started running regularly that I am injury prone if I do static strecthing for warm up. My warm up just consisted of easy run and maybe a set of strides (and usually during a race; is the first KM on the run. Lazy bum me. hahaha) Stretching for me is AFTER a run.
Then, we were "ushered" to the starting line. 8:20am, still have to listen to dunno what that boy emcee was talking. Then waited for the two stars to be introduced and take their place at the front of the line. Hot already la wei!!!!

Fairy surged ahead and I was just behind Nannoor for the first KM. Caught up to Nannoor reaching the first km to egg her and tell her that an auntie (in VFF no less) had managed to smoke both of us! I bet the auntie will say - see the leg lah! Hahaha

Ngam ngam 1K, Nannoor wanted to pick up pace and asked me to follow her. She's doing a HIIT program for this run and she's sticking to it. Me? I wanted to do a tempo pace, 2K warm up and 6K tempo pace. Well, that was the plan la.

Reaching the second KM, I was like - "lemme warm up a bit more and maintain this easy pace for one more KM. I'll pick up pace after KM3". By this time, Millie passed me and ran steadily ahead of me.

Run, run, run some more then got shocked that I had dwaddled for way too long - I ran slowly for 4.2K already! Alamak! By that time, I was silently cursing the hot weather. PANCIT!

Started to pick up pace, caught up with Millie; marveled with her at how an "uncle" (who must be a staff of Uniten - one of the lecturers I think, as guards were clapping for him along the route) ran slowly and steadily yet was always in front of us. Followed Millie's pace for a bit until I lose concentration (after being sarcastic to one of the volunteers - I'll tell about it later). Just as I picked up pace and heading downhill - and only at 5KM mark, aik? A girl was giving out placing numbers? I actually blurted out : "Finish already? Under distance ni, Dik!" Pocoyo nyer.... Muahaha

The advertised 7.8K run was actually only 5.2K! *slap forehead*
Amongst us ladies in our group, Nannoor was the first one to arrive. Her HIIT program went well.
The one who didn't even run on tempo pace despite her plan to do it that day was a slow second. Got totally dissed by Zaini about the slow timing. huhuhu 

psssttt... the "uncle" I mentioned about earlier in this post was that guy in white pants. ;p
and Millie who wasn't far behind me
Group photo!
I brought along this to share-share with the gals but in the end, didn't even had the chance to open the pack. This is folks, my race fuel. heh heh

For a 5K run, we spent like 2 hours there, 1hours+ waiting to be flagged off, then the run itself, then waiting to get our medals. The students told us the medals were going to be given out during the closing ceremony but I can't help noticing that some people (including white pants uncle) got their medals and cert. Confronted the students at the medal counter and was told they gave them put for people in a rush. What the?

I told them "eiiiiyyy... anak akak kat rumah tu sapa nak jaga, kalau akak tunggu lama-lama kat sini? Uncle yang you bagi tadi tu nak rush pegi mana? Bagi bagi" which basically means "I have a son waiting at home. I need to get back soon" - it's a more diplomatic translation of what I said la Ru. heh heh

But actually no rush la. Got our medals (the rest of the ladies went to claim theirs too) and of course, must take photo with medals afterwards. Take here, take there then only go home.

Zaini didn't take any photos of us with the medals, so I have to wait for the ladies to upload them and share. ^^ 
Also, Rashid; if you are reading this- nanti upload FB the photo eh? I don't have any photo taken with you. Zaini told me you were gone too fast. Maklumla, 7th placing runner, kan? ;)

Whine time!

Before I start whining, I do apologize to some of the students volunteers there for having to deal with me. But you can't be a smart-ass too. Especially not with aunties, you know.

The race was a small race. Really small race. I don't think the students spread the word around about this event too much. 
  • They still accepted on-site registration which probably one of the reason for the delay of flag off. Plus, with such a small turnout for it; I suppose the organiser was still hoping for more runners to drop by (after 30 minutes of the advertised flag-off time)
  • OK, so it's an event organized by students. Late la? Really? My son's school always start events on schedule. 
  • Late flag-off on a sunny day meant we ran with the heat. HOT! Got fried! How am I supposed to survive 42.195km at BIM like this?????????
  • Already late and the emcee still want to talk and talk at the starting line. Haiz 
  • Unnecessary "odour" inhaled. My god. These youngsters didn't take a shower (or wear deodorant at the very least) before going out ke? Dizzy man...
  • Checkpoint ribbons - way too many of them. And the ribbons were cut into 5cm strips. Where am I supposed to stash it? Plus, what's the point of the ribbons, adik-adik? At the last checkpoint ribbon giving spot, the two girls didn't even made the effort to hand out the ribbon. I had to stop in front of them and ask them whether they want to give me the ribbon or not. o.O  9.00am already. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Be alert.
  • a 7.8K run that turned out to be just 5K? Engineering students has no device to calculate distance meh?
  • Nannoor told us that the route is realtively flat. Really? Undulating route, more like. I should have referred to Doc Julin's post about running there in Feb for reference instead. Jahat Nannoor ni tau! huhuhu
Zaini told me to stop whining to "cover up" on the slow and very uninspiring run that I did. I guess he's right. *slink away in sadness*
Anyway, it's not all negative and complain-complain here and there at the race. The organising student body (or whatever you call them) gave out nice goodies bag at the start of the race. Generous even.  I met that group of lady runners finally. So yeah, not a waste of an outing at all. ^^

Anyway, good job for doing this for MAKNA so you deserve a clap. *clap clap*
A new t-shirt to wear (for Zaini), a cert and a medal to boot. What's not to like?

Since I had such an "easy" (yeah, right) run, cannot be lazy and must do the scheduled 15K tomorrow. No excuses! Serves me right!


  1. adui..8am baru start....become BBQ meat la...Ahem ahem the "two Akedemi" starts got finish the race or not ah? or saja go there tunjuk muka? waste people time

    1. Dunno wor... maybe halfway only! Muahaha

  2. can see from the photo it's really small group running.

    last minute decided to hold this event ka? or because of lack of experience?

    Kinda waste time if like that though the donation to Makna is good la

    1. Students organised. Maybe didn't ask advice from more experience people?

      But the effort for MAKNA was good. So that's a good thing. :)

  3. 7km become 5 km? last minute cut down or what? kinda disappointed hearing this

    1. Can make some people running plan haywire. Some people may have different pacing style for all the 7.8K instead of a shorter but can push 5K.

  4. I like your semangat blogging esp post-race! :)
    In the car, Aina checked the weather forecast - cloudy. Tidak cloudy langsung :P. And yes the guy in white pants was quite okay, maintained his pace well. I tengok my Nike+ graph, naik turun haha...maybe because of the not-so-flat route.
    It was great to finally meet you and all the other ladies. Till our next session :)

    1. Senang update cepat-cepat. Time tengah semangat dan masih ingat details! wakaka

      Yeah, was good meeting all of you! Pity cannot stay and lepak at Nannoor's place. :(

  5. I thought I posted the link here somewhere. Never mind - here it is again...if you had missed it the first time around:

    1. Do you know the difference between a marathon and a short distance/middle distance running, STP? ^^

      I've seen the link and I've commented on it too.

      As I've commented before - no use being afraid to die that you stop having fun. Heck! Organ scarring? Didn't stop plenty of people from smoking, last time I checked.

    2. No offence but sometimes, a little knowledge can be more harmful than no knowledge at all.

      Have you read countless of research done about long distance running too? Good for you. :)

  6. Lina, I love this post! You've become a real grumbling obaasan! :p

    That's good. Us aunties must teach the youngsters.

    Whatever you told them - anak akak kat nak jaga etc - made me laugh. (Thanks for the diplomatic translation.) The sounds and the short bitten-off barked-out words remind me of Afrikaans! I wish I could've heard you in full flight! :D

    1. Gawd... Those young 'uns must be scarred having to deal with a snippy obaasan today!

      Anak-anak : Kids
      Kat : at
      Rumah : house
      Sapa : who
      Nak : want
      Jaga : take care


    2. I bet it's more fun to bark in Afrikaans! But I think they'll probably think I was choking and decide to do a Heimlich to me! Hahahah!!!!!

  7. Rashid here. Thanks for the highlights hehehe.It was very hot becoz of the late flag-off. MC should show some sportsmanship spirit by wearing sports shoe instead of slipper. Come on lah. I even complained to one of the volunteers at the 2nd water station. They expect runners to carry and drink whole bottle while running ah. You made your points with the delay, emcee, ribbon, under-distance, odor etc. I tot there'll be prize giving ceremony or kalungan medal atas pentas (since there's no hadiah)to the top 3 runners (top 10 pun ok gak hehehe) but there was none. As if there was no recognition for the winner. Plan to conteng2 on their fb wall later.

    1. Iyer ker? Seb baik I insisted on getting the medals early and not wait for the prize giving ceremony. Kalau x, lagi suweeeeyyyyy!!!!!

      For such a short distance run, two water stations both giving 500ml mineral water bottle is kinda extravagant. But at least, I ambik gak satu. Leh bawak balik rumah! hehehe

      The emcee. Haiyoh. Don't get me started about that guy lah. Better just record his voice and play it over and over. Less annoying, kan?

      But then, they don't have any experience kot.... And maybe despite lacking the experience, they didn't sought out advice from peers/staff members/running groups or association too? Ala, bukan susah nak organise acara sukan, eh? *sarcastic mode*

      So, what actually happened at the prize giving ceremony? Just queue up to take medals ke? o.O

    2. Speech from MAKNA rep and closing speech by their dean. Itu saja. Medal ambik kat dalam lepas tu. Sigh.
      Btw sorry lambat reply hehehe

  8. Hola there..not bad for a small event organized by the students. At the very least, you got the goodies + certs + medal + t-shirt.

    But, the event kena diwar-warkan lagi sbb I didn't find this event anywhere on the net.. ;-)

    1. I've seen better organised run, by students. KLIUC run in 2011 was actually good. :)

      150 limited medals and they give it out regardless of category; male or female. Of course more male runners arrive first than female.

      Yeah, even the staff in Uniten were clueless about this run, so apatah lagi public. They would have gotten a better turnout if they approached those blogs/people who can spread the word around.

  9. wow wow wow!! i surely cannot recognise that rock star in the photo!! rupa-rupanya is Mak Rempit in that pink punk outfit!! oooh, sweat~~ :p

    1. so that pink wig you got it from your GM?? haiyoh, you look a lot better than him lah, somemore this pose of a rock star is just superb!! you are so potential to become the Rock Rempit!! :D

    2. Can you my eyes. Cannot see and focus to the photographer. RABUN mah. I just took off my glasses to look nicer in the photo. LOL

      My GM so sporting one. Right? If no belly, sure he looks nice one. wakakakakkaka!!!!!!

  10. hahaha!! at least you still able to wake up for the run, when there is a will there is always a way lah.. somemore "accidentally" registered for the run, and "accidentally" woke up for it and finally "accidentally" got another medal into your collection..

    1. so tomorrow whole day sleeping to recover the lost hours lah?? hahaha.. actually it's good to stay at home doing nothing lah..

    2. SK.... I'm already up. Since 5.30am. hehehe

  11. that packet of kit-kat fingers!! you know what?? i also bought that.. i bought that because it comes with a FREE container, hahaha!! most probably i'm more interested in the container than the chocolate.. so auntie like Yvonne~~ :D

    1. Got container ke? At which store? How come I x dpt container one? Aiyoh... sudah rugila like this! huhuhu

  12. Congratz Kak Lina for completing this under distance MAKNA Run... sorry cannot make it due to late morning woke up due to my bff's bday bash the night before...party all night.. huhuu...

    Wahh, just look at all those gorgeous workoutnistas.. The ladies runners united... hehee... Must train together2 for this coming BIM n Brooks too hehe.... O.o

    1. Lady runners have the challenge of juggling time w family and working out together. We try to meet up but not that often, byk clash w kids n husbands activities. :-)

  13. This is one reason why I don't intend to take part in anything under 21K next year, not worth the trouble getting up so early. Good job anyway.

    1. I stuck to my plan of nothing less than 10k before SCKLM & PNM but have race crazy after that! LOL

      Need to pick n choose quality races in 2013 for my FM. ^_^

  14. 1st: SORRYYYYY for not-so-flat- route. salah info i bagi. ahagagaggaaa...
    2nd one: i dah email the organizer with a long list of mishaps on that day. i pun dah komplen to my husband too, padahal my husband xde kena mengena pun. LOL.
    haiyohh those students. *sigh*

    anyway, i had a great time meeting with the ladies. kena plan LSD sesama ni. :))

    1. Run organisation wasn't great but I had fun because got to meet all you ladies! So ada positive jugakla. :-P

      Sian incik Ib kena dgr leteran. Wakaka

      Salah info pal route - takpe.:-D Klu tau, ntah2 takut nk lari. :-P

  15. Wei, tak dapat pun Kit Kat? :(

    1. Memanglah x dapt sebab tak kasik. SOrok dlm keta. heh heh heh


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