Monday, 27 February 2017

First SCKLM 2017 Running Clinic

I joined the first session of SCKLM 2017 Running Clinic on Sunday to prepare for my full marathon in May.

SCKLM 2017 Sunday running clinic was held in Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil and that made it easier for us to travel to the clinic. Another plus point about training in Bukit Jalil is the hilly route! So I get to go to the clinic and do some long runs that was peppered with hilly sections. WIN!

It was drizzling when we got to the clinic site but everyone was milling about, not being too bothered about the rain. It rained on and off during my 2-hour run. I got soaked but the weather was nice and cooling too, because of the rain. So I really enjoyed my run. Wet and all.
After signing in and getting my bib (with timing chip, no less!), it was time to listen to Coach Mark Williams talk and later he led us through some dynamic stretching.

The talk session on Feb 26th was "Starting To Train".

Then, it was flag-off time!

Clinic participants registered for the session based on the race distance they registered in SCKLM.

Marathon runners get A bib and their session had a 2-hour cutoff for 8 loops (my bib was A-103 that morning. ^^)
Half marathon runners with B bib needed to do up to 5 loops with a 90 minutes cutoff.

10K runnes with C Bib needed to do up to 3 loops with a 60 minutes cutoff.
Midway through the loop.

1 loop was about 2.70km and I just planned to do an easy, slow run on Sunday. 

I like SCKLM running clinic as not only it is a free clinic, it also provide a "race feel" run session despite not being in a race.

Water stations were provided at 1.6km and immediately after the finish line point. 2 water stations, serving both water and Gatorade.
Checking my watch after finishing my second loop. A big digital watch displayed the total time was placed prominently after the Start/Finish arch.

I'd cross the timing mat, walked towards the WS, and drank water before starting my next loop. 
I was lucky enough to be able to run with SCKLM RD himself for our 4th loop. He kinda slowed down as the 4th loop was his cool-down loop.

Then during my 5th loop, I ran about half a loop with an SCKLM pacer.

During my 5th loop, just before we reached the Bukit Jalil HM trial run WS (they had the session at the park too that morning), we saw McD staff distributing flyers and free burgers. We stopped for a while, chatted and I just couldn't resist taking one burger even though I knew fully well I'd have to hold it until I crossed the Finish Line. Hahaha

I finished 5 loops in 1:53 and had only about 7 minutes left before the cutoff time. But I decided to do another loop for a cool-down walk. No hurry, since the timing won't be counted anyway so I walked. Took a banana from one of the aid station (had to tahan myself from going for the Boncafe also, because I still haven't finished my session), and started to walk the final loop.

But as I reached the top of the hill at the 1.6km mark, one uncle chided me and asked "you're running or want to just walk?" Adoi. LOL
As expected, the timing mat was already been put away when I finished my 6th loop. Kesian. Wakaka

Me, my McD burger and Boncafe given free at the running clinic. 
I was supposed to do only a 1:40 session anyway, following my training plan. But I was feeling good, legs felt fine and so I decided to just go and complete the full 2-hours.
There will be 4 more Sunday sessions for SCKLM running clinic and registration for the clinic will be opened in phases.

I won't be able to join Mar 12th session as I'll be doing Bukit Jalil Half Marathon but I'm hoping to join the Mar 26th and Apr 23rd session.

For more details of SCKLM running clinics, head to

SCKLM 2017 also offers free running clinics for children under their Junior Running Clinic which will be held on Saturdays.

Oh yes, for those who wishes to join the running clinic on Mar 12th, registration is already open now and slots are only for the first 500 participants. Hurry!


  1. Eh I saw someone posting on this free burger and banana thingy on FB. She did not mention anything on the clinic though.

    Good running you had there with good legs and all. Keep it up till your full marathon in May.

    1. McD had some promotions at a few locations. Just happen there were two running clinics that day in Tmn Bkt Jalil. :)



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