Thursday, 2 February 2017

Meatballs In Putrajaya

We visited Taman Botani, Putrajaya on Monday and had a good time in the outdoors. Perhaps due to the long CNY holiday, there weren't that many visitors at the park. We just saw a handful.

After our walk in the park, we head off to Ayer@8, located in Presint 8 Putrajaya to look for a nice place to have our dinner and finally decided to try the Meatball&Co.

Despite the name, the place offers both Western and local fares such as Nasi Kerabu.

Hubby and Son were of course drawn to the place for their meatballs not their nasi.

We made our order and payment at the counter, got our number and sat down at our table, overlooking Putrajaya Lake. Nice scenery but it was raining when we were there so cannot see anything outside. Hah hah
First to arrive was my drink - strawberry something at RM7.90.
Then one of the two meatballs order arrived. 7pcs meatball with two sides at RM15.90. Not too bad lah. 

Hubby remarked that it felt like eating at a school canteen, as the meatballs were served on an orange plastic plate. Just like the one at school. Bwahaha

The meatballs were good and firm, according to Hubby. So never mind the plastic plate lah!
We had to wait quite a bit for the next one to arrive.  A fair bit. Meatballs habis kot, after serving to other customers.
Instead of meatballs, I opted for the lamb chop set at RM22+ which also came with two sides and free ice lemon tea (which again, the staff forgot to serve until we asked for it).

Quite generous portion of lamb and the mashed potato was decent enough.
And Son did enjoy his meatballs.

It's an option for those in Putrajaya who has a hankering for meatballs and for us too. 


  1. I love meatballs but I love lamb chops even more!

  2. Lol. The orange plastic plate. Doesnt look chic for a place with a name as Meatballs&Co. ^^

    I would go for the lamb chops. I am a lamb lover.

    1. Exactly!

      Name already hipster but then, used plastic plate. LOL

  3. You looked cute posing with 2 beetles!
    I always find that meat balls go well with mash potatoes.
    Talking about Nasi Kerabu, have you tried the fabulous one served at Dua by Skohns at TTDI? It is opened by a famous couple.

    1. Dua by Skhons?

      We are waiting for Tan Sri Anay to ajak and belanja us! LOL



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