Saturday, 25 February 2017

Plan B Dinner On A Rainy Night

We had some vouchers we received as ang pows when we had dinner at Plan B last month as part of their CNY promo. The discount vouchers were for each outlets under the BIG Group.
But we decided on Plan B as it's the most convenient outlet for us to go to. ^^

Dinner menu was a tad uninspiring, a fact that I've been bitching for the past few months. Please bring back the OLD MENU!!!

The current ones are so limited and boring. 
No mushroom soup in the current menu (a pity as it was my fave) so we ordered their tomato soup. Son remarked that it tasted like a spaghetti carbonara sauce. Hahaha
I had the Pan Mee Impasta which is quite good and filling, with a spicy kick. Generous amount of Shimeji mushrooms too. Yumss.
Lemongrass Chicken Don for the hubby. Not sure where the "don" or donburi part is since it's served on a plate and not bowl. Hahaha
Our dinner came to RM63.80 and with our RM20 voucher, we paid RM43.80. OK lah...

I am curious to know why the "Makan Malam" menu option seems to come and go. One day we see the menu being offered, the next takde. The "Makan Malam" menu has Salmon with Pesto Rice which I like so when the menu is not offered, tak syioklah. 


  1. I used to frequent Plan B long ago and almost forgotten it. I liked the breakfasts.
    Your voucher is almost 30% and really worth it. Ade lagi ka?

    1. 28.02 is last day to redeem...

  2. I haven't been to Plan B yet. The Pan Mee Impasta (impostor?) looks pretty good.

  3. I get excited at the sight of vouchers too! Hahaha! xoxo

  4. Replies
    1. But sometimes has to see whether worth it or not, as not to spend more than I should. Haha

  5. I bet everyone loves vouchers, especially food vouchers!!

    1. Definitely!

      But gotta read the T&C too!

  6. The Pan Mee Impasta attracted me, hehe...



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