Thursday, 16 February 2017

Road To Powerman 2017

I joined Powerman 2016 as one of the member of a relay team with a cyclist  (race recap here). It was great fun and had quite a different vibe and energy compared to a purely running event.

So here I am in 2017, back and counting down to Powerman 2017 which will be held in about 2 weeks time; on March 5th 2017!
Last year, Hui Jane was my team mate for Team Fluffy Koala.
This time, I'll be in a 3-men team with two fellow GC members.

My team mates for 2017.

Yeah, yeah, I still haven't upgraded to cycling yet! LOL
And we'll battle with this team that consisted of two podium placing ultra runners and a strong cyclist.

But I'm not too worried. My team mates are awesome too! Kikiki

The gang had been doing a few Powerman route simulations and brick training these past few weeks but I have yet managed to join them. I have only 2 weeks left to do it!

Anyhoo, Powerman had published the race route as per below:
Bike route.
 Run route.

I saw one commenter asked for the 10K route for this race on Powerman's FB page and well, the 10K route will be that same route times 2 lah.

And it's a flat route. Very flat route.

It's also different route than what we're used to, in previous Powerman editions.

Apart from the adults, the kids will be having fun too during the Powerman weekend.
GC will have a representative in the Powerkids too! One of the member's son will be joining Powerkids this year and we'll definitely be there to give support!

I'm certainly am looking forward to see the kiddos racing on Saturday, March 4th 2017!

I've got two more weeks left so I better buck up and start training!

See you guys at Powerman!

If you are not participating, come and give support. The atmosphere will be electrifying. I went to give support and experience my first Powerman in 2013 and I'll be doing my second Powerman this year (albeit just the running leg, lah).
GC geng, are we donning GC colours at Powerman? ^^

More information on Powerman can be found at their
Facebook: Powerman-Asian-Championships-Malaysia


  1. Wakil GC yang masuk individu tak de mention pon. Anb

    1. Neswik aku letak gambo abam Bett jadi headliner ye. *muaks* hahaha

  2. That's some lovely shots! Have an awesome week, dear! xoxo



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