Sunday, 5 February 2017

Running On The Chiba Aqualine Expressway

Anyone remember my trip to Chiba last year?
To run in Chiba Aqualine Marathon which was held on Oct 23, 2016?

I recently found  documentary on Chiba at about the run in all its glory (alas, couldn't find myself in the documentary. Hahaha) and also about Chiba.

After Fujisan Marathon in 2014, Tango Ultra in 2015 and Chiba Aqualine Marathon in 2016, can't wait for registration for my 2017 marathon in Japan to open. I plan to go back to Japan in Dec, 2017.

And before I forget, to all Tokyo Marathon participants who will be running in Tokyo Marathon come Feb 26th, 2017 - GOOD LUCK!

Enjoy all that Tokyo has to offer!


  1. Wah! Japan Marathon. Nice! I wanna go Japan too sooooooooon.

  2. I miss Japan!! Always wanted to revisit it!!

  3. Yes, I remember :) Dunno when I got chance to go.

  4. Hey, lucky lady going to Tokyo again so soon. If I ask my wife to join, she won't refuse one but kena kerja lah.

    1. But you're in Sapporo now! Lucky guy!



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