Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Tony Roma's (AGAIN!) For Dinner

Wah! We sure have been going on a makan spree at Tony Roma's lately, haven't we? Kikiki
After New Year's abysmal visit at TR IOI City Mall. a fun food review session at TR Sunway Pyramid and later an awesome CNY Eve lunch at TR Gardens Mall, we made our way to TR again.
This time, we wanna try their dinner set and not wanting to take any chances, we went to the Gardens Mall outlet again. (We'll try other outlets, no problem. But if someone got sponsor lah! Miahaha)
Got seated and was given the dinner menu but alas, without the Set Dinner promo flyers. We had to ask three time for it as the wait staff seemed clueless about its existence. Haih.
The Set Dinner are priced at RM67.73 and with such good value, of course we insisted to have it instead of ordering ala-carte. You would too, right?
Anyhoo, that resolved and we made our dinner and food arrived rather quickly.
First came the complimentary bread and soup-of-the-day that is included in the Set Dinner.
Set dinner also came with a complimentary drink called Fruity Breeze. A bit tawar for my liking though...
Hubby chose the BBQ Beef Ribs with Chicken Tenders. He actually wanted to order BBQ Beef Ribs with BBQ 1/4 Chicken but was told that they had ran out of stock for the BBQ chicken.
Son went for the 10oz New York Strip.
And I of course, chose my favourite.

Lamb Ribs, Roma Rack no less. With the lovely mashed potato and broccoli on the side. I love their lambs and I love their mashed potato too!
Dinner was good.

But service, it wasn't as good as when we went to the same outlet for lunch a few days before.

But happy lah.

Dinner for 3 came up to around RM223.00 and with the amount of meat that we ate, I'm not complaining. Of course, cannot makan like this often. ^^

I think now we can lay off TR for a few months and try other places pulak. Hahaha


  1. Have they appointed you as their ambassador yet? hee..hee... I wanna try the lamb ribs!

  2. The food is good, why not?? I wouldny mind the feast. ^^

    1. I've been eating way too many feast lately. Hahaha

  3. Gosh, I haven't stepped into the restaurant for ages! xoxo

    1. And I'm quite the opposite! LOL

  4. Just enjoy la and makan on every month's end pay day. Life is short, just play & eat hard. Their tasty food and service is good always!



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