Cigar Tasting

Zaini loves his cigars and the quiet time he allotted to enjoy them. While I'm no aficionado, I like to join him sometimes and share views on each different cigars.

Cohiba Robusto. Length 4 7/8 inches. Ring gauge 50.
The most recent cigar we smoke.

Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas. Length 5 inches. Ring gauge 42.

Montecristo Robusto. Length 4 7/8 inches. Ring gauge 50.

Partagas Coronas Senior. Length 5 1/4". Ring gauge 44.

I won't pretend to review any of these cigars since all I can distinguish between these cigars are that they are spicy, woody, creamy or too mild.


  1. I have never tried smoking a cigar, but the smell is too strong.

  2. @ECL,
    if in a small/confined space, yes, I feel the smell might be too overwhelming. But way better than a cigarette smell, I feel.

  3. I've never smoke cigar before. Anyway, I don't smoke anything cos I think they are unhealthy, isn't it true?

  4. @foong,
    for any cigar lover, it is better to smoke a cigar than a cigarette. :-)
    We don't smoke cigarettes, and those cigars we smoke are a weekly event not a daily one.

  5. i've always reacted badly to smoke of any kind. the stench is unbearable.

  6. I have to be honest..I can't stand the smell of smoke of any kind actually...for a healthier you and me, say no to smoking :) Cheers!


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