Pickled Salak Fruit

Talen of Thailand, Land of Smiles wrote about this fruit earlier. I mentioned in his blog that pickled ones are nice too.

Pickled salak fruit or snake fruit. Really do look like a snake's skin, don't they?

Peeling off the hard, prickly skin. Careful! You can hurt your hands! Actually,peeling away the thin skin is quite easy.

Ready to be eaten


  1. Waaah! Jeruk salak! Dah lama tak makan...

  2. Very cool. I really want to try the pickled salak fruit. Is it more of a sour taste?

  3. feyruz,
    :-). Ini pun kitaorg borong kat Pasar Payang

    it is a bit sweet & sour too actually since the tannin taste is not as strong.


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