Keropok Lekor

A popular fried snack and omnipresent in Terengganu is Keropok. Keropok is made of fish meat, ground to a paste, and mixed with sago. Coming in two main different forms, the long chewy ones are called 'lekor', while the thin, crispy ones are called 'keping'. Keropok lekor is best eaten hot with a special sweet chili dip while the keping ones can be kept in an air-tight container and consumed at any time you want. The long chewy ones (just imagine it to be a form of fish sausage),come in different sizes, our favourite is the thin one like the photo below.

Keropok keping is fried, while the Keropok lekor is to be eaten either by boiling or deep-frying. It may look disgusting, but believe me, it is delicious!

Before frying

Fried Keropok lekor ready to be eaten

At a roadside stall in Cherating, buying more keropok lekor.

One of Zaini's aunt make these Keropok lekor to sell, but when we in Terengganu, we bought them at a Keropok lekor factory instead.

But you don't need go all the way to Terengganu for these Keropok. It can be found easily around Malaysia especially at the night market.


  1. I love keropok lekor. Yummy!

  2. It's hard to find a good keropok lekor nowadays.
    Sumernyer rasa tepung jer..
    rasa ikan nye dah kureng ;)

  3. I like keropok lekor too :)

  4. We miss keropok lekor. Hahahaha! Luckily, my inlaws are kind enough to sent us some keropok keping from time to time...

  5. @foong & life ramblings,
    yeah, and especially yummy on a cold wet day like we're having now.

    true. That's why we depend on relatives recommendation when buying. Kalau yang tepi jalan - tak sure sedap ke tak.

    which one do you like better - thick ones or thinly sliced ones?

    keropok keping memang tahan lama kan. Kalau lekor, tak tahan punya tapi itu yang sedap! :-)

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting!


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