Weekend Trips To Alamanda

Lately, we've been making a point to visit Alamanda Mall in Putrajaya during the weekends. Not so much for the shopping but we kinda like having dinner there and enjoying the free wi-fi access available at various restaurants there. Also, the crowd at Alamanda is not as bad compared to other malls, especially those in KL. (MidValley mall comes to mind for overly crowded mall)

So, when we finished our dinner, out come various gadgets, according to our own preferences:
  1. Mommy with her netbook. (Sad to say her notebook is currently recuperating indefinitely).
  2. Daddy with his Nintendo DS LL (the bigger size DS that he purchased on our recent visit to Japan)
  3. Son with his Nintendo DSi
Pretty busily occupied family, eh? LOL


  1. hmmmm, i've only been to Alamanda once and that was like years ago.. it's really a place too far from my place already, never will have that in mind.. oh yeah, MV is always packed with people, i really wonder why??

  2. @SK,
    I wonder too. It has jam, hard to find parking but people always crowding the place. So good deal there?

  3. I read sometime ago that MV has good fengshui for business. The slow traffic caused by the jam makes it even better. Interesting, eh?

    When it first opened, it took me the third attempt before I could find parking to step into the mall and looking down from the escalator onto the sea of heads then was simply mind-boggling!

  4. That's nice... that you three can agree to stay at one place. Usually when we're at the mall, we'll be battling on which place we go next, son wants kids playground, dad wants aquarium stores and mom wants hair salon :P

  5. @HappySurfer,
    Indeed, the mall has such good fengshui, Lillian Too has an office there.

    It is said even the Indian temple contributed to the good energy there.

    Me, I won't drive in to the mall if I don't have to.... but alas, I work there. :D

  6. @Evan's Mom,
    It's hard to please everybody, right? If we all have different places to go, we just take turn... more democratic that way. ;)

  7. nowadays it is all gadgets. what are we going to do without our gadgets ? :D

  8. I've not heard of Alamanda Mall, is it a new one? See lah, so long I haven't gone to KL. :P

  9. LOL.. everyone's got their own thing to do.. always bring ur gadgets with u! :) alamanda is ok for me but i'm a bit disappointed that the MPH there have very limited books.. esp english fiction books..
    unlike 1utama, i can camp in the mph there one whole day.. :P

  10. @bengbeng,
    how very true. We can survive, of course but without them the first few days would be such tourcher! LOL

  11. @ECL,
    It's located way far in Putrajaya so not unless you go sightseeing there, I doubt many visitors/tourists will hear about the mall.

    I'm in KL but I've yet to visit Pavillion!

  12. @Bella,
    The most important gadget I bring around nowadays is my camera. If I know we are going to lepak somewhere with free wi-fi, my netbook comes along. XD

    Alamanda MPH - I think cater more for civil servants. Don't you agree? ANyway, it's too packed for me too and I don't usually go there and spend much time in the bookstore. I prefer Gardens' Borders. ;)

  13. Alamanda.
    One of the place in my wishlist.
    Playing nintendo in Alamanda?

  14. spending time together but all occupied with your own stuff!

  15. @Ayie,
    We all have our different needs. But then, even at home, we are together although each of us will be doing three different things.


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