Children's Day Celebration At School

Raimie's school celebrated children's day on Friday and had requested for parents to chip in bringing "party" food to school that day. 

Raimie insisted in bringing two food items, so I woke up a tad earlier on Friday morning to cook some BBQ flavoured nuggets and some cheese cocktail sausages for him to bring to school. Easy, quick food because you won't see me cook anything heavier than that so early in the morning, especially on a working day! ^-^!

It was after I put all the cooked nuggets and sausages in a tub did Raimie realised that there were too much food to bring! Instead of putting the food in tupperwares,  I put them into plastic KFC buckets that we kept because I don't trust my son will remember to bring my precious tupperwares back. LOL

It was a fun day for all students. Students were allowed to wear their respective traditional dress/costumes to school that day instead of the usual school uniforms and there were even presents for best costume handed out!

Raimie received a prize as an "exemplary" student for his class. If I'm not mistaken, he got one last year too.


  1. Congratulations ro Raimie.
    Maybe he really an Ultraman at heart. Thats why he won this. Hehehehehe....

  2. Congrats to Raimie!

    That must have been a fun day for Raimie. Are final exams over?

  3. @HappySurfer,
    Final exam is coming soon. The prize Raimie got wasn't based on academic achievements. ;)

  4. Congrats to Raimie! I remember my Children's Day in school. I look forward to it every year because of the party and gifts. :)

  5. @ECL,
    I never celebrate Children's Day at school but Raimie's school sure had a great Children's Day celebration. And him getting a prize was great too! :)

  6. Congrats to Raimie. Lina thanks so much for the present. We r so grateful to u. Benghui is so excited and insists I thank you immediately today :)

  7. @Bengbeng/Benghui,
    AIyoh, it's just a really small gift. But you're welcome. :)

  8. hmmm, sometimes I even have to cook full meals for breakfast =)

  9. @Ayie,
    I salute you. I'll wake up early for a workout but not to cook! XD

  10. I spoil everybody with my cooking


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